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Where To Find The Best Sausage Rolls In Melbourne And Beyond For 2022

By Simon Cassar
10th Aug 2022

A thick sausage roll with sesame and fennel seeds on top.

We all love a good sausage roll, it’s a quintessential Aussie favourite known to locals and travellers alike, be it just as a breakfast snack or a whole meal.  

Keen to get your hands on one of the best sausage rolls Melbourne has on offer? Cast your eyes down to some top contenders.

Tivoli Road Bakery 


Located near Toorak Road in South Yarra, Tivoli Road Bakery is a staple known for churning out the best sourdough bread in the area, along with a range of a variety of top-notch baked goods. It's no surprise then that they've got one of the best sausage rolls Melbourne has, a perfectly flakey pastry encasing the TRB signature caramelised apple, pork, and fennel filling. Perfect for devouring on the go, or alongside a sweet treat inside, there’s no argument about this one. 

Loafer Bread


Loafer Bread, the North Fitzroy bakery slash takeaway cafe which is famous for its snaking lines of locals every Saturday and Sunday have sausage rolls absolutely dialled. Their main contender for the best sausage roll Melbourne title is a full butter puff pastry with a mixture of organic grass-fed beef and roasted vegetables—it’s rich, it’s golden, it’s bloody delicious. They’ve also got the mushroom sausage roll with a spiced mushroom mix that is perfect for any vegetarian or vegan sausage roll enthusiasts.

Oasis Bakery


Oasis is a family-run Middle-Eastern wonderland. This grocery, bakery, and cafe have put their own stamp on the sausage roll with a Lebanese-style mixture of spiced lamb Kafta and halloumi in a wholemeal pastry. Set deep in the southside suburb of Murrumbeena, Oasis is consistently heaving with crowds trying to get their hands on the flakey goodness, so don’t sleep on one of the best sausage rolls Melbourne has going on. 

Johnny Ripe 


So technically not a Melbourne inclusion but their sausage rolls are that bloody good that the city limits don't apply. Up in the hills of Main Ridge on the Mornington Peninsula, Johnny Ripe baked goods cause many city-dwelling folks to drive an hour out of town. Their sausage roll however is quite the showstopper, it’s an absolute whopper and worthy of splitting with a companion. Its crafted hand-made pastry is that perfectly baked golden brown and the house-made tomato relish that it comes with sends the entire experience to an eleven. 



Unsurprisingly Andrew McConnell’s speciality butcher store produces an absolute spanker of a sausage roll. Their housemade pork and thyme pastry cannon is stuffed full of herb and spiced pork mince and engulfed in a butter puff pastry. If you’re out of time to tuck into one you can stock the house at home as Meatsmith always has plenty of sauso-ammo behind the counter, letting you enjoy one of the best sausage rolls right at home. 

Bossy Boots Cafe 


There’s a tonne of talent behind this joint and their sauso roll, helmed by Ben Forehan and Rachael Browne the pair are former Melbourne chefs of Stokehouse and Circa (The Prince of Wales). With that CV it's no surprise that Bossy Boots is home to one of the best sausage rolls Melbourne has seen. Their style is classical, reminiscent of how Grandma makes it with premium minced beef, onion and carrot, and stuffed into a homemade crisped puff pastry.

Smith & Deli 


Shannon Martinez’s vegan metropolis in Collingwood is home to a tonne of plant-based treats but the hybrid of the original does a seriously good impression. Smith & Deli’s sausage roll is comprised of vegetables and an ingenious spiced tofu mince this sausage roll stands tall right on its own and joins the fight alongside other meat-based inclusions as one of the best sausage rolls Melbourne has, plant-based or not.  

Tony’s Pies


With a legacy of over 30 years in Melbourne’s sausage roll game, it’s hard not to give Tony’s Pies a mention. Yes sure the pies are terrific and they’ve got the name front and centre on the store, but it's Tony’s lasagne sausage rolls that are the standout. Rich Bolognese Sugo is laden throughout the layers of pastry and provides one hell of an experience, traditional or not traditional that’s not for us to decide, but it's one of the best sausage rolls in Melbourne.  

Falco Bakery


One of the chonkiest out there and a front runner for the best sausage roll in Melbourne, Falco bakery's extra thicc number is one to definitely ensure you've sample. Topped with sesame and fennel seeds the outer crust of the sauso roll is a textured and flavoured crunch with each bite, the interior is a perfectly juicy and salty spiced pork mince. Sure the queue might snake out on Smith Street, but it's well worth the wait.

Miller's Bread Kitchen 


Another one to make a pilgrimage for, Miller's Bread Kitchen located down in the industrial estate of Dromana has one of the finest pie and sausage roll ovens going around. Inside the heated cabinet, you'll catch a glimpse of their basically golden glowing sausage rolls, sizeable, and filled with staple pork and fennel mix there's that perfect combination of flavour. Pair it alongside the house-made relish and take five. 

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Image credit: Falco Bakery (supplied)

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