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Big News, Five Guys Has Just Revealed Where Its First Aussie Outpost Will Be

By Melissa Woodley
19th Jan 2021

A shot of a Five Guys burger wrapped in foil.

Soon, Aussie’s will be given the opportunity to sink their teeth into one of the world’s most hyped burgers—Five Guys. 

And, after months of speculation, it has finally been revealed precisely where Five Guys will set up its first Aussie outpost, and its first Sydney home. 

While plans had originally been to kick off the Australian expansion of Five Guys in the Sydney CBD—with COVID still at play, Five Guys' partners Seagrass have decided to go in a different direction, so to speak. The first Five Guys location will be in Penrith, next door to the Panthers Leagues Club, nestled beside a row of other American fast-food chains, in an impressive (and visible) free-standing 500sqm site. The build of the store will commence shortly, and it's due to open in mid-2021. 

Next in line? Darling Harbour, Broadway, Circular Quay, and the Sydney CBD—here's hoping for a Melbourne location soon.

If you’re not yet acquainted with this U.S-based burger chain, Five Guys are known for two things: burgers and fries. But these burgers are unlike anything you’ll find at a typical fast-food joint. Five Guys operate on a “no freezer” promise—their brioche buns are freshly grilled, the ground beef patties are shaped by hand and their hand-cut chips are fried on demand, skin-on and straight to your table.

For those who love a bit of DIY, Five Guys offer a massive 15 different toppings that’ll help take your burger to the next level. We’re talking everything from grilled mushrooms, green peppers and pickles, to all your favourite condiments and sauces. The list goes on and on. Stick with the classic or max out and add all 15. Using some pretty tricky maths (something called combinatorics) a big-time Five Guys fan figured that this makes over 250,000 ways to customise your burger. All the more reason to visit again and again and again.

Five Guys really focus on doing what they know best and have clearly mastered the burger scene, evidenced by the worldwide cult following they’ve been quick to establish. From their first store in 1986, Five Guys have opened nearly 1,500 locations with international outposts in Paris and London. And they are now set for global burger domination with another 1,500 stores in development, including Malaysia and the UK.

The expansion of this mega-franchise into Sydney has been snapped up by Seagrass Boutique Hospitality Group, the weapons behind 6Head, The Meat & Wine Co, and Italian Street Kitchen. 

"Our commitment is to open approx. 20 stores nationwide in the right locations and with the right staff," David Ovens, CMO at Seagrass said in a statement. 

While you wait, check out the best burgers in Melbourne here.

Image credit: Five Guys

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