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Bring Moon Dog’s Brewery Into Your Home With The Moon Doggies Beer Club

By Simon Cassar
31st May 2021

A wooden bar at Moon Dog Brewing stacked with alcohol.

Running out of beer is never cool, especially when it occurs after already sinking a couple rendering the run to the bottle a no go. Lucky for us the kind folks at Moon Dog have thought long and hard about this very issue and are saving the day with their very own beer club.

The Moon Doggies Beer Club as it is known is your chance to get tasty and unique beers delivered right to your doorstep. Being part of this subscription family means that you’re getting first sip at some of Moon Dog’s newest brews, as well as merch so you can show off your support. To soften the blow of lockdown Moon Dog’s very own Chris Hysted-Adams, the three-time winner of Australian Bartender of the year ,has personally curated the next beer box to be stacked full of the right stuff. 

Landing out front of your place will be a mixture of exclusive ales including the All Killer No Filler a vanilla hazy pale ale—the Game of Thrones’s Watchers On The Wall chocolate imperial white ale and the Breaker of Chains chilli and vanilla imperial stout, and lastly out of the wild west is the Yee, a butterscotch pale ale, and the Haw, a chocolate stout designed to be sipped together as they ride into the sunset, Yeehaw. 

In addition to the good brews, there are also special cocktail recipes for each beer, Moon Dog merch, and an expertly curated Spotify playlist to help set the backdrop to an all-around good time. The Moon Doggies Beer Club boxes drop every two months, hop to it and get one destined for your place now. For more information, crack into it over here.

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