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Mamma Mia, We’ve Found The Best Tiramisu In Auckland

By Urban List Writers
24th Oct 2019

Tiramisu, Auckland's best tiramisu

The tiramisu is so important to the Italians a governor once asked for an original recipe to be granted protected status from the EU, and it’s not hard to understand the sentiment. Made with ladyfingers dipped in espresso, carefully layered with whipped mascarpone and dark liquor, dusted with the all-important cocoa, this decadent dessert is nothing short of irresistible. Coffee, cream and a dash of booze—what isn’t there to love about the faithful Italian dessert?

Translated to ‘pick me up’ in English, let the indulgent dessert do exactly that at these spots with some of Auckland’s best tiramisu. Buon Appetito!



We wouldn’t expect any less from the Italian stalwart on the Auckland dining scene but top-notch tiramisu. Staying true to the classic we all know about love, Prego’s tiramisu might look small on arrival but trust us—you’ll be more than ready to unbutton the pants once you polish off the rich layers. Served in a glass, Prego doesn’t shy away from generous layers of delicious mascarpone cream and espresso-infused ladyfingers. Cue that Meg Ryan moment in When Harry Met Sally.

Aldo's Restaurant


Think Warkworth is all pretty beaches and farmland? Think again, because if if you make the trip up north from Auckland you’ll be rewarded with Italian fare that’ll have you transported right to a family run trattoria in Italy. While Aldo's is fairly new to the restaurant scene, their tiramisu has been perfected to a fine art. They keep it simple here, with a generous portion of sponge cake, light and fluffy whipped mascarpone, and enough chocolate to satiate even the sweetest tooth—no bells and whistles, but classic Italian at its best. 


Wynyard Quarter

Head to the water for a tiramisu made for the eyes as much as the stomach. Baduzzi’s tiramisu is nestled in a crispy biscuit, served with chunks of meringue and a hearty dose of chocolate cream for good measure. Big enough to share (not that you’ll want to) and infused with Baileys and amaretto, this is as rich as tiramisu gets. It’ll be just enough to push you over the edge into a full-blown food coma after your big Italian dinner—just as it should be.

Mezze Bar

Auckland CBD

Hidden just off Queen Street, come for Mezze Bar’s cosy atmosphere and stay for the tiramisu. If you’re usually going straight for the coffee-soaked ladyfingers, this one’s for you. Heavy on the espresso and served with zabaglione, a sweet Italian custard with egg yolks, sugar and wine, the dessert is a cure-all for the sweet tooth. Though it’s a step away from the classic, it’s undoubtedly what sweet Nirvana tastes like.

Aucklands Best Tiramisu

Miann Chocolate Factory 


Step outside your Tiramisu comfort zone with a modern take on classic flavours at Miann Chocolate Factory in Morningside. Brian and the team have done it once again, whipping up this sweet surprise—the 100% edible Tiramisu Coffee Cup. Made to look like your average takeaway cup, we can promise it's anything but, consisting of their house-made artisanal dark chocolate and caramelised white chocolate. Smash it open and you'll find layers of crunchy biscuit crumb, cocoa nib gelato, Marsala and espresso-soaked sponge and coffee mascarpone. We're telling you, Willy Wonka would be jealous.   

Gina's Italian Kitchen 

Eden Terrace 

If you want food made with love, then Gina’s Italian Kitchen is where you’ll find it. While their tiramisu doesn’t have the fanciest presentation, you can taste the heart put into every layer. With authentic Italian sponge, strong Italian espresso, whipped mascarpone cream, rich marsala wine, and a dusting of cocoa so thick you lose sight of the sponge, this dessert will have you reaching to loosen the buckle of your belt just to make more room.

Coco’s Cantina

K' Road

It might as well be considered an Auckland-wide travesty if you leave Coco’s Cantina without ordering the tiramisu. As much ‘dinner at your Italian Nonna’s’ as everything else at Coco’s, the tiramisu is soaked in Eight-thirty coffee, with perfectly even layers of mascarpone, ladyfinger, mascarpone and on and on, that feels like a party in your mouth. A very boozy Italian party… just the way we like it.  

Dante’s Pizzeria

Various locations

You might know Dante’s Pizzeria for terrific wood-fired pizzas, but it’s about time their tiramisu takes the spotlight. Elevating the tiramisu experience with their homemade Savoiardi biscuits dipped in Segafredo coffee, Dante’s nails the not-too-soggy biscuit experience. The final layer of light mascarpone dusted with chocolate, a welcoming riff on the traditional unsweetened cocoa.


Saint Heliers 

Known for bringing Saint Heliers a slice of Italy with their authentic Italian pizza, Calimero bring that same passion into their dessert menu with a homemade tiramisu that is as delectable as it is hearty. Think thick layers of mascarpone layered with chunky sponge fingers and a generous helping of chocolate shavings—this is one dish that you’ll want to leave room for. If you’re worried about your tiramisu keeping you up all night then fret not, because Calimero’s is conveniently made using decaf espresso—all of the taste with none of the insomnia.

OKO Dessert Kitchen

Auckland CBD

One for the tiramisu lovers who thinks they’ve tried them all, OKO Dessert Kitchen’s Tiramisu Cake is art meets dessert. Reimagining the Italian classic, crack the outer layer to reveal a sweet whipped mascarpone mousse, layered with marsala wine and rum-soaked ladyfingers. Topped with chocolate-coated wafer chunks and feuilletine, or crunchy crushed crepe, the dessert kitchen nails the components of the tiramisu and adds a unique twist.

Pane e Vino 


You know your dinner’s going to be good when the restaurant’s catchphrase is ‘It is not a table without bread and wine'. The folks at Pane e Vino don’t take making food lightly, adding a touch of fine detail to every dish they serve—which makes their tiramisu one not to be missed. They get their savoiardi (ladyfinger biscuits) from Italy, then soak them in freshly brewed espresso, sweet Sicilian marsala wine, and dollops of rich mascarpone cream to top. While their serving is big enough for two, trust us when we say you’re gonna want to ask for one spoon only.  

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Image credit: Alev Takil, Hayley Watters, OKO dessert Kitchen  

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