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Auckland’s 10 Best Fish And Chips To Get Hooked On, According To You

By Abby Porter
28th Oct 2022

Fish and chops with lemon and tartare sauce on the side.

Fish and chips. They’re pretty much our national tucker. If your passionate votes are anything to go by, we’re sure this list will be hotly contested—we all have a beloved local, and we're all fiercely loyal.

However, with multiple spots hailed as "worth the drive", people are slowly opening up to battling traffic and driving across town for the promise of the best fillet available. The market is more diverse than you'd think, with each joint's menu reflecting their own little seaside (or city-side) pocket of the country, and we love them for it.

So without further ado, here are your picks for the best fish and chips shops in Auckland.

Kohi Fresh Fish & Takeaways 


Unless you're a fan of long queues, you'll want to ring ahead if you're after a feed from Kohi Fresh Fish & Takeaways. Word on the street is they live up to the hype—they're simply "the best!", according to Rachel. The family-run business is slinging fresh fish, oysters, squid rings, and more morning till evening, all fried to crispy perfection. Transport your feast to the nearest beach before you dig in and you're well set for a stellar evening. Not to mention how the joint's fans rave about their ultra-friendly staff, which is a plus we can all appreciate. How good!

Tipene's Takeaways


No doubt about it, Tipene's Takeaways is definitely one of Morningside's best-kept secrets. You'll find this veritable diamond in the fish and chip rough tucked away on New North road, but don't let its interesting location fool you. Serving up the freshest fish landed daily along with perfectly cooked chips and deep-fried doughnuts, you'll be thanking your lucky stars to have found this wee neighbourhood gem. With a variety of British sides on offer including mushy peas and curry sauce (it's why Sarah adores them so), you might even be able to splash on some Sarson's vinegar for a real taste of the mother country. 

Nana's Fish House

Mount Roskill 

A local fave and go-to for many, Nana's Fish House is certainly a fish and chips all-star. With fresh, flaky fish, crispy chips—one fan says the twisted fries alone are worth nominating—and some of the loveliest service in town, it's not hard to see why this Mount Roskill spot is such a hit. Whether you're craving spring rolls or nuggets on the side, it's true Nana's style to make sure they're perfectly seasoned and full of flavour. Plus, everything on the menu is completely Halal!

A box of perfectly battered fish and crispy chips looks delicious at The Mariner in Mt EdenThe Mariner (Née The Ancient Mariner)

Mount Eden

One of the most famous chippies in the village, The Mariner can do no wrong in our eyes. Though they've ditched their quirky pirate theme in favour of a sleek new look, these guys serve up traditional style fish and chips with a Mount Eden edge (grilled snapper please), and their hand-cut chips are "the best in the biz" according to Lily. As if you needed another reason to visit, these bad boys offer deep-fried Mars Bars for dessert. Need we say more?

Epsom Fresh Fish & Chips Co.


Keeping fish and chips cheap and cheerful is the beloved Epsom Fresh Fish & Chips Co. A quick glance at the reviews and you'll see that the fried goodness at Epsom blows away first-timers and loyal customers alike (and one of our community mentioned that the kumara chips are especially out of this world). Not only are the fish and chips the perfect level of crispy, but everything is high-quality and awesome value for money. Does it get any better?

Delicious looking fish and chips from The Seafood Collective, one of the best fish and chip shops in Auckland.The Seafood Collective

Mt Eden & Mission Bay

These guys are the real deal. Looking to diversify from 'the usual fish and chips', The Seafood Collective offer premium seafood at an affordable price, which is something we can really get behind. Aside from the usual market fish, dory, tarakihi and snapper their next-level burgers—shout out also to the squiddly diddly—their fish tacos also will definitely have you coming back for more. You can even order up a seafood platter or two or just make your own. And with a brand-new outpost in Mission Bay (in the spot formerly held by FishBoy), no wonder these guys are one of the best fish and chips in Auckland. 

The Brewers

Auckland CBD

Craft beer and fish and chips go hand in hand and you'll find them both at The Brewers Co-operative in the CBD. Perfect for city workers taking a break, Brewers serve their fish and chips wrapped in newspaper. Choose from the fish on offer and have it battered with tartare and lemon, just the way we like it. For something a little different, choose the fish burger, fish curry, or fish tacos (Jake's fave for a Friday treat).

We look down on a delicious spread of fish and chips and fried sides from FishSmith in Herne BayFishSmith

Herne Bay

After a warm welcome from the world’s friendliest (and chattiest) guy at the counter, you can quickly tell that this is fish and chips Herne Bay style. Fish tacos, whitebait fritters, quinoa salad, and soft shell crab burgers; FishSmith is the crème de la crème of fish and chips and one of the best in Auckland (an 11/10, if you ask Molly). With no deep-fried balls of shark in sight, FishSmith offers a healthy version of our favourite ‘greasy’ takeaway. You can pick up fresh fillets to cook at home or get them to do it for a couple of extra dollars—worth it. 

Salt & Batter

Karangahape Road

When it comes to delicious fish, Blain says that “no other place in Auckland even comes close” to Karangahape Road's Salt & Batter. Such flattery isn't unfounded—this joint is a favourite for the traditional Kiwi fish and chips style done well, with a menu featuring mussels, raw fish, and moreish fry bread. An inner-gem, it's the perfect way to get your crispy fried fix amidst the hustle and bustle. They've even got a freezer of Tip Top ice cream if you're craving a cheeky scoop or two to finish it all off.


The Local

Waiheke Island

If you’re in Waiheke and want a perfect partner for your rosé to enjoy on the beach, head to The Local. It also has a great list of beer and wine and you can dine in if you prefer your fish and chips without a generous side of sand. Fish and chips aside, the wild boar sausage is the game-changer here. The premium quality sausage is battered in its natural casing and provides a crispy yet juicy experience that only The Local can offer. 

That's The Top 10! But We Just Couldn't Leave These Longtime Faves Off The List...

The Fish & Chip Shop

Sandringham, Westmere & Epsom

Props for the pan-fried panko as opposed to the usual deep-fried action we’re used to. The Fish & Chip Shop is a midway point between greasy and glam, and have some of the best fish and chips in Auckland. Get amongst their homemade fritters which include good old corn fritters the Kiwi classic, mussel fritters. You can’t go past their Thai fish cakes either. 

Big J’s

Mt Wellington

Yeah, that burger place. Yes, the burgers are bigger than your face, but the fish 'n' chips at Big J’s are also deserving of a mention. Choose from dory or snapper, and pick your choice of salt to go on your chips—go for the chicken salt if you’re a closet Maggi noodle fan. Just don’t expect any of that grilling action at Big J’s—this is a straight-up deep-fried situation, and unashamedly so. Go the grease.


Auckland Fish Market (Wynyard Quarter), Albany, Botany, Henderson, Mt Wellington & Silverdale

With a prime position at the Auckland Fish Market, you know Oceanz knows a thing or two about fish. While there’s a wide range of seafood available, it’s their fish and chips that have us coming back again and again. The other locations serve similar menus for some fried goodness in the well catered to burbs.

Keep the seaside vibes going with a scoop from one of Auckland's best ice cream parlours.

Image credit: Wono Kim, The Mariner, FishSmith, The Seafood Collective.

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