Return Of The Mac, Where To Find Auckland’s Best Mac ‘N’ Cheese

By Urban List Writers
15th Aug 2019

The Grill's Mac 'n' Cheese

Carbs and dairy, you’re pretty much soul mates. And there really is no combination more drool-worthy than an oozy serving of good ol’ mac ’n’ cheese. 

Now, maybe it’s just us, but mac ’n’ cheese dishes seem to be all the rage in Auckland. From classic American versions to something a little fancier (truffle and crayfish, anyone?), here’s to helping our city’s very own mac moment with a list of all the mac ’n’ cheese dishes you need in your life.  

The Grill

Auckland CBD 

The Grill’s menu is crammed full of irresistible dishes, but it’s the mac ’n’ cheese that gets us every time. Made with pecorino and Barry's Bay cheddar, a minimum of two serves of this side dish should be on your table at all times. 

Jervois Steak House 

Herne Bay

We could smooch whoever decided to bring truffle to the mac’n’cheese party. Herne Bay’s Jervois Steak House cook their mac ’n’ cheese in a skillet alongside smoked ham hock and truffle for a truly glorious carbs-meets-cheese experience. It will go perfectly with your medium-rare Savannah Angus and is one of the best mac ’n’ cheese dishes in Auckland.  

Bedford Soda & Liquor 


So cocktails are cool and everything but Bedford Soda & Liquor’s mac ’n’ cheese needs to attention…right now. It’s a simple dish, nothing too snazzy, yet you’ll be sent to cheesy, carby heaven as soon as it hits your mouth. With the option to add bacon, we don’t know how this mac ’n’ cheese could be any better. 

The Culpeper 

Princes Wharf 

Smoked ham hock in mac ’n’ cheese appears to be a thing and we’re all about it. The Culpeper’s bubbling skillet of happiness is the ultimate comfort food and therefore best enjoyed with an ice-cold beverage or two. You’ll be ordering seconds—we can guarantee that.


Herne Bay

Our wee line up wouldn't be complete without a mention of the offering at beloved Herne Bay eatery Andiamo. Here the holy trinity of bacon, chilli and fontina cheese are deliciously melded with macaroni to produce an exceptional taste sensation. You can gobble up this mac 'n' cheese as a starter or main, but let's be honest, some days nothing short of a big plate of creamy, dreamy mac 'n' cheese will do.

Al’s Deli 

Auckland CBD 

Plump for the 911 the next time you're visiting Al’s Deli. This beast includes a brioche bun loaded with an Angus patty, bacon, caramelised onion and white truffle, overflowing with creamy, cheese-laden pasta. BYO defibrillator.  

Miss Moonshine’s 


How do you take mac ’n’ cheese to the next level? Put it in a ball, chuck it in a deep-fryer, and serve it with chipotle. And that’s exactly what Miss Moonshine’s does. What sets these babies apart is the crispness of their exterior. It will be love at first bite, people. Love at first bite! 


Auckland CBD 

One for all you seafood lovers, Harbourside’s mac’n’cheese contains two types of kaimoana—prawn and crayfish. Juicy prawns with a silky smooth crayfish béchamel, this is one cheesy mac that doesn’t cut corners. Soak in the ocean views and tuck in. 

Wynyard Grill by Johnny Barr’s 

Princes Wharf 

Forks at the ready! Wynyard Grill by Johnny Barr’s offers not one, not two, but THREE different styles of mac ’n’ cheese, and you’re going to want to try them all. Start with cheddar and chorizo followed by gooey brie and chives before moving onto blue cheese, bacon, apple and walnut. Seriously, get it in your belly. You might have to be rolled out the door but mac ’n’ cheese will always be worth it. 

Oyster & Chop 

Auckland CBD 

For a restaurant known for oysters, we were surprised to discover that Oyster & Chop also dabble in a bit of mac ’n’ cheese making. Expect a classic mac ’n’ cheese topped with delicious breadcrumbs. Simple and elegant.

The Lumsden Freehouse 


Order up a serving of the mac 'n' cheese bites at The Lumsden Freehouse and prepare to enter cheese heaven. Comprising three cheese macaroni breaded and fried into delicious bites and served with a creamy siracha cheese sauce—these bad boys are the real deal.

Soul Bar & Bistro 

Auckland Viaduct 

Look, we get it. You might be feeling a bit mac ’n’ cheese’d out by now, but trust us, Soul Bar’s version is one of the best in Auckland. They make theirs with ham off the bone and a parmesan crust and it’s nothing short of a carb-heavy masterpiece. 

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Image Credit: The Grill

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