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Get Ready To Indulge At The Best Cheese Shops In Auckland

By Albert Cho
24th Jul 2019

The Best Cheese Shops In Auckland

This is a little bit cheesy, but honestly Auckland, we’ve got it all—the cheese that is. Our city has a few minor flaws (traffic woes and housing affordability leap to mind), but if we can count on anything, it’s (multiple) mouthfuls of delicious dairy goodness to get us through another day.

Cheese has the ability to bring people together, solve our problems and basically make our lives a whole lot better. Sliced, grated, melted, whipped—however, whenever, we're good to go. And, luckily for us, Auckland doesn’t fall short when it comes to supplying the goods. Without further ado, here are the best cheese shops in Auckland.  

L’Atelier Du Fromage


Any place that has the word “cheese” in French as the name of their store, we know their cheese game is strong. L’Atelier Du Fromage is an authentic French deli that serves up freshly made pastries, artisan cheese and premium quality wine. Whether you’re looking to dine in or takeaway, these guys have you covered. Their menu features a cheeseboard like no other with a crispy, freshly baked baguette to really top things off. This French deli has the most extensive range of cheese you can take home and the friendly staff will make sure to guide you through the process of finding the perfect fromage for you.

Puhoi Valley


One of New Zealand’s most iconic cheese companies and for very good reason, Puhoi Valley is home to some of the creamiest cheese we can find! And, a platter here isn’t complete without their double cream brie or camembert. Pro tip: dip a whole wheel of camembert in egg, milk, flour and bread crumbs and then deep fry it to get melted goodness. Head on over to Puhoi Valley Café and Cheese Store to enjoy the experience to the cheesiest deliciousness. Their ripened cheese and antipasto platters are incomparable to the ones you make at home and it’s a must try for any cheese connoisseur.

Mercer Cheese


Meet the 2016 New Zealand Champions of Cheese Awards winner for their mature-aged cheeses—Mercer Cheese. If you’re a fan of gouda, look no further as Mercer is renowned for their aged goodness. Owner of Mercer, Albert Alferink learnt the art of making cheese in his homeland Holland and brought the magic to New Zealand in 1981. After more than 35 years, they have earned the reputation for being one of the top producers of cheese in New Zealand for their ageing process which goes on for years and years to ensure maximum flavour!

The Dairy


Located in the centre of hip and trendy Ponsonby, The Dairy has a fine selection of cheese that is constantly changing to ensure they are selling the perfectly aged and the absolute best. And, they even cater to our plant-based friends by supplying a vegan cheese. Along with the extensive range of cheeses for sale, The Dairy also has a food menu that is a cheese fanatics dream. From their blue cheese burger to their fondue for two, The Dairy is absolute cheesy heaven!

Kapiti Store


Renowned for their 10/10 ice cream, were you aware that their cheese standards were just as high? Kapiti isn’t just the New Zealand masters of ice cream but they know all the tricks when it comes to dairy. Offering some of the best hampers and catering options of cheese in Auckland, Kapiti Store has become the go-to place for many cheese lovers in Auckland. Not to mention, they deliver for free if you order $50 worth of cheese or more which means cheese on our doorstep… What else could we ask for?!

La Cigale French Markets

Parnell and Britomart

Feel like a local Parisian and make your way to the Saturday morning La Cigale French Markets in Parnell and now in Britomart. With fine French goodies like authentic pastries straight out of the oven, fresh produce and bustling stalls, you will feel like you’re roaming the streets of France. To stay true to the French lifestyle, a stop at their cheese stand is compulsory. Pick up a block of premium cheese and roam around the markets for some preserved goodies like their dried figs, condiments such as homemade hummus and a warm baguette and assemble a platter at home that will wow the socks off anyone.


Mt. Eden

This Mt. Eden gem has been sourcing the finest quality food from Italy, Spain and France since 1993. Our friends at Sabato take cheese very seriously with their endless selection and they also like to get very creative. Cheesecakes are taken quite literally for the people at Sabato as they take wheels of cheese and stack them up to resemble an epic wedding cake. The cheese tower is decorated with fruits and preserves and, to make it extra special, they add fairy lights.

Naturally Organic


With a selection of approximately 30 different cheeses to choose from, Naturally Organic located in Albany is your one-stop store when you have a craving for the savoury delicacy. Whether you’re looking for something to crumble over your salad, something to melt in your sandwich or put on top of some good old crackers, Naturally Organic stock the best of the best and all organic to ensure that no jokes were played with our cheese. 

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