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Lit Picks And Insulated Water Bottles: Our Must-Have Summer Essentials For 2023

By Louis Costello

Frank Green 2L reusable bottle

You’d think we’d have perfected the art of summer prep by now, but every year proves there’s always room in our bag to level up and sub out existing summer essentials for fresh additions.

With the help of Specsavers, we’ve put together a revamped list of essentials that deserve a place in your bag this summer.

Schmick Sunnies And Compact Contacts

Sunglasses may be an Aussie summer staple, but in lieu of sandy specs or overstuffing your beach bag, give contact lenses a go. Perfect for throwing in your bag when prepping for a road trip or stashing in your purse on a balmy summer night, contact lenses are more convenient and less costly if you lose a pair during your active summer antics.

Specsavers also offer a free contact lens trial, or if you’re already on top of it, you can head online to peruse its range and set up a subscription so your next batch will arrive just in time for your next summer sesh. Consider this your friendly annual reminder to get your eyes checked, too—after dozens of summers witnessing sunsets, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

SPF50+ Everything

While any sunscreen is better than no sunscreen, we strongly suggest opting for anything containing SPF50+. Obviously, it’s not reasonable to lug around a value pack-sized jug of sunscreen in your bag, but La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios Invisible Fluid Facial Sunscreen is both affordable and lightweight, both on the skin and in your bag.

Don’t forget about those lips, either. Bondi Sands’ SPF50+ lip balm will keep your lips chap-free and UV-protected, while also available in summer-appropriate flavours like watermelon and coconut (a personal fave).

Insulated Water Bottles

Your emotional support water bottle is hopefully a year-round addition to your arsenal, but as the weather warms up, now’s the time to check if your water bottle is insulated. frank green’s mammoth 2L water bottle might be stretching the bag to its limits, but it is triple-walled and vacuum-insulated, so your go-to summer drink will stay cool during the longest of beach sessions.

A Captivating Summer Read

If you haven’t read Lisa Taddeo’s Three Women yet, this is your sign to load it up on your Kindle or rush to the bookstore to grab a paperback. While the blurb merely says, ‘The story of three women’, there’s a reason it doesn’t give much away. Just go into it blind and you’ll be taken on an emotional rollercoaster.

For something lighter, Finlay Donovan’s Killing It is a delightfully fun thriller about a single mum who unintentionally falls into the role of hit woman. There’s a strong chance you’ll devour the entire book over a lazy summer weekend.

Waboba Pro Water Bouncing Ball

No matter how mature we think we are, nothing brings out the inner child quite like a Waboba—I’ve had one stored in my backpack for three summers now, and taking it out at the beach gets people off their towels and into the water every single time.

It’s ultra-squishy so you won’t walk away from the beach or pool day with little red circles all over your body, and it’s just a fun, wholesome time. Summer is all about escaping our day-to-day lives, and a Waboba is a pint-sized product to achieve that.

Before you hit the bookstore or hunt down a ball, the highest priority is sunscreen and looking after your eyes. Check out Specsavers to see better this summer and keep those beautiful eyes in tip-top shape.

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