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10 Of The Best Burgers In Perth As Voted By You

By Claire Logan
4th Nov 2021

a juicy burger with stacks of beef patties topped with melted cheese

It used to be pretty tricky to get a really good burger in Perth, but these days there are so many burger joints popping up that it can be hard to keep up.

While everyone has got their own personal favourite, we threw it over to you guys to pick 10 of the best burgers in Perth. And surprise, surprise you all had A LOT to say about it.

So in no particular order, here are the best burger joints in Perth, as voted by you.



The cheeseburger kings at Hoodburger don’t do things by halves. Get yourself a triple burger with cheese or one of their incredibly juicy chicken tender burgs that will no doubt leave you with a waterfall of sauce running down your arm, but hey it’s worth it. Like Yolande says, “There is no competition, it’s just amazing, the end!” So what more can we say?

Bad Love Burger Co


Taking up residence on Harrogate Street in West Leederville, Bad Love Burger Co is the first bricks and mortar shop from the legends behind the popular Smashburger BBQ pop-up—you know, that one that used to takeover Bayswater Bowls club with hour-long lines (yes, it's that good). Bad Love Burger Co is slinging plenty of their iconic smashburger favourites as well as buttermilk fried chicken burgers that will have you drooling. But if you need help choosing, we’ll back Matilda’s Cherry Bomb recommendation; “it’s the cherry sauce of course.”

Short Order


Oh sweet beefy goodness me, the buns are soft and the hand made beef patties are spiced and cooked to pink perfection at Perth burger joint Short Order. For Rosie, it’s “the crispy bacon, the chips and the perfect sauce ratio” that takes Short Order to the top, so why not go right ahead and sink your desperate burger-loving face into the BBQ bacon cheeseburger; beef patty, smoked mozzarella, American cheddar, caramelised onion, Short Order BBQ sauce, whole egg mayo, pickles and maple candied bacon. 

RoyAl's Chicken & Burgers


Perth burger fans know that RoyAl's Chicken & Burgers is the place to go for a good American style burger. Whether you're after a good ol' meat pattie, buttermilk fried chicken, pulled pork or vego, the team here will sort you out. We like the El Diablo, partly because we like to spice things up and also because it comes with tater tots inside, but Jenna says “the remoulade makes it for sureeee.” 

Meet & Bun


Serving Shake Shack style burgers to the people of Perth, Meet & Bun has become one of your faves because their “burg ratios are on point”. Our top picks are the Ari Gold, made with a locally sourced organic beef patty, all the good stuff like pickles, ketchup and their famous chipotle mayo, and the Chilli Chilli Bang Bang, but you should also heed Bek’s advice because you definitely “can’t forget those cheese fries.”


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Varsity Burgers

Morley, Joondalup, Nedlands, FreMantle, Waterford And Northbrdige

Arguably some of the best burgers in Perth are found at Varsity Burgers. Expect American-style burgers on brioche buns served here with scrumptious sides like the hot wings and chilli cheese fries. The Texan burger—a double cheeseburger, bacon, tobacco onions and smokey BBQ sauce—is hard to pass up, but there's plenty on offer if you're feeling adventurous. The Cluck Norris is a winner for the name alone and the Nada de Carne with corn chips and avo is a vegetarian's dream. They’re “consistently good every single time and cooked to perfection” as Sandrine says, so you’ll be pretty safe whatever you choose.

Two Stacks


Sitting pretty inside the Sunshine Harvester Works is Two Stacks. Specialising in those smash beef burgers and delightful fried chicken numbers we love so darn much (maybe a little too much), they’ve been absolutely killing it on the burger scene. Clearly Timmy’s a big fan of those juicy chicken tenders, he reckon’s they’re “so soft it tastes like your mumma pre chewed them” and while it’s one of the most weirdly specific descriptions we’ve heard yet, we'll back up the sentiment.

Archie’s Hot Chicken

No Fixed Address

When you’re hunting for a good chicken burger, Marcus says “hands down, it’s Archie’s” and we’re not one to argue with burgs this gob-smackingly delicious. The only catch? Archie’s Hot Chicken doesn’t have a fixed address so you’ll have to keep an eye on Instagram to see where he’s popping up next.



One of the best things about Flipside is that they are connected to some of Perth’s best small bars. The other best thing, as Kate tells us, is that they do a “great mushroom burger called Fun Guy” and the fact that you won't feel like a greasy mess after polishing one of these burgers off. Flipside also does all their burgers in the mini size, meaning that even if you ate up a storm earlier in the day, you can still treat yourself to a baby burger while you’re having a drink. 



Christo’s is a family-run joint in Landsdale that’s been slinging tasty burgs to hungry locals for over a decade. Sandra reckons it’s the “perfect balance between old school and new school”and we 100% agree. Just picture a nostalgic American diner with a welcoming community atmosphere, serving remixed takes on signature burgs that’ll have you hooked. Doesn't hurt that the prices are pretty friendly on the pocket too.

Still hungry? Tick off your top 10 fish and chip shops in Perth.

Image credit: Elle Borgward

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