Where To Find The Best Burgers In Perth

By Sarah Joanna Pope - 11 Oct 2017

So you ate a burger. You have crumbs down your front and mustard in the corners of your mouth. You’re sweating beef bullets. Your breathing is laboured. Is that lettuce in your hair? You’re a dishevelled mess but you don’t care…somehow it all feels worth it.

This could be you. And to get you there, we have hunted down the best burgers in Perth for you to get your greasy hands on. You’re welcome.

Short Order Burger Company

Fremantle and Perth

Oh my sweet sweet beefy goodness me…the buns are soft and the hand made beef patties are spiced and cooked to pink perfection at Perth burger joint, Short Order. Run to your car now to sink your desperate burger-lovin’ face into the BBQ bacon cheeseburger—beef patty, smoked mozzarella, American cheddar, caramelised onion, Short Order BBQ sauce, whole egg mayo, pickles and maple candied bacon.

Perth's Best Burgers

RoyAl's Chicken & Burgers

East Victoria Park, Northbridge and Wembley

Perth burger fans know that RoyAl's Chicken & Burgers is the place to go for a good American style burger. Whether you're after a good ol' meat pattie, buttermilk fried chicken, pulled pork or vego, the team here will sort you out. We like the El Diablo, partly because we like to spice things up, but also because it comes with tater tots inside!

Gary's Diner

Food Truck

Gary's Diner does one kind of burger and they do it well, and with a motto like "cheeseburgers that glisten in the sun", you can probably guess what it is. Cruising around town dishing out epic cheeseburgers with ingredients that are all locally sourced, these guys are worth hunting down. They also do some pretty good curly fries.

Brooklyn Lounge


So. Many. Amazing. Burgers. It’s impossible to choose just one from Claremont bar Brooklyn Lounge. If you're really in the mood for living you've got to have the King Kong. Two wagyu beef patties, cheese, bacon, a Doritos crumber mac and cheese pattie, onion and mayo all slammed into a brioche bun. OMFG!

perth's best burgers

Alfred’s Kitchen 


The burgers at Alfred’s Kitchen are best enjoyed next to the fire pit out front. This old-school roadside burger joint will satisfy those late night burger cravings with their selection of hamburgers, bacon burgers and steak burgers. Forget ordering fries with that—everyone knows to order a cup of their famous pea and ham soup.

V Burger Bar

East Victoria Park, Elizabeth Quay and Floreat

A burger destination for those Vic Parkers in the know, Perth burger place V Burger has your burger needs covered. Enjoy local faves like the teriyaki chicken burger—teryaki glazed chicken breast, caramelised onions, lettuce, tomato, house aioli and wasabi mayo.

East Village

Perth CBD
Not surprisingly, East Village is the way to go when you want to go to Burger-town. This New York style diner is where to head for some of the best burgers in Perth. They don’t mess around with their New York cheeseburger—double beef patty, homemade relish, pickles, onion, lettuce, tomato, cheese and mustard mayo. No need to move to the Big Apple now!

perth's best burgers


Varsity Burgers


Arguably the best burgers in Perth are sold from the takeout windows at Varsity Burgers. American-style burgers on brioche buns are served up here—with scrumptious sides like the hot wings and chilli cheese fries. The Texan burger here is hard to pass up—double cheeseburger, bacon, tobacco onions and smokey BBQ sauce. If you’re feeling daring—try the Presley burger, complete with bacon, banana and crunchy peanut butter.

Meet & Bun

Perth and Fremantle

Serving Shake Shack style burgers to the people of Perth, Meet & Bun is on our favourite list for the names alone. Our top picks are the Ari Gold—locally sourced organic beef patty, all the good stuff like pickles, ketchup and their famous chipotle mayo—and the Chilli Chilli Bang Bang. You'll also want to get one of their amazing shakes to wash it all down.

Perth's Best Burgers


Mount Lawley

One of Perth's best burgers from one of Perth's best restaurants. The pulled pork burger is a standout but the grilled field mushroom and camembert burger is also pretty dang impressive. Vegetarians rejoice!



Dodgy looking Perth burger joint Novembars will have you meat sweating and heavy breathing in no time with their heart-stopping burger selection. There are plenty of gluttonous food challenges to be found at Novembars (dreamed up by eccentric owner Minh)—like the Red Face Runny Nose Burger Challenge (fun fact—this will burn you from the inside out until you are dead) and the infamous Fat Boy Challenge (which involves a seven patty burger and someone with no shame). Order a double cheeseburger with the lot or something cray cray—like the fried ice cream burger.


Northbridge, North Fremantle, Wembley and Como

One of the best things about Flipside is that they are connected to some of Perth’s best small bars like Mrs Browns, Mechanics Institute and The Stanley. The other best thing is the chilli-ander chicken and the fact that they do all their burgers in the mini size, meaning that even if you ate up a storm in the afternoon, you can still treat yo’self to a baby burger while you’re having a drink.

Johnny’s Burger Joint

Canning Vale

Put your fat pants on and head out to Johnny’s Burger Joint for some heart-stopping burger action. Old mate Johnny delivers American style burgers—big greasy monsters that make you feel like you are being water-boarded with beef. There are man-versus-food-style challenges to be had here too—you know, if you are lonely and unhappy with your life. Try the cure burger ­with 200 grams of bacon, a 200 gram bacon infused patty (ermagawd!!), American cheese, onion rings and special sauce. It’s the cure to a healthy BMI.

Hood Burger


The cheeseburger kings at Hood Burger don’t do things by halves. Get yourself a peanut butter and jelly cheeseburger or a triple burger with cheese. You probably won’t be able to eat for a week after but it's important to try these things.

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Image credit: Louise Coghill, Nancy Hanna and Elle Borgward

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