Perth’s Best Fish And Chips

By Anna Franklyn - 14 Dec 2017

Perth Best Fish And Chips

Is there anything that beats picking up a truck load of fried goodness from your fave local fish and chip joint, heading to the beach and watching the sunset? I don't think so. Unless of course, you pair your feast with a nice cold beer. Now that's living!

So you want to know where you can find some of Perth’s best fish and chips? Read on my little chippies, read on.

A Fish Called Inglewood


This is the one time I’m going to recommend that you take your fish and chips home instead of go somewhere outdoorsy. Why’s that you ask? Because peanut butter ice cream. You’re going to need a freezer to keep that in while you’re eating your fish and chips! Oh and the fish and chips are excellent.

Mount Hawthorn Fish And Chips

Mount Hawthorn

Secret menus, a salt and vinegar bar and some of the best fish and chips is what’s served up at Mount Hawthorn Fish & Chips. Everything on the salt and vinegar bar is made in-house, and you can choose from flavours like spiced mixed chilli salt, super lemon, chicken salt, brown malt vinegar, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. These guys also cook up up deep-fried Oreos coated in cinnamon sugar (they taste like Oreos wrapped in a doughnut). 

The Groper And His Wife

City Beach

The Groper and His Wife is a City Beach institution—even after the two plus years it took to re-build after it burnt down in the City Beach fire. Once you're done admiring the mural from local artist Grace Slaven stat, grab the fisherman’s banquet and dig in.

Clancy's Fish Pub

Applecross, City Beach And Fremantle

Yes ok, it's a pub, not a takeaway fish and chip shop, but Clancy's do such good fish and chips we had to include them. Plus, if you go to the City Beach one you can still watch the sunset over the beach while you sip on an Aperol spritz. Win.

Fisch On Broadway


Mix things up a bit and eat your fish and chips at the river instead of at the beach—a change is as good as a holiday right? Order the seafood basket at Fisch on Broadway and take it down to Matilda Bay with a cold bottle of vino for the perfect summer night.



Can you really even call yourself a Perth local if you haven’t had fish and chips at Kailis? This place is ace because Freo + Water = Perth goodness and amazing fish and chips just sweetens the deal!


Fremantle, Leederville, Scarborough

Battered feta is a thing and you can get it at Sweetlips, hurrah! They also do a mean fish burger and a pretty sweet pokè bowl if you feel like something a bit different than the usual fish and chips.



With a location like this you’d almost expect these guys to sit back and chill, but Amberjacks delivers on all fronts! The fish and chips are delish and if you time things right you can watch an epic sunset while gorging on salty chippy goodness.

Bill's Fish And Chips


Bill is dishing up the some of the best chips and potato scallops in the west, and some dang good fish too. Generous servings from a proper old school fish and chip joint.

Woodlands Fish And Chips


While the name isn’t the most imaginative, these guys can be forgiven because the fish and chips are just so good. The fish is super fresh and the chips are amazing, get the sweet chilli aioli and thank us later.

Seacrest Fish and Chip Bar


Light and crispy fish just the way we like it. The prawns and squid are also delish and its cheap as chips so go nuts!

Brighton Fish And Chips


There were a few fearful fans of this place when they announced they were moving from Brighton Road to Innaloo but turns out they can still deliver the goods! With some of the freshest fish around, these guys go absolutely bonkers on the weekend so call ahead.

Pescado Seafoods


Pescado Seafoods is dishing out fresh Australian fish cooked to perfection. If you’re in the mood for grilled they have lots of delish options like Cajun and lemon pepper and the pineapple fritters are the bomb.

Want more? Check out our fave secret beaches in Perth.

Image credit: Emma Bryant

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