10 Of Our Favourite Secret Beaches To Uncover In Perth

By Ella Liascos

One of the best things about living in the most isolated city in the world surely has to be stepping foot on an empty beach. While you’ll find a lot more of them up north or down south, Perth still holds a few secrets up its sleeve. 

Here are 10 of our favourite secret beaches in Perth.

Chidley Reserve

Mosman Park

Hiding away on the banks of the Swan River, this BBQ and picnic haven has every possible facility you could need to spend an entire day there. Think shaded areas with picnic tables, BBQs, lots of green grass and a bathroom, Chidley Reserve is a natural oasis tucked away in the suburbs of Mosman Park and the perfect launching spot for a kayak or a paddle board.    


North Fremantle

Surrounded by shipping containers and red cranes, you’ll find Sandtrax Beach a little further past Port Beach towards Victoria Quay. Parking is a bit of a free for all as there’s no official car park but it's worth it. While Sandtrax isn’t a complete secret for surfers, you’ll find far fewer people here in comparison to other Fremantle Beaches.   

CY O’Connor Beach

South Fremantle

Located just past South Beach is CY O’Connor Beach, which can be accessed via South Terrace. If you continue driving past the built-up suburbs of South Fremantle, it will eventually disperse and reveal a dog beach populated mostly by locals. With all your usual beach facilities including the occasional coffee and food truck, this lesser-known gem is a quiet alternative to South Beach.  

Sydney Street Beach


On the corner of Sydney Street and Marine Parade, there's a set of stairs that will lead you down the steep drop of cliffs to another dog beach. This unnamed beach is a local secret and it's usually pretty quiet, especially on a weekday. With plenty of salty pooches running around, this is the ultimate spot for a midweek pick-me-up.

Bennion Beach


This little bay is dog-friendly and if you make it there mid-week or early in the morning, you might be lucky enough to have it all to yourself. Sheltered between limestone cliffs, Bennion Beach is shielded from the afternoon breeze, while the reef keeps the water perfectly calm for most of the year.

Bathers Beach


Bathers Beach extends all the way from the old deteriorating jetty to J shed. With plenty of quiet little areas to park your towel or a picnic, this is an excellent way to watch the sunset in solitude. 

The Bays Of Rottnest Island


Ok, it's not technically Perth, but it's a short ferry ride away and Rottnest is a secret beach hotspot. Full of crystal blue bays with powdery white sand, explore Rottnest by bike or by boat and you’ll find endless nooks to hang out at either for a surf or a snorkel. From Strickland Bay, Catherine Bay or Mary Cove; the list is endless.

Bailey Beach


Just south of Mettam's Pool, Bailey Beach is one of Perth's best-kept secrets. It's great for snorkelling if the conditions are calm, and there are a few small stretches of sand nestled in among the cliffs so you can find a spot all to yourself.

Mosman Beach

North Fremantle

Just north of Leighton, Mosman Beach is one of the most peaceful in Perth. The waves are fairly small and it's the perfect spot to drop your towel, put up some shade and get started on that book you've been meaning to read for the past year.

Cape Peron

Point Peron

Surrounded by rocky outcrops and thriving untouched dunes, Cape Peron has a high vantage for sunsets and a track for those looking for a new spot to run or cycle. With the same untouched vibe of a beach you’d find down south, Cape Peron is a great little local for those living closer to Rockingham. 

Need some more inspiration? Check out Perth's best beaches as voted by you or hit up these kid-friendly and dog-friendly options.

Mosman Beach | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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