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10 Of Perth’s Best Beaches To Throw Your Towel Down At

By Madison Lowe
8th Sep 2022

We are well and truly spoilt when it comes to beaches here in Perth. Not only are we blessed with quick travel times to and from all of our favourite seaside spots, but the beaches themselves are among the most beautiful in the world—despite rivalries between north and south or certain sports teams, that is something we can all agree on.

Whether your trips to the beach are centred around swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing or all of the above, go ahead and tick off a new spot on this list next time you go coastal.

Here are some of the best beaches in Perth.

Cottesloe Beach

There’s no denying just how iconic Cottesloe Beach really is—it’s probably one of the most photogenic seaside destinations in WA. Once you’ve snapped a pic of the Indiana Teahouse, strip down to your bathers and go for a dip in the beautiful blue waters—though we recommend planning your trip well before 10.30am when the Freo Doctor blows in. 

Scarborough Beach

Where swimming meets eating, drinking, playing, surfing and Sunday seshing, Scarborough Beach is somewhere every Perth local should’ve been by now. With huge stretches of crisp white sand, bright blue water, grassed areas under towering pine trees, a huge amphitheatre and loads of restaurants and cafes, there’s plenty to check out in and out of the water. Speaking of things to do out of the water.

City Beach

Roughly halfway between Scarbs and Cott, you've got another iconic stretch of white sand: City Beach. Kitted out with lush lawn areas and barbecues, it's a great spot to throw down a rug and just chill for the day. Although, if you prefer to keep moving, there's also a long promenade and boardwalk which links to Floreat Beach that's perfect for those balmy evening beach walks. 

Mettams Pool

One of the calmer, more secluded spots along West Coast Highway, Mettams Pool is a winner for plenty of reasons. If you plan your swim or snorkel here when there’s no wind, you’ll be rewarded with crystal clear views of the abundant marine life—or you’ll be able to float peacefully without having to worry about waves crashing over you. 

Bathers Beach

The only beach in Perth where you can go for a swim then grab an ice cold beverage all without your feet leaving the sand, Bathers Beach is pretty damn special. Come in the evening and set up camp on one of the comfy deck chairs before admiring the sunset, or make a day trip out of it and explore all of the cool buildings—Kidogo Arthouse, the Round House and the WA Maritime Museum to name a few—while keeping an eye out for ships entering the harbour. 

Coogee Beach and Omeo Wreck

Although Omeo Wreck is located offshore from a section of Coogee Beach that doesn’t exactly have a lot of sand or true beachy elements on offer, it’s quickly become one of Perth’s most photo-worthy spots so it’s definitely worth a mention. Chuck your snorkelling gear on, descend those stairs you’ve seen all over Instagram and get ready to explore the Coogee Maritime trail. Once upon a time—back in 1905—this shore-based wreck started off as a ship that came adrift from Fremantle, but ended up getting bogged in the sand. 

South Beach

Not only is South Beach one of the best in the West when it comes to swimming, sunsets and sunbathing, its northern section is also home to an awesome dog beach. Easy to get to for Freo locals, there’s plenty of parking and always loads of dogs for your pooch to have fun with. When you’re both pooped you can head up the road to Run Amuk for one of their hot diggity hotdogs.

CY O’Connor Beach

Located just past South Beach is CY O’Connor Beach, which can be accessed via South Terrace. If you continue driving past the built-up suburbs of South Fremantle, it will eventually disperse and reveal a dog beach populated mostly by locals. With all your usual beach facilities including the occasional coffee and food truck, this lesser-known gem is a quiet alternative to South Beach.  

Brighton Beach

While WA’s version of Brighton Beach might be lacking the colourful beach boxes our Victorian counterparts get to enjoy, that doesn’t make it any less special. A locality of Scarborough, Brighton Beach boasts a huge stretch of pristine white sand, great waves for surfers and breezy winds for kite surfers and windsurfers alike. If you’re not into all of the watersport action, go ahead and roll out your towel for a spot of sunbathing away from the crowds. 

Bennion Beach

This little bay is dog-friendly and if you make it there mid-week or early in the morning, you might be lucky enough to have it all to yourself. Sheltered between limestone cliffs, Bennion Beach in Trigg is shielded from the afternoon breeze, while the reef keeps the water perfectly calm for most of the year.

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Image credit: @komoceanphoto

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