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15 Of Perth’s Best Food Trucks That Are Worth Tracking Down

By Emma Pegrum
17th Jul 2018

Perth's Best Food Trucks

If there’s one thing that’s obvious in Perth, it’s that we love our food on wheels. Much to our delight, Perth’s food truck scene is showing no signs of slowing down—the hard part now is simply keeping up.

From fresh and zesty tacos and bowls to saucy, sloppy burgers and everything in between, Perth’s food trucks are rolling up all over the place with flavours from all over the world in tow. Feast your eyes on this list of Perth’s best food trucks.

Eat No Evil

In between catering weddings and events and hosting pop-up dinners, the Eat No Evil truck is rolling around Perth from November to April dishing out some insanely good street food. Using fresh, local ingredients and combining flavours from across the globe, Eat No Evil’s food is both delicious and nutritious. Think guacamole, lime, coriander, ceviche, salsa verde—fresh, coastal flavours wrapped up in tacos or bowls that explode with flavour!

Shak Shuka Moroccan Experience

Anyone who tells you this isn’t Perth’s best shak shuka is absolutely kidding themselves. Popping up at markets and events across Perth, you can usually find Shak Shuka Moroccan Experience simply by following the scent of warm Moroccan spices until you nose dive straight into their huge pan of sauce. Pro tip: do ask for extra baguette and absolutely do douse your shak in their harissa sauce—it’s life!

Comida Do Sul

One of Perth’s O.G. food trucks, Comida Do Sul is still cooking up your favourite Brazilian eats like choripan, prato feito and batata frita. You can usually find these guys near the coast, but they’re available for events as well and no doubt their festively decorated van will set the tone for a good time!

The Acai Corner

Perhaps the most definitively ‘Perth’ of all food trucks, The Acai Corner can be found dishing out bowls of fruity goodness down on the South Perth foreshore by Mends Street Jetty. Expect delicious and healthy acai bowls topped with seasonal fruits and homemade granola and energy-loaded smoothies. Why get your acai bowls from a café when you can enjoy them exactly as they are meant to be enjoyed—outside, in the sun, looking out over gorgeous river views.

Ninja Cuisine

The only thing better than Japanese food is Japanese food that can come to wherever you are—like Ninja Cuisine! Dishing out goodies like Takoyaki (octopus balls) and Yakisoba (Japanese fried noodles), these guys will be more than satisfying all of your Japanese cuisine cravings at events and markets around Perth.

Gary’s Diner

If you like burgers that ooze sauce and juice down your hands as you devour it (who doesn’t?) then you need to hunt down Gary’s Diner and go to town. Ordering is simple—you can grab a single, a double or a veggie burger, and throw in some curly fries if you’re feeling hungry. Their brioche buns literally glisten in the sun, and the beef patty, cheese, dill mayo, pickle, tomato and cos that goes inside them are all sourced locally!

T Sisters Fresh Foods

The debate over who’s crafting Perth’s best bao is certainly a heated one, but we reckon the T Sisters food stall is pretty close to taking out the title. Don’t stop at the bao though—they also make some insane fried dumplings, steamed bun and even an epic laksa!

The Merrywell Food Truck

Take your event to the next level by having one of Crown’s most loved restaurants roll up at your doorstep. That’s right—you can have The Merrywell Food Truck park up at your party and impress your guests with their delicious menu full of things like pink snapper tacos, pulled pork quesadillas and mini burgers!

Grilled To The Mac

Bringing us all of the flavours from the land of comfort food (North America), there are no prizes for guessing what Grilled to the Mac specialises in. They’ve mastered the art of the mac and cheese toasty, so you should definitely grab one (or three)—but also try out their delicious Reubens and Cubanos for an extra flavour hit.


If Middle Eastern street food is your thing you are going to want to hunt down Perth food truck, Meast, quick smart. Serving Turkish buns and wraps filled with goodies like halloumi, chicken, beef kofta and falafel, sweet potato fries and hashwe (Arabic rice), everything Meast whip up is made from scratch and delicious.

Cafe Oranje

Lovers of the mini Dutch pancakes known as Poffertjes have probably already heard of Cafe Oranje, but if you haven’t: you’re welcome. They are serving up some of the fluffiest, most delicious poffertjes going around, with lashings of butter and a good powdering of icing sugar. If you want to dial it up a notch, ask for a squirt of one of their famous homemade sauces on top too!

Saigon Soul Food

If you were wondering where to get Perth’s best banh mi, just track down Saigon Soul Food and join the cue. They lovingly marinate and grill up their own meat before throwing it into some crunchy baguette alongside a generous amount of fresh slaw, coriander and chilli. We’re salivating!

Wassup Dog

Want market fresh, local ingredients, but want them in the form of a sloppy hot dog? Why not! Wassup Dog is turning everything you think a hotdog to be on its head, with hand-made on premises sausages, buns and sauces, the dogs here will blow your mind.

What The Flip!

Dishing out the best flippin’ crepes in Perth (sorry, it was too easy), What The Flip! is appearing all over Perth, wherever their expertise in crepeology is needed. There are both sweet and savoury options on the menu (the Ya Bacon’ Me Crazy combines the best of both), and they’ll whip up a pretty good coffee to accompany it too.

Stampede Gelato

This could be Perth’s cutest food truck ever. The Stampede Gelato crew whip up some pretty inventive gelato concoctions and, even better, they can do it from their hazelnut-coloured, Postman Pat-esque truck at your next big event!

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Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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