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8 Of Our Favourite Swan Valley Wineries

By Anna Christensen - 20 Sep 2015

Image Credit: Upper Reach Winery

Sure, if we focused strictly on the quality of wine, this list may have looked slightly different. But in our opinion, winery hopping is all about the experience. At these Swan Valley wineries, you can paddle in a lake, make your own wine labels, and eat your body weight in chocolate—while enjoying delicious vino to boot. Who’s in?

Here are 8 of our favourite Swan Valley wineries.

Coward & Black

Wine and chocolate master classes—need we say more? Coward & Black’s partnership with the Margaret River Chocolate Company allows you to combine two of your fave vices in one. Eat chocolate, swill wine, and try a range of chocolate liqueurs—then bag a bottle of your fave to take home with you. Your endorphins will do a happy dance. This is a definite Swan Valley must-do!

Tyler’s Vineyard

The folks behind Tyler’s Vinyard are exemplars of ‘work with what chu got’, making a diverse range of delicious drops from just one kind of grape, the Grenache. More reasons to love Tyler’s: their adorable tin shed cellar door and rustic barn, a resident goose, and the fact that you can print your own wine labels right there at the cellar door. Best gift ever!

Ugly Duckling

This little Swan Valley boutique winery scores a spot for its delicious wine-infused gourmet pies, like chicken, leek and chardonnay, or steak, mushroom and Shiraz. Meat pies just got a serious upgrade at Ugly Duckling

Olive Farm Wines

How stressful is it choosing a wine from a lengthy list? Seriously, the struggle is real. So we’d like to cordially thank Olive Farm Wines for solving this first world problem by offering wine flights, which let us sip at least four of their 25-strong wine list at the same time. Best served with copious amounts of cheese from the Cheese Barrel Cafe next door.

Upper Reach Winery

Over summer, Upper Reach holds their Twilight Concerts, a series of intimate outdoor shows with awesome soul acts and great food. If you’re super quick on the uptake, you can even book a stay on a little cottage on the property, just stumbling distance from the concert.

Harris Organic Wines

Buy your veggies from farmers markets, shop fair trade, and make your own compost? Congrats, your moral compass is stick straight and this winery is your new spiritual home. Free of pesticides, chemicals, and fertilizers, Harris scores gongs as Perth’s only organic winery and Australia’s only organic distillery. As well as all the usual vino suspects, they do a mean vodka and brandy—keep an eye out for their tasting nights.

Lancaster Wines

Love wine but can’t stomach the wank? Lancaster Wines is as down to earth as they come, serving up their fine wine from a tin shed. With some of the oldest vines in the Swan Valley, all their drops are gluggable, but the dessert wines are extra spesh.

Oakover Grounds      

Oakover Grounds had a serious face-lift of late and it’s looking more like a cutting-edge city bar, with retro references and an industrial-cool fit-out. Except, that unlike urban joints, Oakover overlooks a big lake, where you can rent paddleboards for free. Fun! The site is also the spot for cool events, like the WA Beer and Beef Festival, coming up later this month. Brews, food-trucks, and pop-up restaurants? Um, we’re so there.

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