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Brace Yourself, This Infamously Twisted Fringe Experience Is Coming To Your Home

By Alice Dolphin
2nd Feb 2021

Darkfield Radio

We don’t know about you, but we’re certainly feeling a little bit of deja-vu at the moment (March 2020, what’s up?). We’re heartbroken that we can’t go and support the Perth Fringe World Festival shows this week. However, instead of moping around, the guys from Darkfield—AKA, the same legends who brought you the iconic shipping container shows Seance, Flight and this year’s Coma—have a few tricks up their sleeve, and have been hard at work bringing these to life.

What are these tricks, we hear you ask? Well, thanks to Darkfield, this week you can enjoy three nail-bitingly brilliant immersive audio experiences from the comfort of your own home, for just $30. If you’re a scaredy-cat like us, fear not—two of these three shows are designed for two people to experience together. All you need to do is download the app, dim the lights, and strap yourself in for the creepiness to come.

First up, you’ll join your iso buddy for Double. Sitting across a table from one another, you’ll start to question if the loved one across from you is really who they say they are. Playing with the concept of what’s real and fake, you’ll be left contemplating everything. In other words, lockdown will be a piece of cake!

The second show, Visitors, explores life, death, and the desire to touch. If you like the idea of spirits entering your soul, give this a try. Lastly is Eternal—designed for one person alone in their bed, you’ll be pondering what lies beyond life itself.  

Bottom line, try this at home if you dare.

The Details:

What: Darkfield Radio via Darkfield Radio Mobile App
When: Until the end of November
Tickets: $30 for 2 people for all 3 shows

More information available here.

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Imagre credit: Darkfield

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