We Tried Drip IV, The Vitamin Therapy Helping Boost Energy And Reduce Hangovers

By Claire Logan
8th Apr 2021

drip iv bags

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could sit down for half an hour, chuck your feet up and then walk away revitalised, focussed, and full of energy? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, that’s what intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy promises. And with Drip IV finally landing in Perth, we decided it was time to give the celeb-endorsed treatment a go and see if it stacks up to the hype.

Vitamin therapy works by delivering good stuff like vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly to your body via intravenous drip (i.e. they pump it straight into your blood flow)—meaning max absorption of all those nourishing nutrients, real fast. 

You can opt for a range of different infusions depending what your body actually needs, with special treatments designed to support immune health, increase energy levels, detox after a big night out, promote brain function, assist with weight loss, give you glowing skin and much more. Plus, regular treatments can also be used to help combat symptoms from chronic illnesses. Don’t worry, Drip IV’s qualified nurses work with doctors to ensure you get what you need.

After filling in all the forms and chatting with the nurse, I was directed to try a vitamin b complex to help with my lack of energy. It’s got all the b vitamins you know and love, which surprise, surprise, are really good for energy and focus—something I was/am always in dire need of.

Now, I’m a bit of sucker when it comes to needles so I was a little nervous about the next part but the nurse made sure I was super comfortable and while I looked the other way she had it all sorted in seconds before covering up my arm so I wouldn’t have to look at where the needle entered my arm. Appreciate that!

a Drip IV nurse administers the solution

As the drip started to, well… drip into me, the first thing I noticed was the familiar orange-y vitamin taste (think Barocca) at the back of my throat. It’s a weird sensation because you’re not eating or drinking anything but it made me feel like it was actually doing something. Other than that, you might feel a little coolness as the fluid enters your body but that’s about it. 

I was told it generally takes 30-40 minutes for the whole infusion but about ten minutes into mine, the bag was almost done. Turns out, I had not been drinking enough water (note to self: you’re meant to drink at least 2L a day), my body was so thirsty it sucked up the solution in about twenty minutes so clearly I was in desperate need of some extra hydration and nutrients.

Once the bag was squeezed dry, the nurse removed the drip, and made sure I was all good before sending me on my way. All in all, pretty quick and easy.

The Verdict:

I wouldn’t say I felt like a new person overnight—it’s not a miracle worker—but over the next few days I did see a subtle but noticeable difference. Decisions seemed to come a little quicker, socialising seemed less draining, and I generally felt less exhausted. Placebo? Perhaps. Or maybe it was literally just the hydration that made the difference. Either way, I can see why some people swear by them. 

Founder of Drip IV Australia, Kristie Baird, turned to vitamin infusion therapy in America (where it’s hugely popular) as a way to combat her own chronic fatigue and never looked back. Drip IV now helps over 10,000 patients nationwide, with their qualified nurses coming directly to patients’ homes and offices to administer the treatment. They’ve also partnered with different wellness clinics around WA, if you prefer to go to them. (Scope out all their locations here.)

Sessions start at $179, with most sitting around the $250-$300 mark, so it’s not cheap but no more expensive than a good massage or day at the hairdressers. I’d suggest if you’re already fit, healthy and feeling pretty good, it’s probably not worth splashing the cash. But if you’re someone who is burning the candle at both ends, feeling constantly run down, or just can’t seem to get back to full health after a bad cold or flu, you might find an IV drip or two could be just what you need to start feeling yourself again. 

We can’t really speak to the full medical side so it’s a good idea to chat with your doctor to ensure you’re aware of any potential risks and side effects. And if you are seriously considering vitamin infusion therapy, get your vitamin levels checked so you know exactly what areas you’re lacking in and whether you really need it. In the meantime, read up on all the services available at Drip IV.

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