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11 Of Perth’s Best Kid Friendly Cafes To Get Your Caffeine Fix

By Anna Franklyn
3rd Oct 2023

Maybe your children are angels. Maybe they sit quietly at a table and let you eat and drink without interruption whenever you feel like going out. But chances are, you need a bit of entertainment for your kids so that you can enjoy just one minute of silence while you knock back that triple shot coffee. Sound about right? Then it’s time to check out some of Perth’s best kid friendly cafes.

Places where you can get seriously good coffee and delicious food that keeps you going, alongside playgrounds or toys that will stop your kids asking to leave before you’ve even put in your order. Here are 11 of Perth’s best kid-friendly cafes so you can drink your coffee in relative peace.

Orange Box

North Fremantle

If you want to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine while the kids run around and drain some of that never ending energy, Orange Box is the place to go. With a huge grassed area, it’s the perfect place for the kids to kick a ball, practice their cartwheels or run around in circles if that’s their jam. If your kids prefer to stay close to you, grab one of the many boxes of building blocks to keep them entertained while you knock back your third coffee of the day. 

Orange Box, one of Perth's best kid friendly cafes

Ootong And Lincoln

South Fremantle

Kids or not, Ootong and Lincoln is always a good idea whether you’re looking for coffee, breakfast, or a delicious sweet treat. There’s a play area with toys and a toddler-sized table so the little ones can enjoy their babycinos like grown ups, and you can save yourself from being covered in frothy milk for the rest of the day. Before you go, grab something from the cabinet for lunch so you don’t have to think about what you’re going to feed yourself or your mini later in the day. That’s what we call a win-win.

Ootong And Lincoln, one of Perth's best kid friendly cafes

115 Collective


Great coffee. Tick. Excellent eats. Tick. Enclosed playground. Tick, tick tick. There’s not much more you could ask for from a kid-friendly cafe but 115 Collective continues to deliver with one of the cutest babycinos in Perth—think 100s and 1000s, chocolate, and marshmallows. Did we mention it’s dog-friendly too?

115 Collective, one of Perth's best kid friendly cafes

Little Ts


Whether you’re after a delicious coffee, a little snack, or a hearty meal, Little T’s will deliver, all while keeping your kids busy so you can enjoy it in peace. Order up and then let the kids run wild on the playground outside. They’ll have a ball on the slide while you can slurp the foam off your cappuccino without any sticky fingers getting in the way.

Little Ts, one of Perth's best kid friendly cafes

Hobart St Deli

North Perth

While Hobart St Deli is kid-friendly enough, the real drawcard seems to be the fully enclosed park across the road, and considering it’s one of Perth’s best cafes in its own right, we thought it was worth a mention. It gets pretty busy but the wait for food and drinks is never too long so grab some takeaway and then let your kids run wild.

Hobart St Deli, one of Perth's best kid friendly cafes

Slate Cafe

Swan Valley

We have long heralded Slate Cafe as one of the best dog friendly cafes in Perth, but it’s also one of Perth’s best child friendly cafes thanks to not one but two playgrounds—one indoor playground with rock climbing and one outdoor nature playground. They also have a large grassed picnic area where kids can run about. And if your kids are unsure about dogs never fear, the dog’s playground is enclosed so they can look without touching.

Slate Cafe, one of Perth's best kid friendly cafes

Little Banksia


This isn’t the first time we’ve raved about Little Banksia’s buttermilk pancakes and it won’t be the last, but did you know you can enjoy them without being pestered by your (beautiful, darling, angelic) children? Grab the big table in the playroom and you can keep an eye on your kids while you eat. 

Little Banksia, one of Perth's best kid friendly cafes



While Laika doesn’t have toys for the littlies, it does have a huge outdoor area and a basketball hoop out the back which is perfect for bigger kids to let off some steam. It’s also nice and spacious—plenty of room for prams—so pack some toys for the little ones and let the bigger kids run around while you enjoy one of Perth’s best coffees.

Laika, one of Perth's best kid friendly cafes

Koorak Cafe

Kings Park

Mums and dads of Perth know that Stickybeaks in Kings Park used to do the best coffee next to the best enclosed playground, but they might have missed that it has finally re-opened and is now Koorak Cafe. The Ivey Watson playground was designed with kids under six in mind and it’s probably one of the best playgrounds in Perth for little kids, so both you and your tiny tot will be happy after a morning spent here.

Koorak Cafe, one of Perth's best kid friendly cafes

Someday Coffee Co


If you’re a sucker for pastel pink and a good coffee, Someday Coffee Co will be right up your alley. We all know they do excellent coffee and eats, but did you know the courtyard has a kids’ picnic table and plenty of toys? Set the kids up at the toy kitchen and let them whip you up something special, all while the crew in the kitchen are whipping you up something you’ll actually want to eat.

Someday Coffee Co, one of Perth's best kid friendly cafe

Little Olive Leaf


With a dedicated children's play area and stunning outdoor garden, plus an amazing playground across the road, your big and little kids will never want to leave Little Olive Leaf in Willagee. Which is lucky because you probably won’t want to either. The garden at this little cafe, with greenery all around and grape vines up above, is the kind of place we dream of spending long afternoons with a cup of coffee or two. It’s also a top choice if you’re looking for gluten-free or vegan options.

Little Olive Leaf

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