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A Super Exclusive Koh Samui Cocktail Experience Just Dropped At The State Buildings

By Claire Logan
14th Jun 2021

a beautiful hibiscus cocktail from the new Koh Samui Lone Traveller experience

If Thailand has been on your travel hit list for a while, you'll want to get yourself tickets to the new edition of the State Building’s immersive Lone Traveller cocktail and dining experience.

In this ultimate sensory expedition through the flavours of Koh Samui, you'll get up close and personal with Long Chim’s legendary bartender Eoin Kenny and spice hawker Dee Tongdee as you sip your way through six expertly crafted cocktails and delicious Thai eats to match while learning all about the flavours and playful culture that makes Koh Samui so special.

Sounds simple enough, but this is no ordinary evening. Your night begins at the State Building’s Postal Hall, where after receiving your boarding call you’ll swap your shoes for a pair of thongs before being blindfolded and ushered to your ride to Koh Samui. Once you arrive at your secret dining destination, you’ll be greeted by sand beneath your toes and cheerful tropical vibes. With just five seats at each session and only a few sessions each month, this is one of the most exclusive dining tables in Perth.

The evening is a celebration of the exceptional new cocktail menu available at Long Chim for the next 12 months which centres around the tropical fruits Koh Samui is known for, but of course with that extra Long Chim wow-factor that’ll leave you amazed, confused and just downright impressed with every sip. We’re talking coconut martinis, lychee highballs, a beautiful hibiscus fizz, and an oh so smooth durian number we couldn’t get enough of. 

The Thai eats, many of which are prepared and plated up right in front of you, were thoughtfully crafted to match the cocktail menu and really helps dial up the flavours of each drink. We could happily eat a hundred of the Ma Hor (a minced prawn, chicken and peanut dish served on sweet pieces of pineapple) and call it a day but it was all insanely delicious so rest assured there’ll be plenty to soak up the booze. 

To top it all off, there’s also games (and fun prizes), polaroids and non-stop bants from your charming hosts to keep the vacay-worthy antics at an all time high. 

Trust us, if there’s one dining event you splurge on this year, let it be this.

The Details

What: The Lone Traveller—Koh Samui
When: 2, 3, 9 and 10 July
Where: The State Buildings, Perth
Cost: $200 per person for six cocktails and five courses
Head to the website to book your seat stat.

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