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Perth’s Best Gourmet Delis

By Anna Franklyn
1st Apr 2018

I’m going to let you in on a secret. Until about two years ago I didn’t like cheese (am I fired?) and I didn’t particularly care for antipasto in general. Shocker, I know! BUT, I have always, for some strange reason, loved any kind of shop that sells food. Drop me in the most exotic of locations and the first thing I want to do is check out their supermarket.

This weird obsession means many, many hours have been spent in gourmet delicatessens in Perth, buying things I don’t have any particular need for. And as it turns out, when you have a fridge full of cheese, you learn to love it.

Here are 16 of Perth’s best gourmet delis, so you can go forth and make the best damn cheese platter of your life.

The Re Store

Leederville and Northbridge

Everyone loves The Re Store and for good reason. Fresh pasta, a massive range of cheeses and cured meats, all of the best antipasto and a pretty impressive bottle shop to boot. The staff behind the deli counter are super helpful so feel free to ask for their advice!

Smoult’s Continental Deli


Fresh and cured meats, huge wheels of cheese, fresh bread and some of Perth’s best conti rolls, Smoult’s Continental Deli is definitely one of Perth’s finest. These guys can take care of your picnic and catering needs and they also do gift hampers for the foodies in your life.

The Black Truffle

North Fremantle

The Black Truffle has every kind of cheese you could hope for plus the most amazing pâtés, plenty of international meats and a huge range of olives, oils and relishes. The team here will whip you up a cheese board if you don't want to make it yourself and you can also grab some amazing arancini, homemade pastas, soups, salads and some of the best rolls going around! They also do awesome coffee and plenty of sweet treats to takeaway.

George Street Merchants

East Fremantle

Pop in to George Street Merchants to stock up on groceries, sweet and savoury deli items, salads and some of the best muffins in Perth. These guys are right next door to George Street Quarters so you can head in after breakfast for a quick shop. Talk about convenient!

Galati & Sons


You’ll find absolutely everything you need to stock your Italian pantry at Galati & Sons, plus fresh fruit and veg and some good lunch-on-the-run options. The crew here will also whip up platters and do some of the best arancini in Perth.

Kakulas Sister

Fremantle and Nollamara

Anyone who’s been Kakulas Sister knows it is a treasure trove full of continental goodness. If you can make it past the barrels of coffee beans and every different grain you can possibly imagine, you’ll find quite the selection of cheese and meat at some pretty decent prices.

Napoli Mercato


With olives for days, all the best cheese and everything you’ll need to make one fine lookin’ (and tasting) antipasto plate, Napoli Mercato also have an espresso bar and all the Italian gourmet goodies you need like gelato and biscotti. Yes, I said need, not want.  

The Little Deli


Guildford is having a moment and we’re pretty excited about it, mostly because it means we get to stop in at The Little Deli whenever we are there to pick up some gourmet goodies. With cheeses and meats sourced from far and wide, you’ll only get the best of the best here.

The Herdsman


Oh man, going to Herdsman makes me want to throw my credit card at the checkout peeps and just buy errrrythang! They don’t do anything by halves and their deli is no different. They’ve got over 600 different cheeses to choose from plus their fresh fruit and veg is the bomb so grab some grapes or strawberries to go on that cheese platter of yours!

Boatshed Market 


Not the most economical place to shop in Perth, but if you’ve got money to burn, the Boatshed Market sure is one of the nicest places to do it. They have a massive range of cheeses, dips and antipasto, plus an awesome bakery and ahhh-mazing fruit and veg selection. If you want to try before you buy head in on a Sunday for some samples #freeloading.

C Lo Presti & Son

East Fremantle

With more olives than you can poke a stick at and all of the hard-to-find cheeses that you'll never stumble across in your regular old supermarket, you'll be the most popular person around when you bring these out to the party! Thank you C Lo Presti & Son!

The Dutch Butcher


The Dutch Butcher has got all the gourmet cheeses, meats and baked goods you could ever want. Top tip: don’t go shopping here when you're hungry unless you want to be the proud owner of the entire store.

Charlie’s Fresh Food Market


Charlie’s Fresh Food Market has got you covered on all fronts. All the usual gourmet delicatessen suspects, plus when you’re done shopping you can sit back and relax in their cafe. Grab a conti roll on your way out and thank us later.

Balcatta Growers Fresh


Balcatta Growers Fresh is your one stop shop for antipasto, pasta, paninis, lunchtime goodies and so much meat and fresh veggies. Make sure you take an extra big shopping bag! You'll need it.

Little Cheese Shop


So they aren’t really a deli, but when you’re talking about cheese you can’t not talk about That Little Cheese Shop. They’ve got #allofthecheese (obvs) but you can also get your cheeseboard and knives and whatever other cheese stuff you need. If you’re feeling lazy you can also get them to make a cheese board for you.

Passione Gourmet Deli


Passione have a huge selection of cheeses and meats plus everything else you’d ever need for an Italian feast. They also serve coffee and a huge selection of lunch rolls and take home dinners to make nights in nice and easy!

Want more delish deli bites? Check out Perth's Best Continental Rolls.

Smoult's Continential Deli | Image credit: Louise Coghill

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