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10 Of Perth’s Best Continental Rolls, As Voted By You

By Rebecca Keating

The continental roll should be a regular on any sandwich lover’s playlist. A soft and chewy bread roll, stuffed with the finest Italian meats and cheese, all loaded up with plenty of antipasti—you can't argue with how good these sangas are.

Nailing down exactly who does the best in Perth, however, stirs up plenty of debates. So we put it out to you for a vote. And after thousands of responses, we've narrowed it down to your top 10 continental rolls in Perth.

The Re Store

Northbridge & Leederville

The Re Store is often quoted as the birthplace of the conti roll scene in Perth and sits firmly in our favourites list. Join the lunch-time queue and wade through rows of pasta, Italian biscuits and jars of antipasto goodness while you think about what to add to your incoming roll. We’d suggest the oil-cured veggies, pickled eggplant and sun-dried tomatoes. 

North Street Store 


We're yet to find something North Street Store can't nail. Just like their cinny scrolls, chicken pies and sourdough, their conti rolls keep you coming back for more. Just picture a beautiful white baguette filled with layers of leg ham, sopressa, mortadella and swiss cheese alongside zesty pickles, fresh tomato, iceberg lettuce and a good dollop of aioli. You'll find them at North Street Store, Big Loaf Factory, Litlle Loaf, People's Cafeteria and a bunch of other cafes around town.

Conti rolls from North Street Store

Charlie’s Fresh Food Market


This traditional Italian fresh food market has been around since 1967 so safe to say they've pumped out their fair share of conti rolls. Charlie's gets a lot of buzz for its classic conti rolls, with its traditional soft and chewy white bread roll filled with Italian sliced meats from the massive on-site deli and plenty of fresh salad. 

Deli’s Continental


A conti pop-up started by two local pizza chefs, Deli’s Continental sent Perth’s conti fanatics into a spin when they first started slinging their sell-out sandwiches in a Maylands laneway. Now they've got a space all their own in Inglewood where they've perfected the bread that makes these contis so damn special. It's a chewy yet crunchy roll with a signature pizza-like flavour, filled with all the conti goodness you love. Nowadays it's easy to get distracted by meatball subs, Philly cheese steak, stone-baked pizzas and other tasty creations but the OG conti still slaps.

Deli's Continental

Montello On Main

Osborne Park

Montello dishes out a super fresh continental roll using only the best bread and local ingredients going round. Order the prosciutto and provolone for a flavour explosion or try the classic loaded with ham and mortadella. Buy a container or three of home-cooked pasta on your way out and you’re all set for a day of Italian deliciousness. 

The Panini Bar


Owned by the family behind award-winning Crimea Butcher, The Panini Bar serves up some seriously good Italian food. If you can manage to walk past the cannoli and onto the conti rolls, you’ll be in for a treat. You can opt for the classic or go nuts and grab something new like their Italian pork and fennel sausage with roasted capsicum and rapini—a delicious green vegetable that surely makes this a healthy lunchtime treat.

Angelo St Market

South Perth

In the spot that used to be Scutti’s, Angelo St Market is under new management and it’s stocked full of fresh local produce and gourmet groceries that you won’t be able to resist. Stop for a coffee and order a conti roll full of fresh antipasto, more Italian cold meats than you can handle and a good serving of some imported Italian cheese. We promise you won’t regret it. The same crew have also opened up The General Store in Melville, where you can get your conti fix.

Conti roll from Angelo St Market

Galati & Sons


It's hard to beat the value at Galati & Sons. Coming in under $8 a pop, their cheap and cheerful conti rolls have become a well worn lunch staple for Freo locals. Make sure you scope out the crazy fresh fruit and veg specials while you're here too, because when they're slinging mangoes for 69c each or a punnet of strawberries for 49c, you'll wanna stock up.

Panini Corner


Soft white rolls, lashings of Italian deli meats, cheese and antipasti—Panini Corner's contis do not miss. They also do catering so you can get a whole platter of contis to share for your next lunch meeting.

Passione Gourmet Deli Café 


Head to Passione to stock up on antipasto, cheese, doughnuts and pizza—the best of everything we know in life. While you’re there, it would be rude not to try a conti roll your Nonna would be proud of. If you’re feeling adventurous, this amazing little spot dishes out some pretty sweet specials—think a delicious focaccia filled with a chicken parmi and stracciatella cheese bliss.

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Image credit: Angelo St Market, North Street Store, Deli's Continental, Angelo Street Market.

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