Perth’s Best Continental Rolls

By Sarah Joanna Pope
10th Nov 2017

Perth's Best Continental Rolls

The continental roll—the godfather of the sandwich world. With enough meat and pickled deliciousness to make any Italian mama say “Woah, slow down there fat boy.”

And to help you experience this special kind of gluttonous sandwich love, we’ve tracked down Perth’s best continental rolls.

The Re Store

Northbridge and Leederville

Join the massive lunch queue at The Re Store and soon one of the lovely Italian ladies behind the counter will stuff you full of so much spicy meat and melanzane that you will be begging for mercy—and then they’ll try and sell you some fresh pasta or panettone. The struggle is real.

Balcatta Growers Fresh


Continental roll connoisseurs regularly head to the family-run Balcatta Grower’s Fresh for a footlong of meaty happiness.

The Dutch Butcher

Victoria Park

The Dutch Butcher lunch bar has some serious street cred in the Dutch Continental Roll “scene” in Perth. Perhaps the most specific scene in the entire world. The helpings are generous here and you can even pre order your lunch just like in the good ol’ skewl days. Sweet nostalgia.

Del Basso Smallgoods

Osborne Park

A worthy stop on our Perth continental roll tour (patent pending). Head to the lunch bar at the front of Del Basso Smallgoods factory to pick up a pre-made continental roll—or have one personally tailored to your specific hunger situation.


South Perth

Using fresh local produce to jam pack their continental rolls, it’s no wonder Scutti is an absolute fave. Think olives, blue cheeses, deli meats and we hear they even do a kangaroo salami. I mean c’mon what’s not to love?

The Black Truffle

North Fremantle

If nonna's cooking is what you love most then head to The Black Truffle for a real treat. All their Italian eats are amazing, but their conti rolls are a thing of beauty.

Charlie's Fresh Food Market


There’s more buzz around the continental roll at Charlie’s Fresh Food Market than a nude Kardashian selfie. Meat, lettuce, tomato, carrot, bliss.



You will feel like you have arrived in Italy when you walk into Passione.  With gourmet Italian eats, antipastos, cheeses and salami hanging from the ceiling, it’s a pretty amazing spot. Mixing Italian with contemporary eats, they’re dishing out a continental roll called the New Yorker and it's definitely one of Perth's best continental rolls.

Lo Presti And Son

East Fremantle

Last, but certainly not least, south of the river joins in the action with the fine continental roll offering from Lo Presti And Son. I dare you to not have laboured breathing after eating this sandwich mofo.

Want more cheesy goodness? Check out the best gourmet delis in Perth.

Di Chiera Continental Store | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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