The Best Secret Swimming Spots In Perth

By Lisa O'Neill
9th Nov 2015

Perth best swimming pools

Fair play, we love a good swim around the pylon at Cottesloe Beach as much as any other ocean warrior in Perth and when in Rotto, we’re often found submerging in the aquamarine paradise of the Basin, too. But! There’s nothing like feeling the sand between your toes without your foot sinking into the many footprints that have just marched there before you.

Here are the best secret swimming spots in Perth worth tracking down…

Yanchep Lagoon Beach


Take a short road trip north to the untapped beauty of Yanchep Lagoon Beach characterised by the jutting reef at the southern end. Bring the snorkel and goggles for this one and sink into the beautiful underwater world or perch on a limestone rock and marvel from above.

Serpentine Falls


So we know Sam loves Sash forever, but back when our boy Richie had a chance, they had a date here in Perth that had us falling over ourselves to find it. Well played, Richie. Serpentine Falls is the perfect spot for a midsummer dip, the waterfall flowing over a sheer granite rock face into a pool nestled below. Open between 8.30am and 5pm, the official word is to get there by 10am before the national park fills to capacity.

Little Salmon Bay


Colour me happy as soon as I step off the main jetty and breathe in the pure sea air and sink into island life. There are plenty of choices when it comes to the beaches on Rotto (63 options on our wee island), so hire a bike and pedal to one beyond the obvious. Little Salmon Bay is just beyond Parker Point and features a snorkel trail with information plaques worth duck diving among the sea life and coral for.

Eagle Bay


One for the more rugged experience lovers, lube up your bike chain and make the journey to the west end of Rotto. Surrounded by three vertical limestone cliffs, Eagle Bay is the trickiest to get to but the sprawling white sand below is likely to provide the most secret swimming spot on the island. You’ll either need to scamper down the fairly steep limestone rocks or if you’re a truly adventurous spirit, make a splash from “jump rock” and cliff jump your way in.

Lake Leschenaultia


Hike into the hills for a day of completely chilling out at the man-made Lake Leschenaultia. It’s surrounded by glorious bushland that makes you feel far, far away from civilisation. There’s a pontoon to practise your bombie off (#herecomestheboom) or plenty of white sand to sprawl out with your book in hand if you’re more of a leisure lover.

Mettams Pool


This natural rock pool surrounded by reef is a local favourite but still far less populated than its southern brother, the main beach at Trigg Island. One of the most secret swimming spots in Perth, get to Mettams Pool early before the Fremantle doctor blows in and if you’re keen on trying snorkelling, this little alcove is the perfect place to start.

Wungong Dam


Another expansive watering hole tucked away in the Perth Hills, Wungong Dam is one of the most likely to give you a beautiful, secluded location for a swim. The main recreational area is accessed via a right-hand turn onto Admiral Road, or for an even more tranquil experience, try entering from Springfield Road.

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Mettams Pool | Image credit: Louise Coghill

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