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The Best Things To Do In Esperance Other Than Chasing Pics With Roos

By Cassandra Charlick
11th Feb 2021

three people snorkelling, one of the best things to do in Esperance

While we watched our regional friends and family get on with daily life this week, it’s hard not to feel a touch of the green-eyed monster. Yes, lockdown and mask wearing for a couple of weeks is hardly comparable to months on end in an apartment in London, but still, it’s SUMMER. We would normally be on holiday, binging Fringe, lapping up Perth’s outdoor cinemas, jumping into the Perth Arts Festival, and just generally frolicking footloose and fancy free.

Come Sunday we should be back to normal so why not take these last few restricted days to plan your one last summer getaway? To help you, we’ve wrapped up some of the best things to do in Esperance—aside from just spending your days at the beach with the roos.

Snap A Shot Of The Pink Lake Hillier

Bypass the Pink Lake and head over to Lake Hiller for the view that stops the scroll. It’s not actually on the mainland, so you’ll have to jump on a flight with one of the flight operators in the region such as Helispirit Esperance so you can scoot on over to the A-class reserves of Middle Island. It might not be the easiest of places to access, but you’ll be well rewarded with views of the candy hued lake, nestled amongst the azure blue of the ocean surrounding the island. The lake is thought to achieve its colour from the extremely high salinity levels. Is it fairy floss pink, bubble-gum pink or flamingo pink? Who cares, it’s just so pretty!

Get Off Track In Your Own 4WD

If you’ve been chugging along the South West Edge patiently in a 4WD, then it’s time to get down and dirty with a tag-along adventure with Esperance Eco Discovery Tours. If you’re one that likes a little hand holding when it comes to risk taking, then now is the chance to push the limits and go off track. You’ll scale sand dunes, cruise along eye-popping beach vistas and bump over dusty trails that it takes a pro guide to know about. Be sure to bring bathers, lunch supplies and your best road-trip play lists for an off-the-beaten-track experience. If you don’t have a troopy of your own, don’t worry as there are plenty of day trip options where you can happily perch in the back seat and let someone else do the driving.

Soak Up Island Life In The Recherche Archipelago

While Rotto might be the first spot that springs to mind when thinking about an island vacay off Western Australia’s mainland, did you know that there are 105 islands off the coast of Esperance in the Recherche Archipelago? Most are uninhabitable, however Woody Island is well worth a boat trip. Woody Island Eco Tours are the official operator for the island’s facilities, and the gatekeeper to all of the fun. It’s definitely worth staying a few nights in the eco-glamping on the island, but if you can only spare a daytrip there is still plenty you’ll be able to pack in. Enjoy a leisurely coastal bushwalk before an afternoon of snorkelling in the crystal clear waters of the Southern Ocean. Don’t worry if you didn’t bring your kit with you, you can hire a set of goggles and flippers from the kiosk.

Up Your Photography Skills With An Epic Drone Session

Don’t pretend you haven’t ogled at those epic shots from above on Instagram. You know—sandy white beaches and water so blue it almost looks like an abstract Rothko painting. Well, if you’ve attempted your own master pieces on your drone but they somehow never seem as good, never fear as the pros at Propeller Project have just announced a March road-trip for their drone photography course in Esperance. Seriously, these guys share tips and tricks that would otherwise take months for you to figure out on your own. Why take the long journey when you can take the short cut straight to mastery and wall-worthy prints?

Keep The Roadtrip Going

After you’ve gazed at the sherbet-coloured Lake Hillier, check out the South West Edge for some expert ideas on where to head next. If you’ve got the time, why not enjoy the entire 12-day road trip?

Keep the travel inspo going with more local escapes.

Image credit: @seafromthesky

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