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Truck Yeah! 10 Of Perth’s Best Food Trucks

By Chloe Sputore - 11 Sep 2015

Perth's Best Food Trucks
Comida Do Sul
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Lil Tortilla Boi
Hole Foods Doughnuts
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Eat No Evil
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What's better than tacos and dumplings? Tacos and dumplings on wheels of course! Perth's food truck scene has significantly upped the ante in recent years, and we’re thrilled about it—they just fit so darn well into the WA way of life! From Japanese and Brazilian cuisine to ice pops and doughnuts, here are some of Perth's best food trucks.

Jumplings Tasty Dumplings

Possibly Perth’s best food truck, Jumplings Tasty Dumplings fry up some killer gyoza (Japanese-style pan-fried dumplings). The chicken, duck and vego varieties are menu staples, but if you’re lucky you might get to try the prawn, chilli crab or scallop Jumplings. To carb things up a notch, have your Jumplings served bowl style with udon noodles, cabbage and coriander, topped with homemade chilli and truffled ponzu sauces—BRB have to go get some before I finish wri…

Comida do Sul

I’m back! Brazilian food truck with a big ol’ heart, Comida do Sul can be found all around Perth, often servicing more than one location per day. Thanks guys! If you’re a fan of set meals, bento boxes and to a lesser extent, aeroplane food (my secret guilty pleasure), the Prato Feito is for you. With tons of variety, it features beef steak, roasted and fried yams, black beans, rice and kale, topped off with vinaigrette. Chorizo lovers must try the Choripan, an Argentinian style hot dog with chorizo sausage, home-made mayo and chimichurri. Slosh it all down with a refreshing can of Guarana (Brazilian berry soda) or fresh coconut juice—take me now Comida do Sul, take me now!

Lil Tortilla Boi

Along with having the best name of the bunch, Lil Tortilla Boi is the Mexican king of food trucks in Perth. They make their own hand-pressed corn tortillas and fill them with goodies like pulled pork, buttermilk fried chicken, refried beans and guac. If you think spice is nice, try the jalapeno cheesy balls. Usually found parking their way around Freo, be sure to order a side of Lil Tortilla Boi’s curly fries with creole aioli, because who can really pass curly fries up?

La Paleta

More goodness from that wonderful nation that borders the bottom west corner of America. La Paleta whip up tasty, handmade ice treats using seasonal produce and quirky flavours—think mango salted coconut, jam doughnut, and blue cheese, fig and pistachio. Often found parking their way around Perth’s food markets and festivals, La Paleta also sell boxes of their Mexi-iced poles at various locations in town so you can get your fix any time (provided they haven’t already sold out).

Eat No Evil

Mexican and food trucks are a winning combination and Eat No Evil are one of Perth’s best food trucks. The two Ben’s that head up Eat No Evil are always on the lookout to create something different, and their menu reaps the rewards. Chow down on Mexican corn on the cob, coconut and apple sambal, spicy tuna tostadas and char-grilled kangaroo skewers. Deeeelish!

Chicho Gelato

So gelato university is a thing and the crew from Chicho Gelato know all about it because they graduated top of their class (well, we’re not actually sure they did, but after tasting their gelato we think they definitely should have). Chicho’s gelato and sorbets are the real deal and the flavours taste exactly how you would expect—you won’t find any awful artificial bubble-gum flavours here folks. Thankfully, the last year has seen Chicho Gelato expand and they now have two adorable ice cream carts that they pull around town, Frank and Pina, aww.

Cocktail Gastronomy

From the same folk that bring you The Classroom and Lucky Chan’s, Cocktail Gastronomy is a food stall not to be missed this festival season. With a passion for creating theatrics with food and drinks, pork lovers will squeal for their Three Little Pigs dish (pork served three ways).

Marcelita’s Empanadas

The husband and wife team behind Marcelita’s Empanadas make some of the best carb coated, fried empanadas in town. These delicious Colombian morsels are stuffed with fillings like shredded beef, potato and capsicum or pulled pork with lime and coriander. They usually come in servings of three, but you have to have an iron will to stop there.

Delish Ice

Receiving top marks for the cutest food truck in Perth, a gourmet ice pop from Delish Ice is a summer must-have. The ‘dishy dames’ serve up fruity and creamy pops from their vintage caravans and carts at festivals, weddings and corporate gigs around town. Flavours to watch out for: lamington, raspberry lemonade and malted salted caramel. Definitely one of Perth’s best food trucks!

Big El’s Nino – Mobile Cantina

Bust out the bib and get ready to cover your face in the tastiness that is Big El’s Nino – Mobile Cantina. With possibly the largest food truck menu in town, these guys make some killer street corn and amped up hot dogs, as well as the regular Latin American fusion tacos and tapas served at Big El’s Northbridge establishment. Dessert is mandatory and the chocolate bar chimichangas (deep fried chocolate bar of your choice served with ice cream and caramelised popcorn and coconut) are so nomilicious you will be hunting Big El’s down in your sleep.

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Food Trucks

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