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WA’s Best Country Bakeries To Hit On Your Next Road Trip

By Anna Franklyn

Country Bakery

There’s nothing like stumbling into a warm and welcoming little country bakery, only to taste their assorted homemade pastries or stacked chicken and salad rolls and realise you’ve hit the jackpot.

It’s rare to meet someone from Perth who doesn’t claim to know of ‘the best’ place to stop for a meat pie or a sausage roll on a road trip out to our state’s extremities; so it’s time we had a definitive list that pools all of this great wisdom and enhances the road trip experiences of Perthlings forever.

So here it is: your list of Western Australia's best country bakeries. And yes, we've been fairly liberal with our definition of country, deal with it.

Perth Hills

Four Seasons Patisserie


The kind of place that covers their walls with gold medals and certificates of excellence for you to admire while pondering your order, the original Four Seasons Patisserie in Kelmscott is the home of some of Australia’s most highly regarded pies. Don't believe us: just count all the awards they've won over the years.

Highland Bakery & Patisserie


Depending on how liberally you apply the term ‘country’, the Highland Bakery and Patisserie is well-deserving of a spot on this list. Whether you’re stocking up for a day-trip in the hills or heading further east, a quick pit-stop here for one of Australia’s best sausage rolls is essential. These things are downright delicious.

Baker’s Hill Pie Shop

Bakers Hill

It’s slightly beyond the Perth Hills, but The Bakers Hill Pie Shop is famed for a reason (and it’s not least because it’s within day-trip range of Perth). The pie selection here, as the name would suggest, is out of control. They’ve got everything from steak and pepper to the Ned Kelly (steak and egg), lamb and rosemary to chicken satay, and a whole range of vegetarian pies, too. That’s to say nothing of the sausage roll offering, which spans your regular homemade right up to your chilli and cheese Kransky, or their sweet treats, which includes some of WA’s best vanilla slice. Get the obligatory Insta-snap of the old-school façade with pie in the foreground before eating.

Honey’s Bakehouse


Stock up early on your east-bound road trip with a stop in at Honey’s Bakehouse. If you rate your bakeries more on their sweet offering than anything else, this place will be your heaven. They’re offering one of the best apple turnovers going around, delicious bee stings and the all-important old-school jam or custard doughnuts. The real standout here though is their crazy vegan creations like the deep-fried potato and gravy and their vegan vanilla slice. This place is where diets go to die.


CC’s Coffee And Cake


Not a bakery per se, but definitely the best pastry fix you’ll get heading east, CC’s Coffee and Cake has become the essential half-way stop for punters heading from Perth to Esperance, or those touring the Wheatbelt. Set in a heritage home next door to the town’s Post Office, CC’s offers an amazing array of lunch options including classic burgers, stacked sandwiches and delicious meat pies, to be enjoyed in the leafy front garden.

Bush Bakehouse


It’s all well and good to run a great bakery in the lush South West, but to uphold pie standards all the way out in Hyden is another thing altogether. The town welcomes a higher than the Wheatbelt average number of tourists who flock to see Wave Rock, so a solid bakery is needed; and the Bush Bakehouse delivers. Their pies boast thick and crispy pastry and well-seasoned, generous filling, not to mention great variety. Get anything from a classic peppered steak to a curried beef to a country classic chicken and veg. Best eaten with a choc milk before a trip out to see the rock.

Toodyay Bakery


Maybe it's north, maybe it's east, but either way, Toodyay Bakery does a mean pie that's worth stopping in for. These guys even do a couple of vegan pies that even the most hardcore meat-eaters would approve of. Make sure you pick up a loaf of bread for the road too. 

West (AKA Rottnest)

Rottnest Island Bakery


It’s not country, but we felt the Rottnest Island Bakery definitely deserves a mention because let’s be real, it’s insane, and it’s the only place in Australia you can share your pie with a quokka (don’t feed the quokkas). The place is iconic, offering up freshly baked bread made from local ingredients, organic meat pies and hands down the best jam doughnuts going around. But the hero here is definitely the jubilee twist, which sells out about 10 minutes after opening, so you best be quick if you want one.   


Bindoon Bakehouse


If you want one of the best pies of your life, head to Bindoon Bakehouse. We would sell our souls for the creamy chicken and leek but you really can't go wrong here. On the sweets side of things, their classic vanilla slice is the absolute goat, but the banoffee eclair also slaps, even Prince Harry thinks so. Trust us, this place is worth a detour.

Dongara Bakery


The Indian Ocean Drive might be picturesque, but it doesn’t boast too many great bakeries. That’s what makes stumbling into the Dongara Bakery right at the end of the drive all the more rewarding. Known for their cool store signage but loved for their tasty pies, this place has established itself as somewhat of a northern-route institution.

Coral Resort Bakery

Coral Bay

It’s pretty much your only option in the way of baked goods up in these parts, so we’re lucky The Coral Resort Bakery doesn’t disappoint. Obviously go straight for the reef and beef pie (you’re on the turquoise coast, after all), but grab one of their made to order sandwiches for later. The breakfast toasties also do not go astray after camping out, or before a long day of, you know, swimming in pristine waters and sunbathing.

Wongan Hills Family Meats

Wongan Hills

Local butcher Dave McLaren is a bit of a living legend around town, which won’t surprise you when you try his pies at Wongan Hills Family Meats. Ok, it’s not a bakery—but it’s the meat equivalent, and when the pies are this delicious, who cares about technicalities? These pies are detour-worthy.

South | Mandurah, Pinjarra, Dwellingup And Beyond

Pinjarra Bakery & Patisserie


There’s a couple of these to be found around WA, but no prizes for guessing where the original is. The Pinjarra Bakery & Patisserie has collected no shortage of medals for their highly creative pies. If that's not proof that you can't go wrong here then we don't know what is. 

Miami Bakehouse


Miami Bakehouse needs absolutely no introduction to West Aussies. They’ve got a few locations across Perth and Mandurah, as well as the drive-through bakehouses in Myalup off the Forrest Highway, but the Falcon outpost is the standout. All locations open seven days a week, the team won’t put anything on the shelves that they don’t love themselves. We’re talking chicken laksa pie, peri peri vegetable pies, lamb rendang pies, large family pies and even an ever-changing pie of the week (follow them on Facebook for all the updates).

Dardanup Bakery


This gorgeous little red corrugated iron bakery is a pie-lover’s haven. Their handmade pies and sausage rolls sell out pretty quick, so get in early if you want to sink your teeth into one of these golden goodies. The baker behind it all brings a lifetime of international baking experience, so expect a European influence on the freshly baked sourdough and pastries, too. The vanilla slice is delish, but we say grab a piece of German baked ricotta cheesecake for the road, friends.

The Mushroom At No.61


The Official Great Aussie Pie Competition has some serious contenders from all over Australia, and this unsuspecting little bakery in Balingup has been taking out medals for their insanely good Szechuan Ginger Beef Pie, Thai Green Chicken Curry Pie and the Lamb Moussaka Pie. The owners also pride themselves on concocting some adventurous sweet treats, such as their lamington strawberry layered cheesecake. 

The Passionate Baker


Don’t let the trendy wooden-box seating and contemporary branding fool you; The Passionate Baker is pumping out some extremely good country-style pies, sausage rolls, pastries and cakes that drop the jaw. Grab one of their seasonal pies and finish it off with a French vanilla slice the size of your head.

South | Margaret River Region

Rise & Co Craft Bakery


Serving up Busselton’s best artisan bread, Rise & Co Craft Bakery is your numero uno option when travelling through this seaside town. They’ve got French pastries and sweet tarts aplenty, plus the most delicious chunky beef pie going around. We don’t want to get too far off the pie trail, but these guys also have an extensive brekky and lunch menu. 

Fre-Jac Bakery


For the most authentic French pastries in the South West, head straight to Fre-Jac. Run by a couple from Paris who made the region their home around a decade ago, this beloved little bakery is serving up baguettes, croissants, turnovers and tarts made daily from French flour to a very loyal and loving group of locals, plus anyone else who stops in.

Tas’s Bakery


There are two types of down south holidaymakers; those who go to Dunsborough Bakery and those who go to Tas’s Bakery. While the former doesn’t do too badly, Tas’s Bakery takes the cake. Their pies are glorious, their sweet treats are enormous and their stacked meat and salad rolls are the definition of a country lunch. Top it off with a choc milk and devour the whole thing on the lawn out front.

Yallingup Woodfired Bread


An essential stop for anyone travelling down south, Yallingup Woodfired Bread sells hand-crafted, traditional woodfired bread baked daily from locally sourced, biodynamic grain. In true Yalls style, German owner Gotthard Bauer prefers to bake his bread in the afternoons rather than early mornings, so stop in at the Yallingup or Margaret River outpost at around 3.30pm to grab a few loaves before they run out. If no one’s manning the place, leave what you owe in their honesty box.

Yallingup Gugelhupf


Owned by the same family who brings us said woodfired bread, the Yallingup Gugelhupf is another charming bakery that can’t be missed on a trip down south. The traditional German Gugelhupf cake made here is traditionally eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner with tea or wine, but when you’re down south, enjoy it any time with local preserves, cheese, and a glass of vino.

Margaret River Bakery

Margaret River

This eclectic and trendy spot on the main strip of Margs takes the idea of the traditional country bakery to a whole new level. Decked out with quirky frames and photographic prints, retro furniture and luscious greenery, the Margaret River Bakery is everything you’d expect from the artisan town and more. Drop in for a takeaway pie and choc milk (they don’t skimp on the country essentials) or settle in on one of the upcycled lounges and choose from their menu or cabinet of delights; think paninis, bagels and sandwiches. 

Gracie’s General Store


Not technically a bakery, but in a tiny place like Gracetown, the local shop sextuples as a bakery, cafe, general store, petrol station, bottle shop and boutique. Gracie’s General is ticking all of those boxes, but most importantly is home to Little Pie Lane, who offer pies hand made on-site from local ingredients to the constant stream of locals and visiting beachgoers alike. Enjoy the whole lot with ocean views from their sunny courtyard.

Augusta Bakery & Cafe


For a top-notch pie in the most southwestern point of our beautiful state, go straight to the Augusta Bakery & Cafe. This place has been in business since 1948, so they must be doing something right, and we say it’s their pies. You can even park up in the alfresco area and have your pie with chips and salad, eaten with knife and fork. Weird, but we’re not complaining. They also offer up much-loved cream doughnuts.

South | Great Southern

Williams Woolshed


Definitely one of the best stops along the Albany Highway, the Williams Woolshed is a family-run one-stop-shop for all your country road-trip needs. The place comprises retail stores (no prizes for guessing what they sell) and a large cafe, which isn’t technically a bakery, but it is practically famous for its house-made pies and sausage rolls—so we thought it deserved a spot on the list. The pies range from Beef Mince to Lamb Curry and you can even enjoy them seated, on a plate, out on the verandah.

Mount Barker Country Bakery

Mount Barker

One to travel for, the Mount Barker Country Bakery is no stranger to a national award or two. Their chunky mince pie is a winner for the purists, but we'd recommend giving their chicken camembert & sweet potato a try. For the vegos out there seeking something a bit more inventive than your standard creamy mushroom, these guys do a seriously good cauliflower blue cheese pie.

Denmark Bakery


Traditional baking methods and innovative culinary adventures meet in the glorious pies produced at the family owned and run Denmark Bakery. Perhaps one of the state’s most famous bakeries (for good reason), the place has their trophies up on the shelves right next to their freshly baked bread as reminders of their dedication to quality and craft. But back to the pies; wrap your mouth around anything from a Vinda-Roo (yep, that’s curried kangaroo) to a Thai Chicken, or go for a classic Chunky Beef. You won’t be disappointed either way.

Doralane Pastries


If you’re choosing your bakery stop-off based on most Insta-worthy store façade, we’ve found the one for you. Doralane Pastries has been in operation since 1967, and their classic green, red and white signage won’t be the only thing you can’t resist. They’re known for their square pies, but offer over 18 different varieties, so you might have to double (or triple) park to really make the most of your visit.


Bread Local


Not a bricks and mortar bakery, but baking damn fine bread is the Esperance mum behind Bread Local, who delivers freshly made bread to the top notch local grocer—Bob & Jims General Store— and also appears at the local markets bearing freshly baked gifts. COVID-19 meant she started doing online orders, deliveries and pick up once a week from her pop-up, so keep an eye on the Facebook page to keep up with what's happening.

French Hot Bread Shop


To get your bakery fix on other days of the week in this beautiful town on the southern coast, head to their outpost of the French Hot Bread Shop. It might be a chain, but this particular store is trusted by locals for well-stocked bread, a good pie, and a delicious jam doughnut.

If you happen to be heading to Margs, check out our favourite wineries in Margaret River.

Bindoon Bakehouse | Image credit: Claire Logan

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