What’s Open This Anzac Day In Perth?

By Tina Varghese - 20 Apr 2018

Anzac Day is tomorrow, and whether you’re going to be up and about for an early dawn service, or taking the day off for some much-needed R&R, we’ve rounded up a bunch places open on Anzac Day for you to pick up some early coffee & brekkie, lazy lunches or late-night dinners.

Here are a few of our fave restaurants, cafes and bars open on Anzac Day in Perth this year.


Sayers Sisters, Northbridge, open from 7am till 12pm

Sayers, Leederville, open from 7am to 12pm

Small Print, CBD, open from 6:00am to 3pm

No Mafia, Northbridge, open from 12pm to late

Pinchos, Leederville, open from 8am to late

Meat Candy, Northbridge, open from 5pm to 9:30pm

Mary Street Bakery, West Leederville and Highgate, open from 7am to 4pm

Mary Street Bakery, Allendale Square, open from 7am to 2pm

Chicho Gelato, Northbridge, open from 12pm to 10pm

Bivouac, Northbridge, open from 12pm to 10pm

Alex Hotel Espresso Bar, Northbridge, open 7am to 5pm

Hylin, West Leederville, open from 7am to 2pm

Toast My Curry, Perth CBD, 11am to 8pm

The Terrace Hotel, Perth CBD, open from 6:30am to 11am

Tiisch, Perth CBD, open from 7am to 1pm

Whisk Creamery, Northbridge, open from  11am to 10pm

Shadow Wine & Bar, Northbridge, open from 12pm to late

Petition Kitchen, Perth CBD, open 8am to late

Post, Perth CBD, open 6:30am to 10pm

Zamia Cafe, Kings Park, open from 6:30am to 4:30pm


The Sarapan, Victoria Park, open from 7am to 11am

Sapore, Belmont, open from 6:30am to 3pm

Harvest Espresso, Victoria Park, 7am to 3pm

Rose & Crown, Guildford, open 8am until late

Maison Saint Honore, Caversham, open from 8:30pm to 3pm

Sedap Place, East Victoria Park, open 11am until 2pm and 6pm until 10pm

Sage Cafe, Victoria Park, open 7:30am until 4pm


Little Way, Nedlands, open from 7:15am to 12pm

Whisk Creamery, Subiaco, open from  11am to 10pm

Il Lido Italian Canteen, Cottesloe, open from 7am to 12am

Canteen Pizza, Cottesloe, open from 12pm to 12am

Vans, Cottesloe, open 6:30am to 4pm with the kitchen closing at 3pm

The Shorehouse, Swanbourne, open 7am until late

North Street Store, Cottesloe, open 8am until 2pm


Bib & Tucker, North Fremantle, open from 6:30am to 3pm 

May Street Larder, East Fremantle, open from 6:30am to 2pm 

Bread Expresso Bar, Como, open from 8am to 2pm

Six Willows, Willetton, open from 6am to 2pm

Coco and Boho, Spearwood, 6:30am to 12pm

Surfing Lizard, Munster, 5am to 4pm

Napoli Mercato, Harrisdale, open from 8am to 5pm

Cioccolato Espresso, Applecross, open from 7am to 2pm

Me Me Joans, East Fremantle, open from 6am to 2pm

That Little Cafe, Fremantle, open from 5am to 11am

Timber Cafe, Harrisdale, open from 7am to 2am

Mod Cafe, Fremantle, open from 7am to 2pm

George Street Cafe, East Fremantle, open from 6:30am to 12pm

Bathers Beach House, Fremantle, open 11am until late (no alcohol service)

Benny's, Fremantle, open 6:30am until late


Syd and Phyllis, Midland, open from 7:30am to 12pm

Kinky Swell, Scarborough, open from 6am to 2pm

Doric Street Cafe , Scarborough, open 6:30am until 4pm

Island Market, Trigg, open 8am until 9:30pm

Canteen, Trigg, open 6:30am until 8pm  

Voyage Kitchen, Sorrento, open 6:30am until 5pm

Tropico, North Beach, open 6am until 4pm

Yelo, Trigg Beach, Mount Hawthorn and Subiaco, open 6:00am until 6pm

Thinking about heading to a dawn service before breakfast? Here are some of the best.

Surfing Lizard | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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