5 Whacky And Wonderful Martinis You Didn't Know Existed On The Coast

By Claire Plush
9th Apr 2016

We put out, you react, we take note, and to say you went a little cray cray when we spoke espresso martinis is the understatement of the month.

So, with the knowledge that you guys are huge martini fans (or coffee fans, but let’s go with martinis for the sake of this article), we took it upon ourselves to bring you the lowdown on a handful of martinis you have no idea existed at the best bars on the Sunshine Coast.

To satisfy your ever-morphing tastebuds, here’s the martini files 2.0—the whacky and wonderful.

Sticky Date Espresso Martini | Dirty Moes

So you like your caramel, and your espresso, and your martinis? Well, you’re going to froth over Dirty Moes Sticky Date Espresso Martini (pictured). We’re not even kidding. We took the plunge and ordered one with a plate beef brisket. But that was a big mistake. ‘Cause this cocktail, in our eyes, needs your complete attention. If we did it again (which we totally will), we’d reserve this baby for dessert/s.

Tokyo Sour Martini | The Piano Bar

Did you know you can go to Tokyo in the form of a martini? Neither did we. But it’s possible at The Piano Bar with their lip-smacking Tokyo Sour Martini. Pulling the sweet but sour card, if you like your martinis with a bit of zing this could be your match made in martini heaven. For us, here at Metropolist HQ, anything made on our fave green liquid, Midori, is so irresistible that we’d never have the strength to say no. Pair that with Paraiso, fresh lemon, lychees, and house-made vanilla sugar syrup, and that, my friends, is what we’re talking ‘bout. Oh, and FYI, these guys have a martini station making it our pick as one of the best bars on the Sunshine Coast.

Once You Pop | Lot 104

Let’s start with a disclaimer: we haven’t actually tried this fun-lovin’ (you’ll see why soon) cocktail from Lot 104 yet, but we’re too intrigued not to share. Served martini-style, when else are you going to get away with sipping on a cocktail sprinkled with 100s and 1000s? A mix of strawberry bubblegum vodka, strawberry liqueur, butterscotch schnapps, lychees, lemon, and more strawberries, this is THE drink for a girly ladies’ night.

Aphrodite’s Tonic | Elixiba

A martini-style cocktail for loverrrs? We’ll take four one. Yep, you heard right, this herbal combination could very well turn you into a sex god/goddess for a night. You have been warned! A magical potion of vanilla-infused gluten-free vodka, rose, cardamom, rose water, and lemon juice, you’re pretty much doing your health and love-life a favour by downing this drink. Only available from one of the best bars on the Sunshine Coast, Elixiba.

Choc Mint Espresso Martini | Bistro C

Alright, so we’re already back at the espresso martini (#sorrynotsorry), but this epically balanced after-dinner cocktail from Bistro C, is one of the tastiest goin’ round. And seeing as there’s no espresso martini round two coming anytime soon, we figured you wouldn’t mind if we slide this baby in. I mean, it does have chocolate AND mint thrown in there, so you know, it’s definitely going to be batting above the regular espresso martini. Deeeeelish!

Do you know of a crazy martini being served at one of the best bars on the Sunshine Coast? Let us know!

Image Credit: Daniel Hine for Metropolist

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