9 Of The Best Korean BBQ Restaurants In Sydney

By Phoebe McRae
17th Jul 2017

Sydney's Best Korean BBQ

If Korean BBQ isn’t your go-to for a meaty group feast, we don’t know what is (like seriously, can you tell us what else it could possibly be?). Always affordable, and forever flavoursome, Korea’s version of a BBQ is almost as good as the ol’ shrimp on the barbie, and sometimes — it’s even better.

For all those sceptics (and lovers) out there we’ve found 8 of the best Korean BBQ restaurants in Sydney so now you can get your meaty feast on with ASAP.



Tucked away down a lane just off Pitt Street, you can smell Madang before you can see it. This oh-so popular Korean haunt might have a long line, but as you can probably tell from the smell, it’s well worth the wait. The meat is barbequed to absolute perfection and the banchan (complimentary side dishes) are just as delicious. Don’t go home without trying the seafood pancake.

678 Korean BBQ


678 is THE king of the banchan. If your favourite part of Korean BBQ is the side dishes, 678 was created just for you. With countless sides (at least ten, we swear!), meat has never tasted so good. Order one of everything. Because the more mains you get, the more banchan you get, see what we did there?



If you haven’t heard of Danjee, you’re 100% not a true Korean BBQ fan. Sorry. This smoky place is a cut above the rest and defs one of Sydney's best Korean BBQ joints. Whether you order the duck, the octopus or the classic beef ribs, you’re in for an authentic Korean feast. And now that you’ve discovered it you will forever go down in folklore amongst your mates (or maybe they’ll just invite you to eat with them).

Jonga Jip


Jonga Jip in Eastwood is one Korean BBQ restaurant worth travelling for. Like all good Korean restaurants, this one is based entirely on the concept of DIY. The meats, (soaked in flavour), are served ready for you to cook at your own table with your crew. The kimchi (aka fermented vegetables) has got to be one of the (many) things that keep bringing the regulars back time and time again. Do we have to mention that they do free refills? Because they do those too.



The team at Arisun do the hard work for you, serving delectable barbequed dishes directly from the kitchen to your table so you can sit back, relax and devour the food. Not your traditional Korean BBQ restaurant, they also serve draft beer and some of the best Korean fried chicken in town.



Hidden in an alleyway in Sydney’s CBD, you’ll find Jumak, serving modern Korean food that’s full of authentic flavour. The BBQ meats and seafood are worth lining up for, but the beef bibimbap is an absolute must. Come hungry.

Se Jong Korean BBQ Buffet


The all you can eat Korean BBQ buffet at Se Jong should be on everyone’s Sydney Korean BBQ bucket list. Have one, or have all of the meats, and about twenty different banchan (who’s counting?) then go back for more, just make sure you’re wearing your stretchy pants because no banchan should ever be left behind.

Dae Jang Kum Korean BBQ Restaurant


Helpfully abbreviated to DJK, this Campsie restaurant offers a little buffet twist on Korean BBQ. At $32 per person, it’s fantastic value for money considering that the spread extends all the way down one side of the restaurant. And if that wasn’t enough Korean delight for you, you can also order off the menu with over 150 meals to choose from. Hot tip: bring your stretchy pants cause you’re really gonna want to let loose at this place. 

BBQ City 


With its lively ambience, army of staff and mouth-watering Korean fare, BBQ City guarantees an entertaining night out (and one that will certainly leave you sweating!) The food comes chilli-laden, from the seasonal banchan to the array of hot pots; the tantalising flavours will keep you coming back for more.

Got room for dessert? THIS is for you.

Image credit: Elle Borgward

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