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11 Of The Best Escape Rooms In Sydney

By Antonia Minutolo
11th Jul 2019

There’s just something so bloody exciting about being locked in a room, forced to solve your way out. 

From the 80s to the Middle Ages and World War II, these escape rooms are set in every period and every alternate universe you can think of.

Here's every escape room worth hitting up in Sydney.

The Lock-In

Surry Hills

The Lock-In is an immersive theatre and escape room experience from Curious Cartel, complete with Captain Morgan cocktails and 80s beats. You’ll walk into an eerie small town Indiana in the year of 1988 and weird things are going on at a top-secret government facility and locals have been disappearing with no explanation. No pressure but you’ll have to try your damn hardest to solve the mystery and save the day. 

Next Level


One of the MVP’s of escape rooms in Sydney, Next Level features two escape rooms. For all the book nerds out there (guilty), the "Ex Libris" room merges real life with fiction with a whole bunch of literary-based puzzles…so who’s the Hermione Granger in your group? For a more intense escape mission, try to solve the Artefact—an alien artefact no less. Both are 75 minutes and if you finish before your time is up, there’s a whole bunch of puzzles to keep you entertained.

The Cipher Room


Race against time, test your mind, teamwork and instincts in Newtown’s dark and chilling escape rooms at The Cipher. While "The Marlowe Hotel" and "Espionage" require you to discover secrets set in the early 1900s, it’s really the ‘The Cabin’ that’ll have you creeped to the core and dying (pun totally intended) to solve the serial killer case. 

The Enigma Room


Can you save the memories of a mysterious woman in a coma? How about saving the world from a missile on the moon? From an Inception-style room to an espionage mission, The Engima Room caters for all escape junkies, and boy is it a wild ride. With dynamic puzzles that’ll leave you completely on edge, these are some of the creme de la crem of escape rooms. 

CT Adventure Escape Room


With one of CT Adventure’s rooms, "The Witch", having a measly 10% success rate, you know you’re in for a treat. This one sports a super creepy and eerie atmosphere, and is set in Europe in the Middle Ages—so yep, "The Witch" is perfect for all of you escape room pros. For those less experienced, this joint offers two other rooms as well that aren’t as scary but are just as challenging. 

Paniq Room

The Rocks

Don’t panic…or do, because boy are these escape rooms not for the faint-hearted. Do you fancy finding yourself handcuffed and locked in a prison cell in an abandoned military bunker or at the hands of a mind-manipulating magician? Each of the three rooms serve up a bunch of puzzles, but with just 60 minutes on the clock. Will you escape?

Second Telling Missions


For all those history buffs, these escape rooms will transport you back to Nazi Germany in WWII. As accomplices of the White Rose resistance group, both escape rooms will have you on edge and simultaneously changing the course of history. Live actors add a whole other extreme factor to the missions, testing your strength of mind, teamwork—you’ll have to think outside of the box with this one. 

ParaPark Sydney

Macquarie Park

Where paranormal becomes normal, ParaPark is northwest Sydney’s escape room and it’s only for those brave enough to overcome spirits—and murderers. As part of a global puzzle network starting in Budapest, you’ll have to work your way through dozens of elaborate and straight up confusing puzzles to find your way out. There are two different rooms to choose from, both giving you just 60 minutes to escape.   


Darling Harbour

Located inside Strike Bowling at Darling Harbour, once you enter one of Escapism’s three rooms, any feeling of comfort and glee normally associated with bowling disappears. The pressure is ON. The Red Manor room is infamous for blindfolding all participants and putting them in a tight, dark room, and this is before the clock even starts. If you’re just not ballsy enough for that kind of start, the Garden and Casino Heist rooms are sure to challenge you just as much (in a slightly less terrifying way).  

Mission Sydney


You’ll be spoilt for choice at Mission, with four escape room themes to choose from (this is NOT the place for indecisive people). Whether you’re down for some family kidnapping, a mysterious crystal mine, human doctor experiment or the infamous vampire castle, something here will be your cup of tea. Unlike regular escape rooms, these are less about keys and more about lasers and mechanical automation. 

Break The Code


In the heart of Chinatown, you'll find Break The Code, where you'll be scratching your noggin more times than in any other place. With riddles, detective games and mysteries that are in desperate need of solving within 60 minutes, bring the best and brightest of your friends to help you out of this room. All the rooms are themed: Indiana Jones and Da Vinci Code are all on the bill and maybe, you'll happen across an Avatar quest.

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Image credit: Timo Wagner.

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