Sydney’s Best Korean Fried Chicken Restaurants

By Sophia Fukunishi
23rd Feb 2018


There are few greater combinations in this world than fried chicken and beer. The Koreans have this down to a fine art and we have not-so-reluctantly tried our fair share of battered and double deep-fried bird to find you Sydney's best Korean fried chicken. You're welcome.



This 23-year-old restaurant is famous for their Korean fried chicken (or KFC). With your choice of Sun's original fried chicken, Sun's fried chicken with soy sauce, and Sun's sweet and spicy fried chicken, we suggest you choose a few varieties and wash it all down with a tower of beer. Yes, a TOWER of beer.

Red Pepper Bistro


Fried chicken enthusiasts swear by this unassuming bistro in Strathfield Sports Club. There are over 11 kinds of juicy, juicy fried chicken on the menu, so prepare to enter flavour country.


Potts Point

So this Korean restaurant in Potts Point is a little bit fancy, but don't think they're going to skip the Korean fried chicken. The TKFC (named after chef Tae Kyu Lee) is covered in a thick and spicy BBQ sauce that gets us deliciously messy every time.

Mad Fo' Chicks


Firstly, let's all take a moment to admire the name of this restaurant. Okay, now let's talk chicken. These come in smaller one-man bowls and you can choose between original and marinated with your chosen level of spice (mild, hot, and mad-hot). Grab a potato tornado as well, which is 50cm of potato swirled on a stick and sprinkled with chicken salt, and call it a day.



The only store in Australia of this popular Korean restaurant chain serves up darn good fried chicken. Order the whole bird fried and chopped up for you or opt for a plate of just drumsticks. There's beer too, of course. So order one, two, or a whole 1.8L to accompany your meal. 

Devon Café

North Sydney

Devon Café isn't quite like the other Sydney restaurants on this list. It's not a Korean restaurant and it doesn't have many varieties to choose from. But, it does have a Korean fried chicken, served with pickles and kim chi mayo on the side. They're crispy, delicious, and will leave you wanting more.

The Sparrow's Mill


A relative newcomer to the Korean fried chicken scene in Sydney, The Sparrow's Mill is already hugely popular. Here there are 12 kinds of KFC on offer including the unique snow cheese chicken that's dusted with cheese powder. Sounds odd, but it's strangely addictive.

Jeans Chilli Chicken


Located in Eastwood Hotel, this place serves up both your typical Sydney pub grub as well as some damn good Korean food. The signature Jeans chilli chicken can be quite spicy for those unaccustomed to a bit of heat. For something a little less spicy, go for the chicken and cheese with melted cheese on top!

Paper Bird

Potts Point

Potts Point’s Asian fusion Mecca, Paper Bird, not only has a killer ranger of sake, but they also serve up some mean fried chicken. Get your hands on the good stuff for breakfast, dripping in sausage gravy with biscuits, or head down for lunch and grab a share plate with soy and sticky syrup. Either way you will be 100% satisfied and ready for round two.


Macquarie Centre

One of South Korea’s most loved fried chicken chains has headed down under to give us allll the crispy goodness we have been missing out on for so long. The Australian franchise of the Korean institution will keep everything as authentic as possible, with all of those damn tasty sauces coming direct from Korea. Say goodbye to the old faithful ‘dirty bird’ NeNe is in town now, and we thank you.

Chicken Institute

Surry Hills

Inspired by Korean casual dining, their ‘Damn Good’ fried chicken is just that. At Chicken Institute it’s all about sharing, which you may not want to do after your first bite of their tender, juicy pieces o’ chook. You can even get your mitts on some kimchi to go along side your chicken, or maybe you are feeling a little adventurous, then go for the kimchi poutine, you will regret nothing.

Danjee Korean BBQ Restaurant


You need to get here ASAP if you’re after some seriously authentic Korean eats. The team at Danjee offer their Korean fried chicken five ways; traditional, boneless, sweet and spicy, garlic or Noonkkot, which is where the chicken is tossed in a special cheese powder. We are very intrigued, and also craving Danjee’s crunchy pieces of heaven on earth. Need we say anymore?

Seoul Orizin


All hail fried chicken. Seoul Orizin is the place to head if you want an easy feed of golden, crispy Korean fried chicken right in the heart of Sydney. The batter on these bad boys is something you can only dream about, and it pretty much guarantees the perfect crunch every. Single. Time. We’re salivating just thinking about it. Quit playin’ around and get yourself down to Seoul Orizin NOW. 

Looking for Korean BBQ restaurants in Sydney? Head here.

Paper Bird | Image credit: Caitlin Hicks

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