7 Of The Best Hikes In Bali Everyone Needs To Hit

By Sophia Richardson
6th Nov 2022

While most Balinese getaways entail laying on a banana lounge next to a pool and not moving for a week, we reckon your next trip to Bali should include at least one of these epic hikes and treks.

With seriously incredible views of waterfalls, rainforests and lakes, it’s pretty damn likely that you’ll be ‘Gramming, more than you’re actually hiking, but hey, you do you.

Australian travellers can visit Bali without having to quarantine if your double vaxxed and have tested negative on a PCR test before your flight. Visa prices have also dropped from $329AUD to $47AUD so…it’s only onward and upward from here.

With that said, it’s time to chuck on your joggers and get walking, some of Bali’s most spectacular spots are waiting.

The Best Hikes In West Bali

West Bali National Park

The treks found in the West Bali National Park are somewhat out of the way, but definitely worth checking out. The mountainous forest is home to heaps of wild animals including iguanas, snakes, deer and over 300 bird species. If you’re not in any rush, it’s recommended to do the seven-hour hike through the entire park, finishing off your day with a snorkel and swim just off the coast.

Time taken: 1 to 2 hours or 7 hours
Grade: Moderate

bali walks and hikes

The Best Hikes In Gitgit

Twin Lakes Jungle Trek

You can walk around Bali’s twin lakes in a four-hour trek that’s guaranteed to have you working up a big old sweat in no time. You’ll pass temples, some awesome lake views, as well as hike through the protected jungle which is oh-so Instagram worthy.

Time taken: 4 hours
Grade: Moderate

Banyumala Twin Waterfalls

While this walk is only a 20-minute descent, it can be covered with puddles, slippery surfaces and large rocks. These twin waterfalls are in Singaraja and are picture perfect, and have a gorgeous swimming area, which after the short walk down to the pools in Bali’s tropical heat are more than ideal. There’s quite a steep 4 to 5km drive to the waterfalls, so wear proper shoes, and trust us that it’s definitely worth it.

Time taken: 20-minute trek down to pool
Grade: Easy

The Best Hikes In East Bali

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek

Don’t be put off by the fact you’ll need to leave your hotel at around 1.30am in order to see the incredible sunrise on Mount Batur. This trek will see you walking up the ancient volcano complete with headtorch, but the sunrise over Bali makes it all worthwhile.

Time taken: 3 plus hours one way
Grade: Moderate to difficult (but oh-so worth it)

The Best Hikes In Candidasa

Guugan Hill

This moderate trek will take you hiking past lotus ponds and up to a temple, offering you pretty insane views of Bali along the way. The trek isn’t too long at all, but be prepared to walk up heaps of stairs. Easy solution? Just keep those booty goals in mind as you power it up those stairs.

Time taken: 1.5 hours one way
Grade: Easy to moderate

Candidasa Day Trek

If you’re up for a whole day of light to moderate trekking, check out the hills of Candidasa. It is recommended that you find a guide at your hotel (or along the way, you’re sure to find lots of friendly locals) since the paths can get a bit confusing. The trek starts and finishes in the village of Tenganan, with views of lagoons, beaches, rice fields and rainforests to keep you motivated.

Time taken: Whole day
Grade: Moderate

Bali walks and hikes

The Best Hikes In Ubud

Campuhan Ridge Walk

This easy walk isn’t technically a hike, but no one needs to know this when they see your vacay snaps of breathtaking green hills in Ubud. At the top of the ridge you can even indulge in a chilled fresh coconut; and let’s be real, an icy drink at the end of a walk is the real reason we do any sort of physical activity anyway.

Time taken: 1 hour round trip
Grade: Easy

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Image credit: Dan the Drone and Roman Raizen

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