Treat Your Bae On A Budget With These Simple Romance Hacks

By Emma Edwards
8th Feb 2021

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You’re either bang into V-day (read: sprinkles on everything and roses galore) or you’re not (read: nightmares about high school and a zero-tolerance policy for anything heart shaped)—no judgement here either way. But if you do love a bit of February cringing, we can guarantee this guide will have you romancing your bae on a budget. *hums Love Don’t Cost A Thing*

Valentine’s Gifts On A Budget

Show bae you care this V-day with a budget Valentine’s gift that packs a punch on lurve without packing a punch to your bank balance.

The best way to save money on Valentine’s gifts is to dig into your partner’s love language.

Not familiar?

The five love languages were developed by Gary Chapman and speak to the various different ways we each give and receive love. The five are: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. Have a think about which your partner is or get them to take the quiz!

Once you know their love language, you can tailor a Valentine’s Day gift to them!

Do they love words of affirmation? A jar containing notes with all the things you love about them would go a long way! Fan of physical touch? Grab your essential oils and treat them to a massage. Acts of service more their thing? Try breakfast in bed, or running them a luxurious bath, or cleaning the kitchen. Those whose love language is receiving gifts may give you a slightly harder time, though, but you might be able to woo them with some of our budget Valentine’s date ideas below—which are also spot on for those who value quality time.

Valentine’s Dates On A Budget

If you want to celebrate the day of love without breaking the bank these low-cost V-day dates will have your heart racing.

Home Cooked Restaurant Meal

Set the table restaurant style, make your own menu online and have them leave the house and come back in as though they’re arriving at a real date.

At Home Dance Class

Love to laugh and try new things with your partner? Find a fun and free salsa dance lesson on YouTube, whip up a Spanish feast, and transport yourselves to a virtual European holiday where lockdowns are a distant memory.

Old School Movie Night

Remember when movie nights were all about choosing a video at Blockbuster and begging your Mum to buy you popcorn and lollies? Recreate the fun of the days before on-demand movies and download something that’s not available on your usual streaming services. iTunes, Amazon and Apple TV have thousands of titles, and you can head to the supermarket and buy as many sweet treats as you like. Sometimes being a grown-up RULES.

Get To Know Each Other Better

Ditch the devices and spend the evening having conversations you’ve never had before – with a glass of vino, obviously. Try the psychologist-approved 36 Questions to Fall in Love, or grab yourself a deck of Reflex cards, containing tons of questions you actually want to answer.

Feeling the love yet? These Valentine’s Day cannabis gins might help.

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Emma is a finance blogger at The Broke Generation and a reformed spendaholic. She shares hot tips on saving, property, tax, career and investing for millennials who want to break the spending cycle and get financially confident.

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