Things To Do In Auckland When It’s Raining

By Natasha Van Der Laan - 23 May 2016

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Ahh Auckland weather, you sure love to throw us some curve balls. One moment it’s all sunshine and happiness and then—plot twist!—torrential rain. This tends to happen on the days we leave the house in a summer frock. Auckland 1, us 0. 

But don’t let the rain dampen your mood (pun absolutely intended). There are still plenty of things to do when the heavens part. We’ve rounded up 50 things to do on a rainy day in Auckland—and no, mindlessly watching infomercials isn’t one of them.

1. Bake all the things.

2. Eat all the things.

3. New Year’s resolution to read more? Now’s your chance.

4. Jump up, jump up and get down at one of Auckland’s numerous indoor trampoline parks. Jump around.

5. Watch Netflix until it thinks you’ve fallen asleep.

6. Wait for the storm to pass at these cosy cafes. They have all the comforts: books, cosy arm chairs and delicious chai.

7. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t go camping. Pitch your tent in the lounge.

8. Do an Insanity video workout. It is what it says it is: insane.

9. Otherwise there’s yoga.

10. Clear out your wardrobe. Donate your unwanted threads to your local op-shop. Karma, come at you!

11. Listen to “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” on repeat. Alternate with “It’s Raining Men”.

12. Then make a dance routine. 

13. Indoor glow-in-the-dark mini golf is a thing, you know. Check out Gloputt.

14. Get your nails did.

15. Get a massage.

16. Heck, book yourself in for a day spa #treatyoself.

17. Go for a soak at Waiwera Thermal Resort. It might seem crazy to spend the day outside but you’re gonna get wet anyway so it’s no big deal. 

18. Put the colouring-in book you got for Christmas into use.

19. Do a cooking class at Sachie’s Kitchen and fast track to becoming a MasterChef.

20. Check out the latest exhibition at the Auckland Art Gallery.

21. Or venture further afield to the Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery

22. Play Monopoly with your flatties.

23. Make peace again after playing Monopoly with your flatties.

24. Let the rain drive you up the walls at Extreme Edge rock climbing.

25. Spend the day “watching DVDs” with bae. Interpret as you please.

26. Shelter from the weather at Conch Records. Eat a ridic amount of tacos.

27. Dig out your craft box and scrapbook your summer adventures.

28. Re-watch Breaking Bad.

29. Play countless games of pool at Ponsonby Pool Hall. The beers are super cheap here—how convenient. 

30. Nothing taste better on a rainy day than big ol’ bowl of ramen. Slurp your way to happiness at Ramen Takara.

31. Seek comfort food from Little & Friday.

32. Build a blanket fort. BYO pizza.

33. The coffee is delicious AND adorable at Petit Bocal. Pop in to find out what we’re on about.

34. Chanel your inner Greg Murphy at Formula E indoor karts.

35. Write a letter to your nan.

36. Catch a flick at The Bridgeway.

37. Afterwards cosy up at Stafford Road Wine Bar.

38. Rewatch every film starring Mary-Kate and Ashley.

39. Grab yourself a pizza and play board games at The Lumsden.

40. Burger Burger serve up the best burgers in Auckland—rain, hail or shine!

41. Warm up with a deconstructed hot chocolate from Cornwall Park Café. It’s comforting and interactive.

42. Knock ‘em down at ten-pin bowling.

43. Mosey through Hard To Find bookstore for a couple of hours. Re-fuel at Onehunga Cafe.

44. Polish your souvenir spoons and organise your stamp collection.

45. Visit Mum and see if you can con her in to making a roast.

46. …And pudding, of course.

47. Light the fire, don your bikini and drink pina coladas on the couch. 

48. Play games at TimeZone until you can actually buy something cool with your tokens.

49. Recreate Game of Thrones’ sets with Lego. 

50. Become one with the weather and find some puddles to jump in.

Hunker down and get dinner delivered. Check out Where To Find Auckland’s Best Food Delivery.

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