All The South Bank Restaurants You Need To Check Out Right Now

By Morag Grealy
10th May 2017


South Bank restaurants are really having a moment right now. Up until about a year or so ago, when we thought of South Bank we pictured (a lot of) tourists, Expo 88 and maybe the odd Brisbane restaurant or two.

Yet somehow, South Bank has become cool again (like, really, really cool) and now not only boasts million dollar views of our city’s ever-evolving skyline, but one of Brisbane’s best restaurant line-ups. Who’d have thunk it?

From top-notch seafood on the river, to the best Italian this side of the Mediterranean, to fine dining at GOMA, we've put together your go-to hit list of the best South Bank restaurants.

It’ll make you forget that Expo was once the main attraction…

Junk Boat

With its playful mix of Japanese, Cantonese, Thai and Korean dishes, Junk Boat is everything you want in an Asian street-style restaurant. Big, and unapologetic. With award-winning chef Tony Kelly behind the scenes, this causal eatery far outweighs its humble offerings. Food at Junk is fresh, creative and, oh yeah, freaking delicious!


Finally, Brisbane; we have poke! Suki’s incredibly fresh poke bowl menu is the long-awaited food trend we’ve been waiting for. Exploding onto the foodie scene in Melbourne, Sydney and even Perth (!), this healthy Hawaiian dish has been given a loving modern twist courtesy of Suki, and is just the healthy, delicious and nutritious antidote we need to Brisbane’s burger food coma

Gelato Messina

We’d totally have ice cream for dinner—just saying! Possibly the best gelato in the country (at the very least, their flavours are INSANE), South Bank was Gelato Messina’s location of choice. I mean, clearly they know a thing or two about a good thing…

Burger Project

Talking about food comas, Burger Project is clearly the exception to this rule! All hail celebrity chef-come-burger-king extraordinaire, Neil Perry, for he has brought his infamous wagyu beef burgers to South Bank. If you haven’t tried these juicy patties yet, what the hell have you been doing since they opened earlier this year? Get the classic cheese. Just, wow.

Stokehouse Q

With one of the best views going, fancy cocktails and gourmet dishes, iconic South Bank restaurant Stokehouse Q screams the perfect location for life’s more special occasions. Visiting during the daytime is a lush feast for the eyes and you may even find out why they call themselves ‘the home of the long lunch.’

Goma Restaurant

The term ‘food as art’ was made for the Goma Restaurant. Hidden inside QAGOMA itself, here you can expect artfully decorated plates that are a perfect match for the art on the walls of the Gallery of Modern Art. We’re serious though, the signature dessert is an entire plate painted in chocolate!

Julius Pizzeria

Grazie mille, Julius! You continue to bring unbelievably amazing tasting Italian to South Brisbane night after night. From burrata starters, to next-level pizza bases to al dente AF pasta dishes... There’s kinda no way you can go wrong at Julius.


Sourced Grocer’s sophisticated, fine dining, South Bank hanging cousin, Gauge is known to push the limits, serving super interesting meal concoctions like black garlic bread with brown butter, aged beetroot soaked in beef juices and blood pancake! We can assure you the risks they take in the kitchen always pay off at the dinner table, deliciously so.

The Jetty

With a name like ‘The Jetty’ it goes without saying that this is THE seafood destination to hit up in South Brisbane. Think oysters with fresh lemon and a crisp white wine—and that’s just to get you started! This is another ‘make use of this top notch view’ kind of place so you won’t be disappointed if you’re here during the sunlight hours.

Burger Project | Image credit: Hayley Williamson

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