Brisbane’s Best Yum Cha and Dim Sum

By Andrew Yap - 07 Sep 2016

Brisbane's Best yum cha

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Bamboo Basket

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Literally meaning to “drink tea”, yum cha is as rambunctious as it is refined. You expect a variety of quality Chinese teas with mouth-watering morsels of food known as dim sum to share (or not…) The ambience is a loud, hustle and bustle with waiting staff pushing steamer carts packed full of delicious dim sum—it’s all happening at the Yum Cha hall. Brisbane’s yum cha scene is tough and constantly changing, along with the food and service and it is quite difficult to keep up with which restaurants are the locals’ favourites. That's why we have done our best to bring you Brisbane’s best yum cha. Hope you’re hungry.

Landmark Restaurant


Landmark is the gold standard when it comes to service and atmosphere, boasting a huge floor space and staff moving at breakneck speeds to make sure you get food in your belly, stat. The food carts may take a little while to get to you but that’s where Landmark stands out. They offer a self-service area so you can pick and choose what they have to offer. The tea selection here is epic as well.

Haoke Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Sunnybank Hills

Haoke’s food is consistently a notch above the rest. Whilst their smaller floor space and older decor leaves a little to be desired they still have good service. Who can complain when they open till 2am every night? Try and get in early though to grab some of their Hong Kong style egg tarts which are absolutely divine. We won’t be judging if you rock up for dim sum in trackies at midnight, though, we’ll be right there with you.

Yum Cha Cuisine


While this restaurant is a part of a chain that also has stores nearby in Indooroopilly and Garden City; this one consistently seems to be better than the rest. They are usually quite busy so it is worth making a booking and simply for that reason, their food is better due to its higher turnover. Their food might be just a bit better than Landmark but they have great service which makes this place just as appealing.

BF Food Court


There used to be another highly rated yum cha place in Underwood but BF Food Court has slowly edged it out with its amazing food, so it’s well worth the trek. This is one place where you shouldn’t expect the pushed carts and atmosphere of traditional yum cha. Instead with a more casual affair, ordered dim sum dishes are made fresh. The har gow or prawn dumplings here are to die for. Just wait a little bit so you don’t burn your mouth!

Bamboo basket


Again this is not your traditional yum cha but they do offer a good variety of Southern dim sum and Northern dumplings. Bamboo Basket is a more modern restaurant with a simple sit down affair, with eye catching decor. On top of that you can see the chefs hand making the dumplings in the window! Definitely try their soup dumplings, you won’t look back.

Our tip: at traditional yum cha restaurants, you can still call waiters over to order your dim sum and they’ll fetch it direct to your table if you’re in a rush or just mega-hungry.

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Image Credit: Merivale

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