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Load Up On Dumplings At The Best Yum Cha Restaurants In Brisbane

By Erin Curtain
9th Aug 2019

Yum cha brisbane

When the mood for yum cha strikes, nothing will satisfy you until you are among the carts piled high with baskets containing all your favourite morsels. Everyone deserves to experience this absolute satisfaction, but sadly it can be tricky to weed out the dodgy yum cha serving up lukewarm, rubbery dim sum, from the greats cooking up steaming parcels of pure heaven.

Not to worry, we have done the hard yards for you and compiled a list utter gems in the Brisbane yum cha scene. Here are our top picks of the best yum cha restaurants in Brisbane.


Sunnybank and Chermside

Known for their phenomenal yum cha is Landmark Restaurant. Brisbanites come from far and wide to eat at this iconic yum cha style restaurant, known for its authenticity and utterly amazing roast duck. The tea selection is also something to write home about, so grab a bamboo basket and start eating.

7 Palace


Tucked away in Inala, this yum cha, seafood, and Chinese restaurant is well worth the drive out of the CBD. Whether you're after breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anything in between, 7 Palace is there to bring you the goods on the daily. Specialising in their seafood dishes you can order an entire fresh crab if you're a sea critter lover, and for dessert, nothing beats their classic custard tart or mango pancakes.

Bamboo Basket


Not quite your traditional yum cha but too good not to mention is Bamboo Basket. Have a seat in their restaurant with a full view of the skilled chefs cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Witness first-hand the delicate art of assembling every kind of dumpling under the sun. We recommend the soup dumplings; they are a work of art, wonder, and magic all wrapped up in a delicious parcel.

Golden Lane


Serving up what has to be every yum cha dish in the world is Golden Lane. This stylish restaurant seats 300 people, feeding everyone a fresh take on traditional Chinese food. By applying both Eastern and Western cooking techniques Golden Lane moves with the times, enhancing traditional cuisine rather than getting stuck in it. Stop by for their legendary dim sum and you won’t be disappointed.

Yum Cha Cuisine


Rocking nine locations in South-East Queensland (the closest being Carindale) is Yum Cha Cuisine. This franchise is award-winning and does yum cha right. Providing a chilled environment to relax, share food, and chow down on some quality bao, Yum Cha Cuisine never fails to bring us the best when it comes to all forms of Chinese-style bites.



To wrap up we have another Sunnybank fave, Haoke Chinese Seafood Restaurant. Though a tad small, this place is the real deal, leaving the cosmetic trimmings of other, lesser yum cha aside and focusing all their attention on the food. The offerings are traditional, tasty, and legitimately brilliant, as is the fact that they are open until 2am 7 days a week. Midnight spring rolls anyone?

King of Kings

Fortitude Valley

Lording over Chinatown Mall is a Fortitude Valley veteran, King of Kings. As one of Brisbane’s most iconic spots for yum cha, King of Kings is filled with a bustling energy unlike any other place. It has been synonymous with old-school yum cha for decades and within that time, the menu hasn’t changed much, and that’s a big part of the appeal. They’ve also got one hell of an egg-custard tart recipe. 

Taste Gallery


For something delightfully fresh, tasty and a bit different, hit up Sunnybank’s Taste Gallery. The restaurant's menu is loaded with traditional favourites and some epic vegetarian options. Try a few of their house specialties, including shallot pancakes and steamed mini pork buns—you won’t be disappointed. 

Little Red Dumpling

West End, Sunnybank, Cannon Hill and Newmarket

Combining delicious handmade dumplings and spicy street food, Little Red Dumpling is a funky eatery with a mouthwatering menu of goodies. Enjoy seriously good classic dumplings served in a dimly dining space and contemporary surrounds. The Soviet-era propaganda mural in their West End restaurant may be tongue-in-cheek, but there’s no doubt that they take their dumplings seriously. 

Brisbane Phoenix

Brisbane City

Whether you’re a yum cha regular or you’re completely new to the joys of over ordering baskets of pork xiao long bao and having to basically roll yourself home, Brisbane Phoenix will be sure to have you grabbing the chopsticks for a feast of epic proportions. A dark and moody restaurant, with a black, red and gold colour palette reflecting its Chinese origins, Brisbane Phoenix will have you lost for words at the sight of their specialties like crab xiao bao and prawn and garlic chive dumplings.   

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Image credit: Victor Mui

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