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Brain Game | Brisbane’s Best Trivia Nights

By Catherine Blake
14th Aug 2017

brisbane's best trivia nights

Amongst other things, Brisbaners are renowned for the magnitude of trivial facts at our fingertips, ask anyone. Stuff like Don Bradman’s batting average (99.94), the atomic number of Argon (18), and the capital city of Georgia (Tbilisi) are so well inducted into the common knowledge that they’re practically taught in schools.

In a town where calling halloumi Greek is an offence worthy of banishment, it’s vital that you keep your skills sharp and take full advantage of all the radical trivia nights Brisbane’s got on offer. Just make sure you bring a ‘sports guy’.

(Also, just so we’re clear, when it comes to team trivia in public places the board game principle applies: if you’re not willing to lose everything you have for the everlasting glory of winning then you’re not playing hard enough).

For your convenience and reading pleasure we’ve included some trivia tidbits below to get you pumped and excited about Brisbane's best trivia nights:

Kettle and Tin


Along with their usual offerings of cracking craft beer and shareable snacks, Kettle and Tin’s trivia puts a weekly cash jackpot at stake (just think of all the pitchers and Calippos you could buy with that extra dosh). This team trivia is super popular so any Paddi-dwellers take heed to book in advance.

When: 7pm Tuesdays
Tip: One in ten European babies is conceived in an IKEA bed. Australian statistic pending…

The Stables Craft Bar And Kitchen


In collaboration with Quiz Meisters trivia, The Stables is proud to present Wednesday night trivia to all and sundry! The drinks are quality, the prizes are quality, and the burgers and pulled pork tacos go for just $12 (ie.practically nothing). Rally some moral support and get around it, wiz kids. 

When: 7pm Wednesdays
Tip: the word 'anthology' derives from Greek and literally translates to 'a collection of flowers' as in 'that's a nice anthology of peonies you've got there Siobhan'.

Black Bear Lodge

Fortitude Valley

They don’t always host trivia at Black Bear Lodge, but when they do it’s themed. Past topics have included the Simpsons, Tarantino Films, Harry Potter, Kath and Kim, Star Wars and Seinfeld, which all together look suspiciously like my Netflix queue… Keep tabs on Black Bear Lodge’s Facebook events page for details on their next trivial bloodbath.

Tip: May 29 is official Put A Pillow In Your Fridge Day. Don’t ask.

Plum Tucker

Red Hill

Wednesday trivia at Plum Tucker is a wonderful way to break up the week and gives us something to live for. Come down for drinks, banter and some nifty facts that sure as hell beat a XXXX bottle cap. Bookings are essential so make sure you call ahead. 

When: from 5.30pm Wednesdays, questions start at 7pm
Tip: Saint Christopher lost his sainthood in 1969, so I’d get that travel insurance.  

Shady Palms

Stones Corner

Trivia is nothing without the incentives. Shady Palms knows what’s up, they’ve conveniently scheduled their trivia on the same day as their chicken and beer deal; the only day of the week when you can get five wings and a pot of Tiger for $10, or splash out and get ten wings and a pot of Tiger for $18. Frothing.

When: 6.30pm Wednesdays 
Tip: The chemical reaction that turns toast brown is called a Maillard reaction.

Archive Beer Boutique

West End

If you were expecting a quiet, low stakes evening move right along because Archive’s trivia is for hardcore ballers. There’s plenty of feasting, drinking and merry-making fo sho but the chance of taking home the brimming jackpot is enough to make you redeem that subscription to Encyclopedia Brittannica.

When: 7pm Tuesdays
Tip: Lady Randolph Churchill, Winston Churchill's mother, had a tattoo of a snake on her wrist #classicslytherin.

The Brightside

Fortitude Valley

Better known as a muso haunt, The Brightside stops its tracks every Thursday for a fact-flinging trip around the world of general knowledge. The speakers turn up after the final round though so make sure you stick around for a rumpus and some Lucky Egg.

When: 6.30pm Thursdays
Tip: Between 1900 and 1920 the tug-of-war was an Olympic event. Tragically, captain ball has never been included in the Olympic schedule.

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Image credit: Zimbio

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