Brisbane’s Best Yum Cha

By Kate McCart
29th May 2012

Past experiences may conjure up negative feelings towards the phrase 'Yum Cha'…The greasy offerings, stale bits of food lingering in the carpet and god knows what kind of workplace health and safety is being practiced behind those kitchen doors.  

If you've given up all hope on finding a descent yum cha in Brisbane, think again. We've put together a short-list of Brisbane's best spots to feast on some mid-morning Chinese. After all, the 11 o'clock brunch is a fabulous way to kick off a weekend, or cure an awful night-before hangover. 

King of Kings | Fortitude Valley
With a number to choose from, King of Kings is the pick amongst The Valley's yum cha fare. Think dumplings, spring rolls, steamed buns, Asian greens, barbequed meats, and like it or not the odd plate of chicken feet or tripe. For lovers of calamari, they serve up the crispiest, most delicious deep-fried squid. Drown it in soy and chilli sauce for the ultimate flavour sensation.
Where: King of Kings | 173/175 Wickham Street in Fortitude Valley
Contact: 3852 1889

Landmark | Sunnybank
Open since 1995, and still having to fight your way through the line of people streaming down the shopping centre isle for a table says it all. This-place-is-the-best. A traditional yum cha in Sunnybank Plaza, it is a favourite amongst locals. Serving a smorgasbord of Chinese cuisine whisked around on stainless steal trollies, their roast crispy skin duck is superb. 
Where: Landmark | Sunnybank Plaza Shopping Centre on Mains Road in Sunnybank
Contact: 07 3344 3288

Marigold Seafood Restaurant | Sunnybank 
If you can handle a crowd, a bit of noise, and have a craving for authentic yum cha, Marigold delivers. The family-run restaurant is over 16 years-old and has continued to see people flock from all over Brisbane to choose their favourite nibbles from the bamboo steamers. Specialising in seafood, hence the name, their steamed prawn and corn dumplings are amongst one of our favourites. Not to mention, their salt and pepper tofu and blanched green beans with seasame. 
Where: Marigold Seafood Restaurant | Market Square Shopping Centre on Mains Road in Sunnybank
Contact: 07 3344 7822

Bamboo Basket | South Bank
Although becoming somewhat 'trendy', it's often seen as unusual behavior to have an open kitchen, let alone in a Chinese restaurant. At Bamboo Basket it is the skills of the chefs, rolling noodles and pancakes, folding dumplings and packing them into small bamboo baskets that give the restaurant its name. With fresh dumplings made right before your eyes, they are famous for their Xiao Long Bao, or soup dumplings. Defying logic, with silky pastry that is paper thin, they somehow hold the soup and chicken inside. Dressed with a fine julienne of raw ginger and a splash of vinegar they are absolutely to die for.
Where: Bamboo Basket |189 Grey Street in South Bank
Contact: 07 3844 0088

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