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Brisbane’s Leading Wine Slingers Explain Natural Wine In 15 Words Or Less

By Georgia Condon
1st Mar 2022

Two glasses of light red natural wine on a bar table with a platter of snacks.

Often described in terms including “barnyard”, “wet dog”, and “funky”, it’s almost a wonder that natural wine can boast so many fans (and seriously dedicated ones, at that). But what exactly is natural wine, anyway?

To clear up some of the mystery, we asked Brisbane’s leading wine professionals to explain natural wine in 15 words or fewer, and here’s what they had to offer.

Rani Parish | Group Sommelier, Agnes, Honto, Same Same and Bianca

Thoughtfully farmed by (nice) people who are environmentally aware and crafted without commercial manipulations.

Dave Cush | Winemaker & Co-Founder, City Winery

Moreso than any other category, natural wines range from faulty to wonderful.

Andrea Contin | Owner & Importer, La Lupa Restaurant & Sat Artisan Wines

Natural wines taste like the grapes they are made from and the place where they are grown.

A bartender pouring glasses of white wine.

Ryan Butler | General Manager, Butler Wine Bar (Opening Soon)

Minimal intervention, sustainable, biodynamic. Lo-fi, funky, eccentric, enigmatic. Anything, nothing. Choose your own adventure.

Matt Lucas | Owner, The Old Seven

Marketing jargon to make people that know nothing about wine feel better about themselves.

Aleks Balodis | Owner & Sommelier, Siffredi’s

Making wine like we used to before industrial agriculture was a thing.

Mark Whitaker | Owner And Sommelier, Wine & Larder

Honest, daring, conscientious, ambitious, controversial, divisive, hipster, [polemical], can be mousey, can be delicious.

Chris Siktars | Chef & Owner, Honour Ave Wine Bar & Bistro

[Natty wine] is made from grapes grown organically and with no intervention during the wine making process.

Andrea Gatti | Director, Rosmarino Ristorante & Wine Bar

Natural wine can be good or not, but surely it is always expensive.

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Image credit: La Lupa Restaurant

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