New Openings In Brisbane We’re Excited About This Month

By Catherine Blake
28th Apr 2017


Autumn is hotting up with more new openings in Brisbane than you can shake your wallet at. Usually, it's a weird season not least because it lasts all of about three weeks between summer’s oppressive humidity and the chill of a 14-degree tropical winter, so now's an opportune time to check out all of Brisbane's newness. Fortunately, thanks to a recent boom there’s no shortage of new places to check out, so get to it!

Scroll for all the fresh, new openings we’ll be seeking out this month in Brisbane.


South Brisbane

Suki is a new opening in Brisbane whose whole shtick is a choose-your-own-adventure combining Japanese food with Mexican plating. The concept is as simple as it is ingenious. Their menu lets you customise every aspect of your meal so fear of getting bored with a menu is completely done away with. Choose everything from the base to the protein, add a garnish and presto, lunch is served. It’s fresh, it’s hip and it’s happening right now.

Lonely Boy

Spring Hill

New cafés are what we’re all about so Spring Hill’s highly anticipated Lonely Boy is already blipping on our morning radar. From the brains that brought us Shady Palms, Lonely Boy promises outstanding sangas for breakfast and lunch as well as delivery dinners. Oh, and coffee. Don’t forget about the coffee.

La Lune

South Brisbane

The second venture from Paul McGivern of The Wolfe fame, La Lune has glittered onto the Fish Lane set as the perfect start to you night. Billed as a French wine bar-come-charcuterie den, McGivern’s vision is a worn, intimate space for patrons to interact with the chefs and sommeliers. Naturally, the relationship wine and food is king so La Lune has designed their menu to complement the killer wine list.

Electric Avenue


Pop quiz: what do you get when you take the crew from the Canvas and the chef from Sourced Grocer, put them in the Woolloongabba antiquing precinct to an 80s funk soundtrack? The multi-levelled good-time-brawl, Electric Avenue. Taking over the bones of the Crosstown Eating House, this exciting new venture features contemporary dining and an eeeeever so slightly secret upstairs whisky bar, Jack Rabbits.

Big Roddy’s Rippin’ Rib Shack

South Brisbane

For anyone thinking that Fish Lane was missing the hearty flavours of proper American BBQ, Big Roddy’s is here to help. Their menu is a soulful agenda of succulent ribs, hot wings, fries and shakes with some mind-bending innovation like ribwiches and mac ‘n cheese stuffed jalapeño poppers (!). And no, it’s nothing like the stuff you see in movies. It’s so much better. 

Electric Avenue | Image credit: Hayley Williamson

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