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By Cayleh Ferguson
13th May 2018

best pilates studios on the Gold Coast

Gone are the days where Pilates was being horizontal on a mat doing infomercial style crunches for one hour, waiting, wondering and wishing for that elusive six-pack. Joseph Pilates invented this form of exercise way back in the 1920s which has now evolved into a plethora of different styles that actually make you sweat, tone and strengthen not only your mid-section, but your whole banging body, mind and soul. 
Don’t know where to start? Fear not, ‘cause we shed blood, sweat and tears (not really any blood or tears, we promise) and found you the best Pilates studios on the Gold Coast that will ensure you walk out feeling the burn!

KX Pilates


Kaizen Experience, or KX is Japanese for ‘change for the better’ therefore making the KX Pilates movement a philosophy that focuses on small and ongoing improvement in our lives. The studio in Miami is an ultra-modern space and along with incredibly friendly and vibrant instructors, it truly sets you up for a great workout experience. Only offering the reformer Pilates as a revolutionary, fast-paced, high intensity workout, it is advised to start at the beginner introduction level (where you can get five classes for $50) to get your head around the core strengthening elements of traditional Pilates with circuit, cardio and endurance training fundamentals added. Note: you may feel a little awkies trying to figure out all the bits and bobs of the reformer equipment but after a couple of sessions we think you may be hooked. Book your session here

Pilates & Co.


Offering a few different class options from beginner, intermediate and reformer to HIIT and Met Con (metabolic conditioning) this compact studio will help you on your way to a toned bod and refreshed mind in no time. Precision is a huge focus at Pilates and Co., and because of this, your workout ensures you stay incredibly mindful as you concentrate on aligning your posture, lifting your pelvic floor, keeping your spine in neutral, lengthening your limbs and the timing of your breath. Complicated much? The smiling staff are superb at talking you through each step with the goal being inner control, and complete coordination of body and mind. Located upstairs of Kira & Kira on the GC highway, the introductory offer of four sessions for $80 is one not to be missed. 

The Body Method

Tugun & Cornerstone Stores

Upon walking into the Tugun studio, you will be instantly transported to what feels like a Bali retreat, with whitewashed timber floors, a vertical garden wall, leather chairs and pouffes, the most beautiful lampshades and the ocean lapping not too far away. At The Body Method’s original studio in Tugun, the light wooden reformer carriages that you melt into (which make you forget you are actually there to workout) also contribute to the comfortable, relaxing and luxurious vibe of this place. Candis Egan, founder and owner said, “In a second you’ll be in awe, in a minute you’ll be speechless and after a session you won’t want to leave”. And she wasn’t wrong. Her recent baby, the Cornerstone Stores studio will evoke those same feelings. Offering mat Pilates, Barre Pilates and a new class called Model Fit (high intensity Pilates to upbeat music) you now have every reason to do what makes your soul happy and book a class here

The Pilates Pad

Nobby Beach & Varsity Lakes

Owner and physiotherapist Simone Sim had such a passion for Pilates she turned her very own apartment into a sophisticated boutique studio. There is even tea and coffee making facilities should you so fancy whipping up a brew. With only six reformers, it boasts an intimate setting where each session is tailored to your request with the instructors focused on helping each individual achieve their goals from injury rehabilitation, to increasing strength and stability, staying active during a pregnancy or just for overall body tone, The Pilates Pad really benefits everyone. This is the kind of space where you will form friendships and feel part of a tight-knit family. With locations in both Nobby Beach and Varsity Lakes, there will almost always be a reformer free at this, one of the best Pilates studios on the Gold Coast. 

Soul Centre


Libby Wever, the founder and owner of Soul Centre, truly believes that overall wellness is achieved by uniting the mind, body and soul through both Pilates and yoga. Soul Centre is a beautiful boutique studio where instructors have an individual approach to their teaching so as to empower you through physical and mental fitness. Offering Pilates mat classes on the daily, and weekly Pilates Barre classes, you will start to see and feel results in as little as two weeks. All mats, props, blankets, therabands, weights and balls are provided, so all you need to take along it your smiling face and body! Joining Soul Centre is like joining a tight-knit family. It’s certainly a space where like-minded people have the opportunity to connect and grow. Low impact, yet high intensity exercise that results in flexibility, fitness and a new family—sign us up! If you’re on the hunt for one of the best Pilates studios on the Gold Coast, you’ve found it!

The Wellness Boutique


The Wellness Boutique is a place that fuses rehabilitation and recreation with reformer, clinical and pre and post-natal style classes on offer in a small and personal studio. If you think the reformer carriage is intimidating with all of its contraptions, just wait until you get to do a ‚’jumping’ session. It’s kinda like bouncing on a trampoline while horizontal but with a lot more lactic acid burn. This fun filled class also incorporates resistance and body weight exercises using equipment such as bands, balls and dumb-bells to promote long, lean muscle mass. Director, physiotherapist and class instructor Danni will make sure you are doing each move correctly and with perfect form. You will forget you just did an hour of sculpting, toning and strengthening, we promise! Have a look at the timetable here and sign up for three classes for $60 to get your first taste. 

Recover Wellbeing


A combination of a holistic health and Pilates studio, Recover Wellbeing offers a tranquil space to align your body and mind. From semi-private classes which have a maximum of four people, to private one-on-one classes tailored to your individual needs, a Pilates assessment to establish your needs and measure your goals, as well as a general mat style class (with Level One and Two options). This is one of the best Pilates studios on the Gold Coast if you want to improve your wellbeing, increase the length and strength of your muscles, stabilise your joints as well as assist with balance, rehabilitation or performance. There is even a Pilates Zen class that incorporates essentials oils if you just feel like a good stretch. A truly specialised experience at Recover Wellbeing; the name says it all. Check out their timetable and services here

Ritual Yoga & Pilates

Palm Beach

Ritual is a studio you didn’t know you needed in your life. Offering over 50 classes per week, there is always availability to suit your schedule. Offering traditional mat style Pilates and the more intense Barre Pilates, your practice will be on point in no time. But don’t be fooled, this ain’t no ballet lesson. The Barre class includes quick and intense movements, tests your balance and your limits and is a fusion of cardio and strength that just equals fun. You not only leave the studio with shaking limbs, but an overall sense of body and mind awareness, while at the same time feeling energised. It will definitely spark a Pilates passion you never knew you had. If you get the bug, you can even do your teacher training at Ritual, but if you just prefer to be taught and toned, then check out their timetable here

Essence of Living

Mermaid Beach & Southport

If you want a deeper holistic and wellbeing experience, then Essence of Living just might be a new love affair. Specialising in yoga, Pilates and Barre, this studio also offers workshops such as Roll & Release (using tennis balls to release deep tension), a Journey through the Chakra system, and even a class on chair moves for better posture at your desk. Be sure to follow them on social media for all upcoming events; they are perfect to immerse yourself in on a rainy Sunday; with classes and workshops designed to ignite your vitality by breathing, bending and blossoming! Who knows, you may love it so much you will end up doing your teacher training course here! Check out their wonderful blog and timetable here

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Image credit: Hayley Williamson for The Urban List

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