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5 Awesome Things To Do In Melbourne This Week

By Grace Evans - 31 Jul 2017


The weeks are flying by and it appears we’ll be donning a Christmas sash before we know it. So what a better way to celebrate the weeks we have left than with free toasties, boozy dinners and ice cream burgers (eeeeekkk). The weather is looking pretty clear for the week ahead, so you literally have no excuse not to. Stop being boring and put a bit of spice in your weekday life.

Here are five awesome things to do in Melbourne this week.

Tuesday 1 August

Toasta Free Toasties

Toasta & Co are doing us all a massive favour and shedding us of our midweek blues with FREE TOASTIES. Toasties are already a vital food source for any Australian but chuck in the zero-dollar fee and it’s completing life changing. To celebrate their first B-Day Toasta will be putting on an absolute spread for their fellow toastie companions. But it doesn’t stop there. There’ll also be schnitty burgers and cake on offer for the extra hungry humans. These free goods will be on offer for one day only, Tuesday from 11am-2pm, be there or forever regret the tastiness of a free toastie.

Wednesday 2 August

Wine Dinner Series At Crown

Fancy a glass of the finest cab sav??? The Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Dinner is on this Wednesday from 6.30pm and if you’re into great wine and chic interior than this one is for you. Bistro Guillaume will host the event and you’ll get the chance to taste Guillaume Brahimi’s most cherished wines, highlighting the Wynn’s Coonawarra collection. Pair that with a crafted five-course dinner and you’re in for a night of very fancy-schmancy food and wine. Don’t forget to reserve your place because this one will be snatched up pretty quick. Check out more info here.

Ice Cream Burgers At Huxtaburger

Melbournians are blessed with many things and Ice Cream Burgers are really no exception. Huxtaburger is celebrating National Ice-Cream Burger Day (who knew that was a thing?) this Wednesday and there’s going to be 1-dollar ice-cream burgers on offer. 1 dollar??? You’re practically making money. This delish burger will feature a vanilla ice cream patty coated in Huxtacrunch (secret in-house crumbed biscuit recipe), drizzled with lashings of chocolate, strawberry, choc-mint, chic-orange or salted caramel sauce, jammed between a Huxta-bun. Your sweet tooth is soooo going to thank you for this one. 

Friday 4 August


Nocturnal is back on and it’s pretty much the ultimate adult party. The Melbourne Museum is being transformed after dark into an insane exhibition for us all to enjoy. There’ll be curated cocktails, delicious bites, spot talks, expert demonstrations and of course, plenty of live music. We like to think of it as the adult version of Night at the Museum without the weird chasing dinosaur. So grab your mates and your best museum shoes (do they even exist?) because it’s time to party. Book here for your early bird tix.

Dewar’s Scotch Egg Club

One of Sydney’s fave pop-up bars is arriving in Melbourne this Friday. The Dewars Scotch Egg Club is known for their weirdly brilliant combination of whisky and the desirable Scotch Egg. Now is the chance for us Melbournians to taste the world’s most awarded Whisky alongside the finely crafted scotch eggs made by head chef Mitch Orr from ACME restaurant in Sydney. The Dewar’s Scotch Egg Club will be taking over both Loch and Key and The Woods of Windsor in Melbourne to showcase their greatness. We sense this is one not to miss and it’s also a great to find out what the hell a scotch egg is.

For everything else happening in Melbourne over the coming weeks, head here.

Image credit: Huxtaburger

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