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5 Awesome Things To Do In Melbourne This Week

By Sophie Teague - 21 Dec 2015


Christmas is literally so close we can almost taste it... However, Melbourne is still moving in full swing in the lead up to the big day. This week practice your aim at Howler’s Mini Golf-O-Rama, grab a drink at Semi-Permanent on closing night, or escape into Jess Johnson’s altered reality at the NGV.

Check out our 5 awesome things to do in Melbourne this week.

Tuesday 22nd

A solar-powered concert... A what, you cry! Yes – on a five-meter high solar-powered stage Cut Copy DJs, Banoffee and Tornado Wallace (among others) will be raising money for greener, cleaner energy in Melbourne. 100% of OFFtheGRID profits will go towards funds for a renewable power plant in the city, so this particular music ticket is way too easy to justify. It’s for a good cause, after all.  

Wednesday 23rd

Do I hear the scrambling feet for last minute Christmas gifts in Melbourne? Luckily the Sorry Thanks I Love You pop-up shop is gracing the streets of Hawksburn Village for a final few days, so this is your literal one-stop shop for grandma, dad, and that picky cousin who never appreciates the things you buy him. Boasting some of the finest limited edition collections from some of the biggest local and international labels, don’t be saying Sorry Thanks I Love You ‘cause you forgot gifts this year.

Thursday 24th

This super kewl, pop-up wine bar puts drinks first and food second. That’s the type of order we like. Semi-Permanent at 92 Smith is the brainchild of award-winning sommelier duo, Liz Carey and Paul Guiney, who came up with the brilliant idea to keep Lee Ho Fook’s old restaurant spot warm before it’s due to be transformed yet again. Drop in for their last night at 92 Smith Street in Collingwood and enjoy a couple of drops from the 40-strong wine list on offer. We personally hope they keep the name, wherever they end up!

Saturday 26th 

Jess Johnson’s Wurm Haus at NGV International? We're literally tripping over ourselves to get to this exhibition. New Zealand-born and Melbourne-based artist creates a virtual reality in her newest venture - and you get to hop right inside of it. Ixian Gate is the centerpiece of the exhibition and invites visitors to don virtual reality headsets as you enter a 360-degree, dystopic world. So if you need to escape from your own reality, even for a short while, hit up this science fiction/comic book paradise. Open from 10-5pm, entry to the exhibit is free.

Sunday 27th

Once again the Howler Theatre is being transformed into a Mini Golf-O-Rama. Look out for all the golfstacles! There will be windmills, 9 holes of ramps and booze to keep you going for hours. It’s free to play when you make any purchase at Howler, so grab a pint and putt like you’re Tiger Woods. The Mini Golf-O-Rama starts at 3pm on Sunday and DJs will complete the experience with some fantastic musical beats.

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