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The Best Beaches In Victoria According To You

By Simon Cassar
18th Nov 2021

In order to celebrate Urban List’s 10th lap around the sun, we’re asking you to give us your hot tips across our Instagram. This week’s instalment was all about beaches, a sacred commodity amongst Victorians, typically protected and kept hush-hush. We asked and you voted, these are some of the best stretches of sand and waters that you’ll find in the state. 

Here are the best beaches in Victoria as voted by you: 

Beaches On The Mornington Peninsula 

The ‘Ninch’ is basically a coastal extension of Melbourne, each weekend when the temperature nudges above 25 degrees you’ll experience a freeway migration of city-slickers at a snail-pace crawl to its crystal blue waters and bush hinterlands. As well as being a crowd favourite it’s also home to some of the best beaches in Victoria, all with very different atmospheres.

Mount Martha 

A pinnacle of the peninsula’s beach offering, Mount Martha has a stunning beach right in the heart of town; a long stretch of sand extends from the cliff point right down towards Mornington.  Being a bay beach you needn’t worry about rips or waves, just gentle blue water that shimmers in the sun; there’s also plenty of beautiful nooks around the cliff edge of Mount Martha that are perfect for snorkelling and fishing. 

Sorrento Back Beach

With a little more thrust than the bay, this ocean-side beach can look completely different depending on the swells and tides. Still absolutely stunning, Sorrento’s back beach is a playground for activities from clean beach break waves out the back; to rockpools on low tide and a long stretch of sand that is sheltered from the winds from the surrounding cliffs. 

best beaches victoria

Bushranger’s Bay 

A hike is always better when there’s something waiting on the other side, and this coastal treasure is one hell of a reward after the 35-40 minute gentle trek through the bush. Located down in Cape Schank, Bushrangers is a right of passage for any Victorian, once reaching its quaint mini bay and swimmable rock pools you’ll know why; an absolutely natural marvel of the state. Also, keep an eye out for the local Kangaroo community on your walk, they love to hop in and out of the shrub. 

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Beaches Along The Great Ocean Road 

Victoria’s other premier coast, it may be a little further from town but it definitely feels a lot more remote with vast rainforest hinterland and big sections of secluded coast. A tourist favourite, the Great Ocean Road is a natural marvel and provides plenty of different options beach wise, from quaint bays, points, and stretches of wide-open ocean. 


Torquay, a famed surf town and home to some of the best beaches in Victoria; from cosy corner right round to Bells, this place has plenty of options. The protected stretch of Torquay main beach makes it a go-to for a summer splash and is typically heaving with crowds of beachgoers camped out for the day. If you’re looking for a little more motion in your ocean head towards Point Danger where’ll you find gentle waves and a ripper stretch of lawn to watch the sunset. 

best beaches victoria


It may be over two hours from the city but Lorne has Melbourne written all over it, it even has a Movida. Lorne’s beaches are spectacular, the sweeping bay is sheltered from the wind and with the Otway hinterlands as the backdrop it’s a magical place for a dip, and a red hot contender for the best beach in Victoria. Lorne point is also a popular spot for trying your hand at surfing with beginner-friendly waves that peel down the shore.  

best beaches victoria

Wye River 

Wye has long been one of the Great Ocean Road’s best-kept-secret, just 15 minutes past Lorne, its got an all-time pub, a classic general store and cafe and a gorgeous bay in which the town is centred around. The houses are built into the hills and look out to the perfect secluded beach which can be easily missed if you’re just passing through. 

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Beaches In Wilsons Promontory National Park

A natural marvel of Victoria, hell Australia, Wilson’s Prom is an absolute slice of heaven. The wombat populated campgrounds of Tidal river are some of the best lodgings you’ll find, and each day you’re spoilt for options as to which beach to park up at. 

Norman Bay

The main beach of Wilson’s prom is Norman Bay, a short walk along the sand banked Tidal river will open up to a wide cove of ocean. With absolutely stunning views and plenty of space, it’s an absolute marvel. While you’re there you can even try diving at Victoria’s largest marine national park

Whisky Bay 

A bit more of an adventure, Whisky Bay is a short drive from Tidal River and a saunter down the hill to the stunning private beach. With smooth rounded rocks at either end and crystal blue water in the middle, it’s easy to pass the entire day by parked up here. 

best beaches victoria

Squeaky Beach 

Made famous for its namesake audible sand, Squeaky beach is a Wilson’s Prom favourite. The white sand beach has a collection of rust-orange rocks to clamber across and perfectly clear turquoise water to splash in. Beware Squeaky can get pretty busy in the summer period so make sure your claim your spot early. 

Beaches In Melbourne 

We’ve got some nice beaches right here in town but it’s pretty hard to compete with the ones further south. The bayside of Melbourne is full of nooks and crannies where, when hot absolutely heave with locals, inner-city folk, and the burb residents. 

Half Moon Bay 

Say what you will about an inner-Melbourne beach but Half Moon Bay is an absolute city treasure. Located in the bayside suburb of Black Rock, the cliff wrapping stretch of beach with shallow waters on low tide is perfect for all levels of swimming. At dusk, it’s littered with plenty of fish and chip enthusiasts taking in the scenes. 

Beaches On Phillip Island 

A seriously underrated beach destination in Victoria, Phillip Island’s rugged coastline opens up to wide magnificent beaches such as the ocean-facing Cape Woolamai, a prized destination for seclusion and witnessing the natural beauty of penguins who make their run up the beach. 
If you’re looking for a more stable beach set up you can opt for the safer waters of Cowes which is a family-friendly go-to. 

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best beaches victoria

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Image credit (Simon Cassar) 

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