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Where To Buy Melbourne’s Best Hot Cross Buns

By Jack Colquhoun
8th Apr 2020

There’s no other way to start your Easter morning than waking up to the smell of delicious hot cross buns warming in the oven. Whether you’re a sucker for a classic or are feeling slightly adventurous this year, we’ve searched long and far to ensure that this Easter is one packed full of hot-cross bun deliciousness.

Pre-orders for most of these may be essential, as they’ll all be selling out fast, so get in early before it’s too late.

Rustica Sourdough  


The undisputed bun boss of Melbourne, Rustica is all about the beautiful combination of nutmeg, cinnamon and butter (the way it damn should be). A dense, home-style dough and just a smidge of that luxe gloss on top to make sure they look extra af. Head Baker Brendon Lang spent 20 years perfecting these bad boys, and my goodness has he got it right.

Falco Bakery


Falco has been open for less than six months, but given the team’s pedigree—South Yarra’s Tivoli Road and the famed Tartine in San Fran—you can expect a meticulously high standard of hot cross bun come Good Friday. This Easter, Falco are putting their focus into the classic HCB variety; expect perfect fruit distribution, the right amount of spice and a chewy texture that’s familiar in all the right ways. Available for pre-order online, and pick-up all weekend.

Hint: the buns come out at 10am each morning. 

Hope Farm Bakery

Various Locations

The people of Hope Farm Bakery have seriously hit the nail on the head when it comes to the original hot cross bun. And with it being gluten-free, does that mean it also qualifies as guilt-free? These buns are also exclusively available at markets scattered throughout Melbourne each Saturday of every month, so don’t stress about pre-ordering.


Various Locations

Plump fruit, candied orange and a delicious mix of spices, Philippa’s know how to rock our world when it comes to hot-cross bun season. Baked to perfection, these fluffy buns are one of the best around town.

Find where to get them here.

Q Le Baker

South Yarra

Two flavours to pick from means double the danger, but 'tis the season, right? Another South Yarra gem, Q Le Baker is baking some seriously delicious, melt-in-your-mouth kinda buns. Dark chocolate goodness and the classic fruit and spice combo. If you can't choose between the two, just grab both.



There’s a French baker there doing some frankly insane hot cross buns. Choukette's buns aren’t really comparable to anything else. They look rustic and hand-made but the texture...jeez, the texture. These things somehow manage to be dense, fluffy and moist all at the same time. Although the fruit ratio is slightly lower than other bakeries, that just leaves more mouth space for the dough and who’s to complain about that?

Candied Bakery


Candied Bakery has probably produced the best looking hot cross buns you’ll ever lay eyes on. Best part? They taste just as great as they look. They may just be more glossy than Kim K’s lips on a night out, but still full of a beautiful combination of spice and fruit - these ones are a Sunday morning must.

Ned’s Bake

South Yarra

Ned knows its way around food and has been doing a stellar job since 2017. Safe to say the hot-cross buns do not disappoint. No fuss and no frills, these buns are a classic and super delicious—a must-try in our books.

Agathé Pâtisserie


Agathé out-did herself this year—she invented a hot cross brioche. And before you shout ‘Gimmick!’, pop this one in your gob and have a taste. The spices and fruit combine perfectly with brioche goodness. It’s crispy, moist, spicy and effing addictive. Highly recommend.

Woodfrog Bakery

Various Locations

Artisan bakers Woodfrog Bakery are here to provide us with hot-cross buns bursting with sultanas and currants and those delicious citrus and cinnamon notes—they are seriously to die for. Don’t worry if you can’t get to their Camberwell location, they have shops all over Melbourne.

Find your local Woodfrog here.


Port Melbourne

These things are outrageously fluffy—half cloud, half bun, half poodle (yes, three halves, because they’re that good). If you dropped one from a tall building, you’d be able to get in the elevator and catch it at the bottom. The flavour is on the generic side of the scale (think less spice and fruit than other brands), but some people prefer a milder bun—it leaves more room for butter.

Oasis Bakery


Experimental like Captain America, Oasis' experiments definitely paid off. We’re talking Nutella brioche buns and goji berry and white chocolate hot cross buns...full disclaimer: these are unbelievably addictive. There’s nothing traditional about these things, but who the hell cares? Probably one of the best textures we tried and we’re obsessed.

Gontran Cherrier

Hawthorn & Richmond

French rockstar baker Gontran Cherrier is spreading his love for pastries all around the world and Melbourne has lucked out with three locations throughout the city. Fresh pastries baked daily and some seriously delicious buns on offer as well, using the amazing mulled wine recipe minus the vino even the kids can enjoy these beauties.

Tivoli Road Bakery

South Yarra

Soft, plump, raisin-filled with slight spice notes, Tivoli Road Bakery knows how to make some seriously good buns. We recommend getting in early and pre-order some for the long weekend, or you could be in some serious trouble with the Easter Bunny—just sayin’.

Mork Chocolate Brew House

North Melbourne

Best way to make something better: add chocolate. Mork Chocolate Brew House is here to satisfy the chocolate-addicted masses out there. These triple-choc, sweetly spiced buns are packed with sour cherries, vibrant orange peel, raisins and rich Madagascan chocolate chunks that melt into a mesmerizing chocolate blur when eaten warm fresh out of the oven.

Baker D. Chirico


Made using sourdough flour, these buns are light, fluffy and full of flavour. Baker D. Chirico gives us two options (but we suggest just grabbing six of both): a traditional raisin and cinnamon blend and a rich dark chocolate bun that will send your tastebuds into straight euphoria.

Feel like baking this weekend? Check out this epic Easter cake recipe from Miss Trixie.

Image credit: Ben Tyers

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