Where To Find The Best Restaurants In Brunswick

By Jack Colquhoun
22nd Mar 2019

With an abundance of culturally diverse eateries, Brunswick is basically the heart of foodie paradise. There’s a reason why everyone wants to live around this area and the food is up there as to why. No matter what cuisine you’re longing for there's always something for you in Brunswick—so here they are, in all their might, Brunswick’s culinary kings.

Mama Manoush

With an aesthetic interior boasting hand-painted murals and purple neon lights, Mama Manoush truly excels in the modern design peppered throughout all Melbourne restaurants. And the menu is nothing short of a culinary marvel that transports you straight to Lebanon.

Delicious falafel, authentic hummus and wonderfully roasted meats off the grill—be sure to go hungry cause Mama will fill you up with Lebanese goodness wanting you to come back for more.


Middle Eastern maestro Rumi is an elegantly aesthetic modern eatery that will transport you straight to the Eastern Mediterranean. A night at Rumi is embodied with a gentle green tinge, from olive saplings next to Arabic inscribed screens to table water served in green glass amphora.

With a menu to send the taste buds into a euphoric overload and designed to share, there’s a good reason why it’s always packed, creating a wonderful ambience to dine in.


Etta is aesthetic as hell. With polished concrete walls, comfy booths and wonderful food, this place screams first date heaven.

The food here is so delicately presented that you almost feel bad for eating it, but once you dive in, you’ll be so glad you did. With over half the menu featuring vegetarian dishes, carnivores out there you’ll be amazed how delicious meals without meat are. Etta is one of our favourites and we’re sure will soon be yours so book a table and see what all the fuss of this modern Australian eatery is about.

Bar Idda

Simple decor and amazing food is the combination of Sicilian influenced Bar Idda on Lygon Street.

The aurora is intimate and fosters a sense of belonging whether it's your first time or you’re a weekly local. WIth delicious flavours highlighting the menu it’s hard to list our favourite, but make sure you save some room for dessert because it's seriously to die for.

Zia Teresa

Quality, hearty Italian meals passed along from generation to generation has fuelled the success of this little beauty, and we love it. In the heart of Lygon Street is Zia Teresa, home to wonderfully authentic Italian since 1985.

With a vegan and vegetarian menu available, you can be sure that everyone can be catered for, which is why it's always full when you walk past.

Teta Mona

Traditional village recipes created using wholesome, organic unrefined ingredients is what's behind the beautifully intimate Lebanese eatery Teta Mona.

The menu reflects true Lebanese cuisine filled with zesty flavours and delicious dishes. Falafel D.I.Y. should be a staple every time you go (because you’ll want to come back again and again). For dessert, the organic vegan baklava is straight up amazing and slightly guilt free, so maybe a couple after dinner won’t go astray.

Ciao Mamma!

With the Italian mentality that no one’s allowed to go hungry and everyone eats, Ciao Mamma! hits this nail on the head with this one.

With daily house-made pasta and sauces, Ciao Mamma! is the true embodiment of authentic Italian cuisine and it's a beautiful touch. Menu favourites are traditional, with the slow-braised beef and pork bolognese taking the top prize.

Kumo Izakaya & Sake Bar

An elegantly modern interior design decorated with handpainted koi fish, Kumo feels like you have been transported to the hustling restaurant establishments in Japan.

With huge communal tables, it creates an aurora unlike any other in the area and we love it. To the food, absolute wow whether it be meat, seafood, sushi or vegetables yours after Kumo Izakaya has hit the nail on every avenue of their menu and with a menu that will leave you speechless—it’ll be your next Friday night ritual, without a doubt.

400 Gradi

Ah, the world's best pizza—just going to leave that there to sink in. 400 Gradi now has seven locations in Victoria, all of which truly showcase the success of making an amazing pizza.

We don’t need to give you any advice on the menu because it’s all amazing. You will find an incredible selection of antipasti, pasta dishes, mains and seasonal specials, each one bursting with rich, authentic Italiano flavours.

Bluebonnet Barbecue

Heads up, because Texas just moved to Brunswick—all we need now is a live appearance from Miley Cyrus belting Party In The USA and it's life complete. Walk in and breathe in the unreal smell of the burner firing away, smoking beautiful brisket, flame grilling tomahawk steaks and perfect pulled pork.

That's right, Bluebonnet is meat heaven. But the unreal drinks and deliciously extensive curated whiskey menu is really the cherry on top of this Melbourne institution.

Hellenic Republic

Celebrity Chef George Calombaris, the man behind Jimmy Grants and Gazi, presents Hellenic Republic: a clever, modern and attractive take on the hearty and lively flavours of Greece, excellently presented and at the right price.

With a menu curated around meals designed to share, Hellenic Republic is the perfect place to eat for groups. A delicious set menu is also available for larger groups that will leave you full yet wishing you could stuff your face that little bit more.   

Tom Phat

Looking for that new intimate date spot with delish food, Tom Phat is the answer to all your prayers. With a multitude of Asian cuisines lending slightly towards Thai coinciding a slight Australian influence into the mix, Tom Phat offers a beautifully crafted menu that will keep you coming back for more.

It’s hard to shy away from the Pad Thai or the chicken chilli jam stir fry and are both seriously amazing.

Los Hermanos

If tacos, quesadillas and enchiladas are your things, you'd better make Brunswick Mexican restaurant Los Hermanos your next meal. 

Los Hermanos specialises in traditional foodie fare paired with imported beers and magnificent margaritas. What’s best is that there's a no booking policy for smaller groups, so grab a couple of mates and head on down for some of the best tacos in Melbourne.

Image credit: Jenna Fahey-White

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