Take Your Wardrobe Up A Notch With Merch From Your Favourite Melbourne Restaurants, Bars And Cafes

By Rick Stephens
18th Sep 2020

A woman by a coffee machine in a yellow t-shirt. The t-shirt reads

There are plenty of ways (and reasons) to get behind your favourite restaurant or cafe right now. One method is to order takeaway, the other is to order yourself some merch, rep it on the daily and show the world how bloody good your local is.

Here are some of the best garms from about town:

Leonard's House of Love

Southside stalwart Leonard's House of Love has just released a new line of tees for their 5th birthday. Very limited. Very cool. Get them here.

A black t-shirt with a white neckline. A logo sits on the chest which reads

Hector’s Deli

Hector’s Deli, AKA Melbourne’s sandwich cult, do caps and tees in that OG deli-style font. Like their sangas, the merch sells out damn quickly. Grab yourself some gear and join them. Now. 

A woman wearing a white t-shirt with black text on it that reads


Fine dining, but make it metal. Attica has recently(ish) released a range of clothing in collaboration with several Melbourne-based creatives. Titled the Artist Series, you’ll find works from the likes of Mysterious Al, Jess Rather and local legend Ross Murray—available in tees and sweats, all unapologetically Attica.

Or recreate the Attica experience at home with their hand-made ceramics.

A black hooded sweatshirt with a big print on the back that reads

Frankie’s Tortas & Tacos

One of Melbourne’s most-hyped openings from this year, Frankie’s, is offering up tees and long -sleeves just like the staff wear. It’ll be like you’re a part of the team, the difference being your shirt won’t smell like you’ve been cooking Mexican all day—which is either a good or a bad thing depending on how much you like Mexican.

A man wearing a black t-shirt with the words


Falco, who arguably make some of the best sourdough in Melbourne, also sell tote bags to carry it in. The hemp and cotton blend will ensure your loaf—or anything else you choose to throw in there—is transported with care.

A natural-coloured tote bag hanging from a door with a print on the front that reads

Coe & Coe 

Go into Coe & Coe for a coffee, leave with a new best mate. (Probably) the world’s friendliest cafe has a tidy grip of merch available which includes tees, long sleeves, totes and reusable cups—support your new friends and stock up here.

A man wearing a navy toshirt with the words Coe & Coe printed on the back.

Chotto Motto

You’ll have almost as much fun wearing Chotto Motto’s tees as you would dining there. Yep, Collingwood’s colourful Japanese diner has the merch to match; you can find several bits and pieces here, though you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you skipped out on the neon pink and blue long-sleeve.

A pink long sleeve with blue text on the chest which reads

Edithvale General Store

Bayside’s local, Edithvale General Store, is helping you look the part with several EGS-branded tops and tees. Grab one here, chuck it on immediately and make sure you give fellow supporters an affirmative nod as you pass them by in the street—we guarantee you’ll spot at least a few if you live within 3196.

Three pastel-coloured sweaters all with the words


If you’re looking for a vodka pasta done right, you’ll find it at Capitano. If you’re looking for the perfect deep-dish grandma pie, head to Capitano. It’s a rule you can apply across the entirety of their menu, and that includes their gorgeously illustrated t-shirts. Get ’em here.

A white t-shirt with a red print of a man smiling and holding a pizza.


If ST. ALi didn’t have such a robust reputation in the coffee game, you’d think they were a clothing label. Here, you won’t find any second rate, shrink-after-first-wash garms; we’re talking heavyweight hoodies, custom beanies, very comfy t-shirts and even face coverings—which, in case you missed the memo, are very much on trend this season.

A cream coloured beanie with the initials


If you've ever entered a Pretzel store, you'd know absolutely everything is pink. This applies to their super-limited sweats, socks and tees. So pretty.

Two people in oversized pink jumpers with the word

Smith & Daughters

Proud vegans and fans of Shannon Martinez’s incredible work in the kitchen, look no further, Smith & Daughters has a killer range of predominantly black wears. Get yours.

A block long-sleeve tshirt with green 'heavy metal' print on it.

Hungry? See which of your favourites are doing takeaway here.
Image credit: Hector's Deli, Attica, Frankie's, Falco, Coe & Coe, Chotto Motto, Edithvale General Store, ST. ALi and Smith & Daughters

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