Cult Sandwich Joint, Nico’s, Is Opening Their CBD Locale This Wednesday

By Rick Stephens
26th Apr 2021

The blue exterior of a sandwich shop with old-school text reading

Undoubtedly a northside favourite after less than a year of opening, Nico’s Sandwich Deli is opening up a second shop in the CBD.

Most will associate Nico’s with the roller door and bright blue facade off Fitzroy’s main drag, though pre-lockdown, the purveyors of what is arguably Melbourne’s best sandwich was originally planned to be a city-side lunch spot down the unassuming Healey’s Lane. And now, as the city begins to show a pulse, so does their central Melbourne locale. 

Just like in Fitzroy, their city spot will be slinging favourites like that chicken sandwich that half of Melbourne won’t shut up about. The Nico’s Original salad sanga will also be making an appearance along with that signature sheet of nori found in around half of the six(ish) item menu.

There are several reasons why the hype around Nico’s hasn’t let off since their opening, and that can be at least partly attributed to the calibre of the crew. Heading up the lunch spot(s) is Tom Peasnall who’s come from Melbourne favourites like Peaches, Dexter and Cheek. He’s also called in Leo Thompson, who recently departed Seven Seeds’ coffee house Brother Baba Budan. Naturally, you can expect damn good coffee to pair up with that sandwich in your hand.

Nico’s Sandwich Deli in the CBD’s Healey’s Lane opens for a soft launch this Wednesday through Friday from around 7am. Following that, they’ll be serving up sangas Monday through Friday 7am to 2pm. Northsiders can continue to get their Nico’s fix locally at the corner of Kerr and Brunswick Streets seven days a week. 

Melbourne’s sandwich scene is going from strength to strength. Check out this new Indonesion spot here.

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