49 Desserts You Must Try If You Live In Auckland

By Marilynn McLachlan
9th Nov 2016

50 Desserts You Must Try If You Live In Auckland

Is it just us or has Auckland gotten sweeter? Our city is committed to making sure that dessert truly is the best meal of your day…or your month, or even your year. It seems like salted caramel is here to stay, and the motto of the minute is that if it’s not deconstructed, it’s reconstructed. And we sure ain’t complaining because however you want to serve it, it’s always delicious.

Whether you’re a hot dessert person, a cold dessert person, an iced dessert person or a room temperature dessert person (there are more than you think), we have literally taken every temperature into consideration to round up everything your sweet tooth desires. 

Without further ado, here are 50 desserts you must try in Auckland. We think we’ve hit the sweet spot. How many can you tick off? 

1.     They say it’s for two, but if you pop on those stretchy pants, the pavlova at Kindred is to-die-for delicious.

2.     They’ve recently opened their second store, and the passion fruit and strawberry tart at Miann is all sorts of goodness.

3.     Eat your way through the bombe Alaska gelato sticks at Good Grocer.

4.     Get your freak on with one of the shakes at Casa del Gelato.

5.     You can never go wrong with the cream doughnuts at Little and Friday…dessert is any time of day, right?

6.     Choose the bay leaf panna cotta at Tok Tok.

7.      Devour the frozen yoghurt at White’s & Co.

8.     Baked cookie dough, Big Fish Eatery? Don’t mind if we do.

9.     Speaking of cookies, the Snickers bar cookie at Moustache is next level.

10.  Get in ma belly, dessert dumplings at Xuxu.

11.  Why choose just one when you can get a three-way at The Fed?

12.  Chuck back those apple doughnuts at Ebisu.

13.  Gotta love the ice cream sandwiches at Burger Burger.

14.  And the buttermilk ice cream at Beirut.

15.  Lawdy, Miss Clawdy. Your key lime pie with scorched meringue is something else.

16.  Touch the clouds and nibble on the peanut butter parfait at The Sugar Club.

17.  The Turkish delight at Gypsy caravan is…delightful.

18.  A sweet Belgian waffle from Waffle Supreme.

19.  Get some raw cake deliciousness at The Raw Kitchen.

20.  White & Wong’s cinnamon custard buns are a must.

21.  Oo la la! We love the French pastries at Philippe’s Chocolates.

22.  Love buns? Get the deep-fried ice cream bao at Po Brothers.

23.  TRUE Food does it right with their matcha pavlova with fresh passionfruit and coconut custard.

24.  The chocolate pot at The Blue Breeze Inn is an essential for every sugar-lover.

25.  Dive into the chocolate mousse at Mekong Baby.

26.  Their cocktails are legendary, but deep-fried Oreos? Yes please, Bedford Soda.

27.  City Works Depot takes it up a notch with Odettes nut caramel dark chocolate crème fraiche.

28.  The Taiwanese doughnuts at Chinoeserie are yum yum in my tum.

29.  We can’t help but eat the cinnamon-spiced churros at Mexico.

30.  The poached rhubarb with rhubarb custard, buttermilk panna cotta and white chocolate ice cream at Soul is decadent deliciousness.

31.  We’re all about the hot cross buns at Ima Cuisine.

32.  The sticky date pudding at Prego is a trusty fave.

33.  Happy? Sad? Doesn’t matter. J’aime Les Macarons are perfect for any way you’re feeling.

34.  Add some serious class to your life with the dulce chocolate with macadamia ice cream with buckwheat and barley from The Grove

35.  Miss Moonshine’s does it right with their Orleans doughnuts.

36.  We’ll happily stretch our pants for the black rice pudding at Madam Woo.

37.  Come at us, sugar powdered beignets! Orleans has these down pat.

38.  The turon banana dessert from Nanam is treat for your taste buds.

39.  The Pineapple Lump at The Cav has chocolate panna cotta, pineapple gel, pineapple and rum soda salsa. Dig. In.

40.  The Knickerbocker Glory sundae at St Helier’s Bay Bistro is the shizzle.

41.  Chow down on the Snickers dessert burger at Corner Burger.

42.  Oh hello, sticky rice and mango at Kiss Kiss.

43.  Take the ferry to Grangers for their chocolate fondant. You won’t regret it.

44.  Appreciate our landscape and devour the Volcano at Oko Dessert Kitchen.

45.  Any one of the treats at hidden dessert restaurant Milse is a winner.

46.  Can we get a ‘yes, please’ for the salted caramel whoopie pie from the Glass Goose?

47.   A slice from Sip Kitchen means no guilt the next day.

48.  Sit pretty in The Garden Shed and enjoy their skillet apple pie topped with a generous dollop of vanilla ice cream.

49. Last but by no way least is Giapo. Ask for The Urban List-inspired doughnut/ice cream creation. You won’t be disappointed.

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Image credit: Kellie Blizard at The Garden Shed

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