10 Reasons Why Fiji Should Be Your Next International Holiday

Since our international borders shut in early 2020, Aussies and Kiwis have dreamed of their next overseas holiday. Well, it’s time to…

Get Back To Nature And Recharge With A Well-Deserved And Idyllic Holiday In Tasmania

If you hadn’t previously considered this nature lover’s paradise as a destination for a soul-enriching Aussie holiday, here are…

4 Gourmet Adventures Every Food Lover Needs To Tick Off In Tasmania

The fine-dining scene is fantastic but Tasmania’s real point of difference—and appeal—is the short distance between…

Unplug And Recharge, Here’s Why Tasmania Strikes The Perfect Balance

Whether you’re after a slow, healing holiday or exhilarating adrenaline experiences — or perhaps a mixture of the two…

Reconnect With Nature And See Tassie From A New Perspective With These Active Adventures

From hiking the Cradle Mountain Overland Track to cycling Tasmania’s East Coast, this is your chance to slow down and see this island…

Here’s Why Tasmania Needs To Be Your Next Overseas Getaway

With a thriving arts scene, fascinating wildlife, pristine wilderness and mouth-watering foodie experiences, Tasmania is the perfect…

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Start Dreaming Of Your Post Lockdown Holiday, Svart Hotel Is The Ultimate Scandi Destination

Need to escape reality for just a moment? Take a look at this piece of holiday-porn in Norway, close your eyes and pretend you’re…

Lookout Onto Glassy Waters At This Eco Resort On A Remote Scandinavian Island

The award-winning sea cabins have been built just above the ocean and give you panoramic scenes of rocky mountains and surrounding…

8 Under-The-Radar Destinations To Check Out In 2021

International travel is still a ways away but that doesn’t mean you can’t lust over what possibilities 2021 might…

Snap Instagram Gold At 10 Of The World’s Most Incredible Forests

Seeing as forest bathing is our new favourite wellness activity, we thought we better find a way to incorporate it into our travel…

Where To Find 10 Of The Most Jaw-Droppingly Beautiful Waterfalls In The World

There’s nothing better than a good waterfall with the thundering flow of water, dramatic rock faces and bright blue foamy water.…

New Zealand
This Dreamy Food Festival Is The Perfect Excuse For A Holiday

Hand in your annual leave now, a dreamy food festival is hitting the Sunshine Coast and it’s the perfect excuse for your next luxury…

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Where To Eat In Hong Kong If You’re A Certified Foodie

One of the world’s great food cities, Hong Kong is a cultural whiplash when it comes to culinary offerings. There’s the…

Here’s Your First Look At Tokyo’s Brand New MUJI Hotel

Everyone’s favourite label-less label MUJI has just opened its first domestic hotel, and they’re doing things a little…

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Get Yourself To This Dreamy Immersive Art Exhibition That Detects Human Movement

teamLab gave us Borderless in Tokyo and The Universe Of Water Particles in Shanghai, and now they’ve decided to…

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Take A Look At Hong Kong’s World First Interactive Monopoly Attraction

In a world first, everyone's favourite board game is being brought to life in Hong Kong later this year.

8 Ways To Tackle Tokyo Solo

If you’re feeling a bit wary about travelling solo, Tokyo is the perfect place to dip your toes in the water. It’s one of the…

Transport Yourself To A Digital Water Universe At Shanghai’s Newest Instagrammable Art Exhibition

Have you ever wanted to jump into The Little Mermaid and witness the underwater world full of magic for yourself? Well, now you can stop…

5 Big Reasons To Go On Safari

It’s pitch black, I’m buck naked, and those monkeys sound awfully close. Are they laughing at me? Possibly. Probably. But…

6 Places To Visit If You’re Travelling Solo

We all book a ticket abroad for the same reason: to experience something new. And sometimes, going at it alone can offer a far richer…

Here’s The Rundown On Canada’s Only Ice Hotel

Located just 20 minutes north of Quebec’s city centre, the Hotel de Glace is one of the latest reasons why you need to visit…

Unmissable Wellness Festivals Around The World

Held in jaw-dropping locations all around the world, wellness festivals bring together like-minded people, promoting holistic, mindful…

8 Jaw-Dropping Destinations You Need To Visit In 2019

If all of the pressures of adulting are getting you down, then we have just the antidote for you. In 2019, take some time away from the…

A Solo Traveller’s Guide To Tackling Kathmandu

A lot of people travel to Nepal alone. It’s probably got something to do with Finding Yourself. Finding Yourself tends to be a solo…

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The World’s First Rollercoaster Cruise Ship Is Coming In 2020

Move over Disneyland, the world’s first rollercoaster is coming to an ocean near you in 2020.

4 Neighbourhoods To Check Out In Tokyo That Aren’t Shinjuku

We probably could have called this article ‘Neighbourhoods To Check Out In Tokyo That…

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Drop Everything And Book Your Flights To Japan For This Crazy Art Installation

It’s common knowledge that Japan is the coolest place on the earth—think robot restaurants, cherry blossoms, Harajuku and the…

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11 Reasons You Need To Hit Beijing For Your Next Holiday

While Beijing remains somewhat elusive as a travel destination—a sprawling metropolis packing in 21million people isn’t…

The World’s First Underwater Villa Is Here And It Will Only Cost You $50,000 A Night

Got a spare $50,000 lying around? Well jump online and book your stay at the world’s first underwater villa in the Maldives!

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10 Reasons South Korea’s Jeju Island Should Be At The Top Of Your Travel Hit List

The South Korean island of Jeju (Jeju-do in Korean) is practically made for travellers. Not only does it boast some of the freshest seafood…

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The World’s Longest Long Haul Flight Launches Next Month

Singapore Airlines is now the proud owner of an A350-900ULR (with another 11 set to join their ranks) which means, thanks to developments in…

Art & Design
Museum Of The Moon Is Coming And We’ve Booked Our Tickets

Museum of the Moon is making that trip to space seem a lot closer than you would think.

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Dream Job Alert: Get Paid To Read Books…In The Maldives

Yup, you can get paid to read books while living the high life at a desert island resort, what more could you as more?

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How To Eat Out Like A Local In Dubai

Think Dubai is all sleek shopping malls, skyscrapers and ancient souks? Guess again. From Michelin stars to local all stars, Dubai has…

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The Most Epic New Hotels From Around The World

See how the other half lives, put these on your bucket list or, if you’re lucky enough to have the big bucks, plan your next getaway…

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Japan Is Getting A Hello Kitty Bullet Train

Have you ever heard of anything cuter in your entire life?

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Where To Get A Good Cup Of Coffee In Tokyo

Sure you can get bananas, condoms and surgical masks from vending machines in Tokyo, but there’s no need to lower yourself to coffee…

Side Pockets At The Ready | The World’s Best Hotel Buffets

because LBH the only reason we travel are for the buffet breakfasts

The World’s Most Beautiful Libraries

As said by Michael Embry, “You don’t have to look far to find treasures, you discover them every time you visit a library." And…

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There’s A Tropical Island Where You Can Cuddle Puppies All Day

Cue long day hangouts with pups on the beach and yeah we’re not even kidding you right now.

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How To 4-Wheel Drive Your Way Around Iceland Like A Boss

Iceland is one of those places you’ve seen on your ‘gram but have never actually ventured to (yet). 

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PSA: China Just Opened The World’s Most Ridiculous Library

We’re getting Dewy Decimal headaches just looking at this thing. Welcome to the new ‘Eye of Binhai’ in Tianjin,…

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6 Truly Magical Island Escapes That Are Closer Than You Think

Winter is well and truly in full swing. While Netflix marathons and copious hot chocolates bring comfort, what we really want need is an…