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The World’s Longest Long Haul Flight Launches Next Month

By Angela Law
25th Sep 2018

The World’s Longest Long Haul Flight Is Launching Next Month

You know that time we told you about QANTAS launching the world’s longest commercial non-stop flight? Well, that happened (the route is Perth to London and it’s a chill 17 hours). Fast forward to now and Singapore Airlines has just gone and trumped them with an 18-hour and 45-minute commute that’ll see you reaching New York from Singapore without stopping for a cheeky freshen up (ahem, Maccas) half way through.

We’ll go ahead and state the obvious...yes, you’d have to get to Singapore first to take full advantage of this revolution in aviation technology and of course you could get to New York in a similar time. But this is history team and we know you’re keen.

For all the skeptics out there, here are the finer details. Singapore Airlines is now the proud owner of an A350-900ULR (with another 11 set to join their ranks) which means, thanks to developments in fuel efficiency, it’s able to travel for a hefty 20 hours without stopping. And, since it takes roughly 19 hours to travel between Singapore and New York… you see where we’re going.

The route will launch on 11 October, so the big question is: would you prefer to give up the mid-flight Maccas run in favour of sucking it up, copping the cramped stale air for a few extra hours to disembark at your final holiday destination without the rigmarole of a layover? We thought so. You’ve just got to get to Singapore first. 

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Image credit: Unsplash

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